Friday, August 08, 2008

Drift housekeeping: Questions and Variety

I'm not good at doing meta posts but there were a couple of things I need to articulate.

First, I know we talk a lot about Bollywood and Indian TV in a certain style that is our own. And just like every person has at least one cool, interesting, engaging thing they can say in a day - there is much to talk about. But occasionally I feel the need to diverge a little bit. Not go down a different path - but just veer off enough that we all don't get bored and instead get a slightly different perspective.

The interviews here are part of that experiment. I'm hoping to see if people who share some of our interests can stop by and educate and entertain us. Next week we'll have someone stop by who is making a name for herself in Tech, specifically New Media, but has a huge fondness for Bollywood. I hope you'll like it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Second, everyone remember Meiyang Chang from Indian Idol last year? Why, even the Drift Memsaab wanted to pull his cheeks - this while I was right next to her! Let's say we had Meiyang stop by here - what would we ask him? I have a set of questions that might be fun. But if anyone has something specific, I'd love to get your input.

Finally, I know everyone has hugely busy lives and gigantic quantities of reading material already suffuse the Internet. So thanks for your presence here!


Saritha said...

Wish You a very Happy b'day Aspi.Sending you a vitual cake,my personal fav Black Forest.I hope you like it.

It was a looooooong gap and I am thrilled to be back on the drift,my most fav place on the net.I noticed few changes around here but Iam so glad to know that the mood here is still the same - FUN.

Anonymous said...

saritha.... omg! i'm dashing off to the airport for yet another trip but i was just so excited to spot a comment from you that i had to say hi. i've been a bit of ghost around here - summer is my time to travel - but its great to see you back :D

Unknown said...

saritha, welcome back! The Black Forest was delicious.

sidekick I'm going to call you bhootnath every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, while I adored Chang, no one has more cheeky cheeks than you!

Kanan said...

Awwww… last I saw birthday boy was flying high above the clouds after D memsaab stopped by. ;)

Aspi, cheek pulling makes me wanna ask: who in the world is Meiyang Chang?

Btw, I see new link for page PDF file creation. Anything special?

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

[aaah, blogger ate my comment, v.1! I don't know if it'll resurface somewhere!]

Happy Birthday, Aspi!

I don't have questions yet for Meiyang Chang, but I'd have a couple for singers like Mahalakshmi Iyer and Kavita Krishnamurthy. Would those be interesting too?

Unknown said...

Kanan, nothing special about PDF creation. I just wanted to see if it would be useful.

svr, I can't get a hold of Kavita although I like her plenty. But You can always suggest something for Maha. She has my questions but she'll probably take some time getting to them. I can always slip a new one in.

Anonymous said...

Saritha,HIE!R u back in the US, or have u logged on from India? Mail choosko:).

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Aspi and is it not drift memsaab's b'day too? happy bday to you both.

Anonymous said...

Janma Divas Mubarak!

Anonymous said...

Shu tame mane kaik piva aapasho?

Anonymous said...

Aakhu varsha tan, man ane dhan thi saaru raho...Navu varsha saaru nivado..ami tumo balo bhasi

justanotherfishinthesea said...

Happy Birthday Aspi! And now I feel like a total geek now for knowing who Meiyang Chang is. But he was a finalist for Indian Idol, who reached the top 5. He has a blog.

My questions are the following.
How was the experience to host the Indian Idol audition rounds with Deepali? Has Sony decided who will host the rounds thereafter?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aspi:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi, write about anything that interests you and I am sure it will be entertaining.

I read some political blogs (have never commented since I dont have much to say there) and the blogs are on either side of the spectrum. Finally I realized its not what they are saying it but how they are saying it that makes me stay and read a blog. Sometimes they make me read about things like bbq grills that I would never read about otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Here are my questions for Chang:

1) How come he has'nt comeback in any other reality show? (Or maybe he has and I just haven't seen it).

2) I was very impressed with his command of the hindi language and not because of his chinese descent but because he did not grow up in a predominantly hindi speaking state. (Now I can't remember where he was from?) How did he learn to speak hindi so well.

3) How much of his friendship with Deepali was touted by the show for ratings? Not to pry in personal but some behind the screen info would be nice to have to judge future shows.

Sania said...

joules, didn't chang grow up in Bihar? I'm too lazy to wikipedia it..

I'll need to think of some questions for Meiyang, but i noticed recently that he had started blogging again - I really enjoyed reading some of his stuff.

Aspi, you've got to spill on how you're accessing these people; are they just regular readers under the guise of mindrush, joules, sidekick? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi,

Happy Birthday..guess m a day late..anyway here's wishing u a great year filled lots of fun laughter n good health :)

Unknown said...

Many thanks for the wishes!

Megan, I like this new gujjuben incarnation. Just like you help me translate all that Punjabi - I can help you whenever garbas take off in Bollywood.

fish and j, thx for the questions - I think they are all good ones with good angles. Will incorporate them in.

sania, no conventional celebrities read this blog. One or two people I've run into have said they do - but that's about it. Perhaps they were just being kind.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Aspi!!
I know meiyang chang, I used to root for him during II just because he was so darn cute!!
I dunno about question maybe u can ask him if he plans to stick to his practice as a dentist or is dentistry taking a back seat for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Questions for Chang:

1) Remember his painting of Baby Doll Alisha? How does music inspire him to paint? Or is it vice versa?

2) Indians can be very discriminating on the basis of appearance. No matter what Chang does (good Hindi, professing his nationality, reiterating his roots, etc.) they continue to think of him as "Chinese". How does Chang cope with this outsider status in the entertainment industry?

Saritha said...

hey Sidekick ::waves::
It's feels great to be back and thanks for leaving that comment.I've had a chance to talk to anu a couple of times,but I did miss you.btw,you must be watching lot of movies on the flight,how come I haven't found any reviews/reccos so far?Didn't like any or didn't have the time to write?

ninna cheppinattu ikkade unna,malli maatladatha :)

Aspi,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou, in Rajini's style

Anonymous said...

Hey Saritha, great that u r active on the drift again. I have myself been away for some time.Its nice to find the oldies (purely in terms of driftlife) back:). Sidekick, time for u to be back too:).
Looks like lots of drifters r enjoying the Unforgettables. Lucky guys! Aspi, looking forward to ur post on it.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, tomorrow for sure. I'm a little too hoarse right now :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, cant wait for the reviews on Unforgettables. I guess a bunch of drifters went so this should be fun.

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding sight!
Aspi, you are great.
This is perhaps the only sight where I find all the members intelligent and nobody insults any other member.
I always visit this site evry single day to see if there is another new blog!
Keep it up Aspi and please convey my heartiest congratulations to all the members.

Unknown said...

Sandip, many thanks for leaving the drifters such a nice note.

I'm hoping you're not the same Sandip who'll show up in an Autoricksha Confession soon (although under a different name).