Monday, July 14, 2008

Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar: Grand Finale

Thanks to the magic of the skip button on my DVR I enjoyed the JJWS finale weekend. But I confess I enjoyed the pre-finale a lot more than the finale and it had to do with the presence of Sukhwinder Singh.

I say this with the utmost fondness - Sukhwinder is a prodigiously talented goofball. Most of the times I see him his hair is either standing up like in a 21 gun salute or it flops around his head in a tapeli-cut. He's always up for a laugh - and when he speaks the tiniest voice comes out of him, it makes Bappi's voice sound like the equivalent of Charles Bronson. But give him the mike and ask him to sing and clearly he is powered by a nuclear reactor.

Sukhwinder sang some ghasaa pita songs through the evening, but such is his ability to have fun with a song that it didn't seem to matter. Right after his first performance, he hailed Vishal and Shekhar as pioneers of mixing Techno with Melody. Later towards the end, he called Mandira Bedi on stage, did a Punjabi tease-item and serenaded her like a snake. This is the closest you can get to hog heaven if you are a Sukhwinder fan.

But on to the finale: this is just my opinion but JJWS did give us a deserving winner in Rahul Vaidya. He was easily the most consistent and entertaining performer of the show - and towards the end he even showed a new found ability to do the achha insaan bit.

Back to my skip button - which saved me from from the silly comedy and sillier games - boy, that finale went by quickly and had only good moments in it. First, Sonu Nigam walked in and pooh-poohed all the chaat he got from anya people. Whenever he opens his mouth to sing you realize what a tremendous talent we are all enjoying this generation.

Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan both shilled for their romance Kismet Konnection. (I noted in one of the previews Vidya in a huff calls Shahid a Male Chauvinist Pig - how cute, funny and fresh!) On JJWS, both displayed an inter-personal chemistry resembling that between an avocado and rice noodles.

Finally, some public service messages:

I wish Shahid Kapur luck in the new auto mechanic role he will play soon - not that its been announced but his new look makes it pretty clear.

Sonu, its ballroom dance or ball, not ball dance. The latter is a little like all those people in Amdavad saying Ellisbridge Pool - in other words, its redundant.

Vidya, bow on butt: No.

Thanks to anu g and Sidekick who recommended  that I watch JJWS way back in April.



megan said...

oh how boooooring was the finale.. same ole people same ole songs! YAWNFEST

i was busy yesterday so could only watch it today..and we decided to watch JJWS finale before Junoon.. and it made me snooze so much..

i couldnt wait for it to be over (i fast forwarded most of it) so i could watch Junoon, love the show its made up of awesome..

m said...

and Rahul Vaidya winning *puke* can't stand him..

also when sonu was like "i haven't seen so many talented singers in one show on any channel..

Ugh sonu snap out of it and watch Junoon..

anu g said...

Thanks for the credits....but now that SRGMP has begin, JJWS seems like a dharmik dharavahik.
Did anyone notice that when the camera focuses on Sukhwinder's face as he is squeaking,er,speaking...he looks like a little mouse:).

m said...

was it my widescreen TV or was Sumitra's hips rly that WIDE?

OMG! you could run around her for your morning run... she is massive!

Bipasha looked like she been eating too much.. the whole skit was so lame..

those annoying soap people UGH.. vidya's shreiking giggle ..I think she wants to be the new bubbly girl in town.. the dress hahaha looks like gareebon ka "Jackie O knock off" from the 70's..

Shahid looked like he was a 5 foot 4 emo devdas of the 00's.. he looks depressed all the time..

m said...

on the other hand Lakhwinder of Junoon looked so hot this week even though he always only gets to wear xmas tree-esque bright sparkly outfits.. i would love to hang his designer upside down and smack them with a rotten fish..

but the little show of his manly chest hair was a nice touch..

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Megania with 4 comments.

megania said...

dear anonymous who always calls me megania

who are you?

and thanks..

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Aspi said...

Sumitra did a killer imitation of Farah Khan though.

And Neeraj Shridhar - the way he sings - cracked me up. For some reason he reminds me of the King of Clubs - like on the card deck. Must be the page boy hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Meganji,aap mujhe bahut achi lagthi ho............aap mujhse shaadi karogi?


Aspi said...

anonymous, you know iss zamaane mein this approach won't work. First, you'll need to tell megan what you look like. Then education, sikhai, padhai, degree, etc. Then what's your Aish-Hrithik love meter like. Then your name.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Aspisji.Tussi great ho ji.

I'll give you a lil intro on ma self my dear Meggy.

I'm Lil Mo from the US,New York.DJ'ing is ma passion and girl am I good at it!I used to spend most of my time at pubs/clubs rockin the dance floors with ma DJ'ing skills.

I've done Master Of Business Administration (executive).

You're lucky I'm proposing.I have dem gals chasin me around 24/7 round deh clock,buh I chose you cuz I've been developing a thing for you.

girlie girl said...

aww...Mr. sound like a sweet guy! Aspi, this could be the first match made in Drift heaven! :D

Over Rated said...

aspi, the spontaneous nagin remake line was comedy gold. You should have your own talk show in syndication. Your material is way better than Leno. And your posts on JJWS have been really enjoyable.

Now that the show is over, all the singers can go back to their respective karaoke bars. Not to sing, but to serve alcohol.

Aspi said...

Over Rated, some of them might even hit the bar themselves. Harshit looked like he needed a drink when he made his exit.

Lil Mo, if megan accepts I suggest Kismat Konnection's Move Your Body as the song for the first dance.

Here is the chorus:
sade naal karle party
kudi to lagdi hai naughty
freaky freaky raat ho gayi

Catchy. Appropriate. Descriptive.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

But isn't Harshit too much of an "acha insaan" to hit the bubbly? He'll probably be drinking haldi-walla-milk or something. Or *gasp* *gasp*, chahj!!

And good ole Mandira Bedi can go back to doing what she does best, bad haircuts and talking loudly to blind woman.

And is it me or do the words party & naughty don't rhyme?

j said...

I am glad Sukhi did'nt Farha on the stage as well when singing the punjabi number (one kudi patli and the other bhari).

j said...

*did'nt invite Farha*

Aspi said...

ramwhipsnap, welcome! They rhyme if you say it punjabi-style like: paati and naati.

j said...

Poor Harshit, I feel sorry for him.

The Bips segment looked odd. (She did look ethereal though). Seemed like the segment was seperately shot and for some reason Rahul may have had a prior engagement and could not make it for the recording.

Pitu said...

It *was* separately shot becoz Bips cannot stand Shahid. See this-

Aspi said...

Ah, mystery solved. Because that whole Bips segment was bizarro. Especially because she ended up giving awards to both singers and there were clearly three on the tray ready to be given.

Now that Kareena is gone and Shahid is looking like the Devdas megan mentioned earlier - she should forgive him. In fact, nothing would be more JMLR! than Shahid hanging out with Bips.

However, Bips, I am pissed that you agreed to do such a painful segment on JJWS. Ainda, please don't do that - I'd much rather watch Goal all over again.

j said...

I think its the silly things you have to do once you become a spokesperson for a product.

What was the whole thing about making the contestants wear black, lame-o

Tina said...

Aspi, reading this was more fun than half-watching the show. The captions on the pics are priceless :)
Why was Sonu Nigam calling the contestant trio, 'flag-bearers' of independent music???

Aspi said...

He was asking them to become flag bearers of indie music. But I think - as with most Indian celebrities - he didn't know how to use the term properly.

Its an important message and one I support. But its so naive, really. Musicians and singers can bring about a grass roots revolution but the chances are slim.

Someone like Sony will have to invest big time in indie music (I mention them because they seem the most interested) and then the audiences have to go out and support them.

But don't get me started on that :)

Pitu said...

That 'Rock On' movie could encourage some musicians though.

Pitu said...

Also, may I just say it was painful to watch Mandy baby dance to that Aaj Ki Raat thing. She was bad even in DDLJ (Mehndi lagake rakhna)eons ago.

Anonymous said...

Meri Megan............kahan ho tum=[

Tumne mere proposal ka jawab nahi diya.It's ok,I won't break into tears.I'm a tough cookie.I know you like manly men Meggy. *winks*

If you're thinkin I'm a fob,I swear I'm not meri jaan.

Anonymous said...

You're right Aspiji.This song is gonna be perfect for dancin.

Move ur body now, Shake ur body now
Bal khaake lehra ke, Hit da party now
Tujhe seene se main apne laga loon
Tujhe Baahon mein chhupa loon
Come a to my body closer now

Dhadkan badh gayi badh gayi,
Saanse chad gayi chad gayi
Haseen ek ladki se meri aaj nazar jo lad gayi
Saade naal karle party, kudi tu lagdi hai naughty
Freaky freaky raat ho gayi
Cum’on sing along with me now..
Saade naal karle party, kudi tu lagdi hai naughty
Freaky freaky raat ho gayi

Lil Mo

Anonymous said...

hamari megania bani dulhania

j said...

The Mandy dance. How could I forget. That was the worst I have seen anyone dance on TV. I wish they would have gotten Hussain to do a dance. The guy can dance plus he had to sit around for the entire show.

Anonymous said...

Then we'll have a peg or 2 and sing Hard Kaur style:

Ik glassy, doh glassy theen galssy char ,
put ya hands in da air like u jus dun care, cuz u feel
lika supastar
ik glassy , doh glassy theen glassy char ,
ur drunk as hell , n u dunt feel well , but u still go
bak 2 da bar

larger , larger , jonny walkaa
weneva we strt we cant stop
paa mix it up widda lil soada water
getting nitey nite , while u gals keep strippin ona
diamond whyt yo
gotta tell u da brandys high , Punjabi style, always
cause a fyt now
girlfrnd dnt u have noe fear , grab ur beer , lets hav
a cheer
getting mashed up , ay no dout , I think am gunna fall
,sumbody hold me now

Anonymous said...

Meggy,please kehdo na kehdo are my sonia.

Aspi said...

Maybe my song choice scared Megan away. She'll be back soon I'm sure.

Lekin Lil Mo tu chinta mat kar. Sade Naal party ho ke rahegi.

Aspi said...

Indeed that Mandy dance! I noticed she was so bad the camera majorly refrained from showing too many close ups of her. Which is a tragedy because great finales should contain a bomb or two. Its a prerequisite.

Anonymous said...

O Jaana Na Jaana, Ye Dil Tera Deewana
Jahan Bhi Tu Jayee, Tere Peeche Ayee
Ye Tera Aashiq Purana, O Jaana Na Jaana
Ye Dil Tera Deewana, Jahan Bhi Tu Jayee
Tere Peeche Ayee, Ye Tera Aashiq Purana
O Jaana Na Jaana

Don't worry girl.I ain't a stalker or anythin.And I'm perfectly fine with you droolin ovah Hrithik and your sex pot,Shekhar.As long as it doesn't go over the limit and you love me the most.I'm not very posessive=]

-Lil Mo

Anonymous said...

Aspiji,thank you for keeping my honsla barqaarar.=]

Aap bahut supportive ho.

Aspi said...

Yaar, anyone who wants to call me Aspiji and make me feel like a budha baba, I have a suggestion: please use the moniker Aspi G.

This will allow you to pretend you are paying me undeserved respect and I can pretend I'm rapper cool.

Teddy said...

Priceless. This post was so good, it got my week off to a good start. I watched the final tamasha of JJWS intermittently with my mom, and I would leave the room every time Mandira Bedi started to screech into the microphone. Her voice reminds me of someone scratching a blackboard with rusted nails.

AND, we have our own LAU ISTORY 2050 going on in the drift, with Mr.Anonymous and Megan. Ab dekhna yeh hai, kya Megan Anonynous ke saath BallDance karne ke liye raazi ho jaayegi?

I think Kekta Kapoor was sitting taking notes at the JJWS finale, and has come up with the idea of the Jhandadhari naagin (Flagbearer of all Icchadhari and garden variety naagins)

Anonymous said...

Ma bad Aspi.Gone are the seconds where I referred to you as Aspiji.

You are no buddha.You're ma home skillet,Aspi G.

Anonymous said...

Hayeeeee Meghu jaan.Itna nakhra kyun?

Kiska hai tumko intezar,main hoon na,
Dekhlo idhar to,ek baar main hoon na
khamosh kyun ho?Jo bhi kehna hai kaho
Dil chahe jitna, pyar utna maanglo..ho..
tumko milega utna pyar main hoon na

-Lil Mo

meena said...

..havent been able to catch the drift for a while, darn work! but the last ten minutes have made up for it. long live reality shows, ditzy celebs, ichadaari naagins..and the scintillating human drama thats going on here...JMLR Aspi G!

Pitu said...

O good lord somebody print a Drift Dictionary! Ye language to na Hindi hai na English. JMLR Driftish!

Mind Rush said...

Someone shoot me already!
All this Love Chakker here, and I was AWOL!!!

Well, Suitor G, here's sending you an extra Cupid's Arrow....

But if things don't work out, "Main Bhi Hoon Naa..."

Mind Rush said...

As for the other stuff--yaani ki some little kum-tee-shun called JJWS, I was glad Rahul won.

But, hey, back to this proposal..

(Overheard at the Megania Mansion)

--Ladki ke maa-baab ne kuch reply kiya??

--Ladki bhi jawaan ho gayi hai. (Whisper) I am told ki woh 21 saal ki hai. Right time for marry....

--Iss proposal ko haath se slip nahin hone do!

--If girl wait too long, she too independent and not adjesting nature.

m said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mind Rush said...

Wah, wah! Love chakker bana rahe!

Jodi salaamat rahe!

Drifters will come in the baraat....

Shehnaai vaadan....

Hritu R. said...

Megu? I thought you loved me?

Hritu R. said...

Anon, stand down! She is mine. She loves me and I love her too.

I survived Shekhar V., Ranbir K, and some totally no name TA. This time too I will survive.

Megu, I am coming on my elephant to rescue you....

Mind Rush said...

Folks, I can be reached at my clinic if any broken hearts need help ltr....

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Shahid and Bipasha don't get along; Shahid seems much too tame to do any damage!

I agree that Rahul was easily the most entertaining performer (though my personal favourite was Abhijeet. I think Sonu's and Sukhwinder's reactions gave away their agreement too -- they went totally crazy during Rahul's performance (and only during Rahul's, they clapped nicely and politely for the others). I thought Vishal-Shekhar-Farah didn't look too thrilled, though, when Rahul was announced as the winner!

By the way, I remember reading that these kids (Rahul, Abhijeet, Prajakta etc.) make on the order of Rs. 10 lakhs a month doing live shows. They're not going to be serving alcohol any time soon -- unless they're in a movie.

-- svr
p.s. sorry for the essay :)

Pitu said...

Anon- On KWK show, John Abraham had said that Rani is better than Kareena so Kareena said that John is expressionless. Since then, John-Bips don't talk with Shahid-Kareena. Apparently they didnt get along at all even during the Rockstars concerts. All very juvenile if you ask me.

Aspi said...

False Alarm - that wasn't Megan. Hritu, you can rest easy.

Impersonating celebs is ok because its so obviously fake. But I'd prefer if we didn't impersonate one another. Just like there is ijjat among thieves, here is trust among clowns.

Anonymous said...

Hritu,unless you wanna get into a (virtual) fist-fight,I suggest you forget Megan.

-Lil Mo

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here suffered from unrequited love?It's terribly painful=[

Do share some stories...

-Lil Mo

Anonymous said...

Pitu, thanks, that's hilarious! Even more so considering that Shahid and Kareena have broken up, and it sounds like Shahid himself didn't say anything! :)

-- svr

Anonymous said...

Who is using the copyrighted Name Megania without my permission ?

Teddy said...

Hey guys, just because you all love Rajnikanth so much,check this out. The quality is not so good, but Rajnikanth had me in hysterics.Knowledge of Tamil not a requirement.

Aspi said...

It would have been even more fun if they had shown Rajni from behind after he flips his shades to the back.

Not being able to watch (properly subtitled) Sivaji is still one of the big regrets of my life.

megan said...

okay I was away all day, Lil Mo easy there tiger. i wasn't on the computer..

I have to go get something to eat but I'll be back later with some questionaire for you to fill out, Lil Mo

In the mean time feel free to dedicate songs/poems.. (good ones)

Anonymous said...

Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

Ooooooo hoooo....

megan said...

Okay Lil Mo, I am touched by your immense love for good ole me and all
but you will need to fill in this e-form

-Real Name
-Meaning behind "Lil Mo", this nick wasn't given to you by your ex girlfriend or ..?
-height, weight and nose shape
-what are the three things about my e-persona that you love and hate the most?
-what makes you uniiqqque?
-do you have what it takes to be megan's new interest?

hina said...

finale was great,but there was so much scense that were miss,only shown in coming up,but i m very happy that rahul is winner,i love u rahul so much and i like ur of luck

maxdavinci said...

this was the most boring finale(4hrs!) ever in the history of indian reality tv.

The only good thing about it was the result...

Javed Akhtar said...

Lil Mo bas itna hi tha tera pyaar?
Megan ne size ke baare mein poocha
To bhag gaya tu yaar?

Itna bhi kyoon hai laachaar?
Itni jaldi maan gaya tu haar?
Ye mauka nahi ayega baar baar
Apne aap ko tu sudhaar
Naughty kudi nahi karegi aur intezaar

Anonymous said...

Javed mere bhai,tu bakwas bhand kar
Aukat mein rehke baath karna
Nahi to pachtaiga umre bhar

Sacha premi kabhi bhi nahi bhagtha
Uska kam hai raaton raat jaagna

-Lil Mo

Javed Akhtar said...

Lil Mo abse mein shut up karoonga
Tere love ke liye mein aahein bharoonga
bhool mein never karoonga bhool
(Kya mera Hinglish nahi hai cool?)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not you bloody fool.

Javed,main tumhe ek salha deta hoon
Main yehcheekh cheekh kar kehtha hoon

Kabhi bhi koi dard-e-disco muth banana
Kabhi bhi koi dard-e-disco muth banana
Warna na rahegi rozi roti,na rahegi Shabana!

-Lil Mo

anu g said...

My father was here when i was watching the finale.I was hoping it would be a good show, but no luck! The finalists screamed thru the songs (why couldnt anyone sing a nice melodious song), Mandira screeched.....and to top it all, I had to put up with my father;s shocked disapproving 'These r finalists? and this is what u enjoy watching'????Bah!".:(!

Javedbhai said...

Lil Mo, toone shabana ka naam liya
Kaash tune tere honth hota siya
Bina ladki ke DJ usko
hi hum kehte hai dard-e-disco

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one here who finds Abhijeet Sawant immensely cute and attractive?

Aspi said...

Nope, you aren't alone - xoxangelxox would agree with you.

Pitu said...

me 2, he is adorable

Anonymous said...

Javed yaar,jaane de jaane de,thodi hawa aney de

-Lil Mo

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon... join the club!I find Abhijeet super super super cute.His politeness,humbleness,that smile is just a killer.Uski adaein suchi mein katil hain.

I hope he's really that sweet in real life and not a phony.


m said...

eww abhijeet sawant looks fugly.. with that annoying ever present fake smile and that humble and nice guy act..

m said...

I bet he smells bad too..he just looks like someone who either

- smells of B.O.
- smells of cheap cologne

m said...

EWWW and i bet his house smells of moth balls desi style


Abhijeet Sawant said...

Careful, M...your desiphobia is showing.

Do you really think that desis don't bathe/ use deo / clean their homes until they have spent a few generations on the blessed land of America?

Overtly desi does not necessarily equal ugly and overtly non-desi is not necessarily equal to being acceptable.

Anonymous said...

LOL Abhijeet doesn't seem too pleased.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and WTF.Desi's smell like mothballs???I always thought it was curry =/


Aspi said...

Curry > Mothballs any day. And speaking of stuff that stays in your clothes: is it just me or is methi the worst of the lot?

Pitu said...

There was this desi girl who used to turn up her nose at me coz I tended to wear crazy OPI shades on my nails while she always had a french manicure. I had the last laugh when we went to a desi buffet and her nails were stained YELLOW with the haldi and gravies. I was soooo happy.

m said...

Abhijeet sawant cultural crusador - your desi vs non-desi bhasan was quite interesting but you need to go educate those tho CARES.

i said YOU probably smell of cheap cologne or BO and YOUR house smells of desi style moth balls!

You are taking the whole "I am an Indian Idol" thing a bit too seriously, you do not represent the whole desi population and insulting you does not mean i am disrespecting every desi of the world.

So like go to some karoake bar, flash your irritating smile, have a drink and get off my case.

Abhijit Sawant said...

m, Brut is not cheap these days. As far as moth balls go, my wife got rid of them after our marriage.

Anonymous said...

ummmm...wondering if "desi" mothballs somehow smell worse/different than "firang" mothballs? I mean, naphthalene by any other name....would smell as terrible (apologies to W. Shakespeare)

Shilpa Sawant said...

Bas ho gaya! Mere Abhijeet ne itna struggle kiya aur aap logon ne ussey yeh silah diya?

Sharam anni chahiye.Passing on vicious comments about him won't make him any less of a star.Aur x0xangelxox and pitu,agar meri pati Abhi ki taraf ankh uta kar bhi dekhi toh main tumhare logon ke ankhein nochkar gotiyan khelon gi!Yeh sab yaad rakhna!

Pitu said...

Aspi, I think Crime Master Gogo is here! And he's thretening to khelo gotiyan with my nikali hui aankhen. Wow that sounds gross. Suno suno duniya ke logo Abhi is married to Mr Gogo!

Anu Malik said...

Iss baat pe ek bahut pyaara share yaad aya.

*Begins snapping fingers*

Oonchi hai building
Lift teri band hai
Kaise main aaon
Dil razamand hai

Anonymous said...

LMFAO.Yeh Anu Malik kahan se agaya!


Rakhi Sawant said...

Mera Bhai Sawant Ko chhod dooooo!

Maine zindagi maiiii bohat struggle kiya!!

Oh Jesus Ganapathy thank you for geebing Rakhi Sawant suchshess and paisa, shohrut!

Aaj main Bunkoover sey New York sey Los Anglos sey Toronto sey Canada sey Umrika jahaan bhi jaati haan, inn sabh desh main mera fanzz hai!

Ugar mera Bhai Abhijeet Ko sirf 3% bhi fan following mera jaisa hoota hai toh woh bohat badey cheese hai!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Rakhi,Abhijeet sachi mein apka bhai hai???

Aspi said...

Rakhi behen, kaise ho? Bahut din ho gaye tumne apne bhai ko yaad nahi kiya. Aur jab kiya to Abhijit bhai ko aur Aspi ko nahi?! Kya Abhijit ka smile mere smile se jyaada khoobsoorat hai?

Anu, kya song maara hai. Dil khush ho gaya. Aisa song woh Harman ke pikchar mein daala hota to jooto ki bajai seetiyon ki barsaat ho jaati.