Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unforgettable and Forgettable

Mind Rush overcomes a hang over and presents a biased synopsis of the mega Bachchan world tour.

Forgettable: Jostling desi crowds and BO
Unforgettable: Amanat Ali looking cool and suave

Forgettable: Various nobody singers filling dead stage time
Unforgettable: Crowd euphoria, women decked out in chak-mak, smell of samosas

Forgettable: Useless commentary about how not to charge my I-pod and save the world
Unforgettable: Ritesh putting his heart and soul into dancing

Forgettable: AB Baby’s non-existent dancing skiils
Unforgettable: AB Baby’s rabble rousing skills

Forgettable: Priety Zinta’s gold dress
Unforgettable: Ash’s beauty, grace and talent

Forgettable: The moment Ash opened her mouth
Unforgettable: Shiamak Davar’s breath-taking choreography

Forgettable: Vishal and Shekhar’s disappointing performance
Unforgettable: Shrieking with joy when V-S were on stage

Eminently Forgettable: Jaya Bachchan on stage. Was she for real? Or was it a 3-D hologram of her?
Unbelievably Unforgettable: Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, talent and charisma. We are not worthy



Aspi said...

Mind Rush, good to have you back. Hey where is that fashion analysis you promised?

Sad that you didn't like V-S. My voice broke around the time I hollered "Come back" when they left the stage the first time.

Anonymous said...

Ritesh was the best? *faints* Crash!!

Anonymous said...

what's the Reason for Lal Vardi a la Vanar Sena ?

Dhakkan said...

I hear now that the Bollywood Industry Artists are all Lining up for Aspi for favour of an Interview !
Way to Go !!!!!!

Aspi Da Fan said...

Iqbal Bano a world class Ghazal Singer is a Resident of Aspicity Chicago.
Interview with her will be mind blowing

Fan-e-Aspi said...

Correction : Name of Chicago Based Pakistani Ghazal Singer is Munn Begum not Iqbal Bano.

Apologies !

Even this singer is well known for her Ghazal singing

Kanan said...

The first forgettable was the funniest! LOL and the last one the best.

Kanan said...

I mean the last unforgettable was the best.

Anonymous said...

you didn't like VS? really?
i loved them...esp the 2nd part
wid bah and sn.

Anonymous said...

Ash's beauty is unforgettable, you think? Hmmmm...

Forgettable: Most movies
Unforgettable: Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and a few more animation stuff

Nice blog you got here.. :-)

Aspi said...

Le Fan, thanks for the tip. Although I'm not much of a ghazal person myself, but the Drift Memsaab is and I do enjoy the creative aspects of making music.

So Munni Begam would be a fantastic subject. I'll see if I can reach her somehow.

wtml, dhakkan, welcome. And the latter, already making fun of me - that is always a good sign around here :)

Beth said...

That's exactly how I described Amanat Ali too! He was fab.

girlie girl said...

aww...I miss Amanat! i wish we would see more of him on TV.

Nice job Mind Rush! Favorite Forgettable "the moment Ash opened her mouth"...I think the way people have been tlaking about that, it's more like an Unforgettable! hehehe!

SO Priety was that blah huh?! I expected her and Rietesh to do really well considering that they're the "Minority" in this group. She should've hung out with Rietesh more often!!

Aspi-e-Fan said...

Here is Munni Begum urf Nadira for you on Youtube

She des have a bollywood connection and was married to Javed

Aspi said...

Wow, a woman who plays the peti and smiles while singing a ghazal! Tremendous. I have no idea how to get in touch with her, but that vid just motivated me.

Sania said...

Aw, the tour will be in New York on Friday but I'll be gone by then. :(

Loved the mind rush analysis - thank you! But would love to have your fashion analysis of the drifters, even if it's a less interesting post to the public at large.

Btw, Aspi I'm kind of sad that I'm not on your blogroll. Back to being one of the un-cool kids I suppose.

Aspi said...

Sania, I can't apologize enough especially considering I missed putting it in my Google Reader as well.

Its now in both places. Thanks for letting me know.

Where are you going next?

Sania said...

Aww thanks Aspi - I'm sure nothing on the blog will be of much interest to you, but perhaps the Drift Memsaab? I've decided that she's way awesome. :)

Moving to VA, actually. Don't think there are any active drifters there, but if there are - holla!

Cinderella said...

i always liked Abhishek Bachchan when he comes on TV for interviews etc where he seems to be very enterprising and lively unlike his performances in movies.
maybe he should do more of reality shows:P

Mind Rush said...

Hey, thanks guys.
Just to clarify, I loved Vishal Shekhar on stage. Just that they needed to be there longer to connect with the crowd. People weren't jumping up and dancing. I also think that in comparison to the other performers and the backup dancers the others got, just having them jump up and down the stage was a bit of a letdown.

Mind Rush said...

Yes, the fashion analysis is in the works. Been very busy...but that's no excuse to neglect my favorite Drifters. OK, will get typing.

Now you sure ya'll want to read your analyses? Don't say I didn't warn you.....Stay tuned.

svr said...

Oooh, I hated Big B's defensive clueless reply to the question of why Abhi-Ash had to fly all across the world for a day ("We have to uphold our contracts", "The flight would have taken off anyway."), and changing their tune to mindful usage. So Shweta Bachchan coming over for raksha bandhan is mindful usage, but listening to ipods isn't.

I wish some armchair-economist would chew him out on "the flight would take off anyway" in a very public manner! That would make awesome headlines, "Amitabh Bachchan needs to take Econ 101." (Though I don't how to.)

Aspi said...

Saving energy on small ticket, energy efficient items is so not worth the time. In fact if you consider the larger picture, saving our habitat will require innovation more than anything else.

A short version of Economist terrific special report on energy that came out a few weeks ago can be found here if anyone has the inclination and time.

Back to Big B, how's this future headline: "Amitabh Bachchan books flights that would have taken off anyway, avoids others to save energy"

svr said...

Thanks Aspi, interesting article! I had no idea that there was so much push for alternative energy outside the US! Still, I think he'd be wrong in claiming the marginal cost to energy usage of Abhi-Ash travel is zero, no? If nothing else, it probably supports the airline economy etc. etc.

Re: Big B, that's not a Drift headline with trademark Aspi humour! That's just a rediff headline, sorry :P

~YourDost~ said...

What's so forgettable bout Ash openin her mout...........,was her breath bad or somethin?=/

~yourdost! said...

Sorry spellin error,I meant *mouth.

Aspi said...

svr, that reminds me - we need to do a rediff homage or two.

Aspi said...

~YourDost~, welcome! I think Mind Rush might have been disappointed with Aish's general articulating when she spoke. I got the same impression - listening to her is not exactly absorbing stuff.

Not that it has to be - she is an actress after all not a public speaker.

Mind Rush said...

Hey yourdost,
Ash is the most inarticulate, giggly "girl" when she opens her mouth. She sounds silly and giddy. One would assume that someone who is used to being on stage would know how to put together a paragraph of greetings and sound confident while doing it.

~yourdost~ said...

Awww,I know Aish is no conversationalist or spokes person but was she that bad?=[

I mean she's Miss World,she must've gone through tons of training on how to speak and present herself.

m said...

she is great in interviews and TV shows, she is articulate.. so what if she giggles, which bollywood actress doesn't

Lara dutta that people loooooove raving about, i saw her interview on NDTV and she giggled after every 3rd word too... not to mention how when she speaks she tries too hard to sound british enunciating every single word.. i think the only truely great speaker in bollywood is Amitabh bachchan, rest of them aint perfect and i can point out their bad points easily ..

j said...

I dont think Miss World or Miss Universe is such a good training ground. Look at Celina Jaitley - dumb as a bat. Plus how much intellectual prowess do you need to have to say "I want to get rid of poverty from the world" or "I aspire for perfect peace". Remember the time when Madhu Sapre gave an honest answer about building a sports stadium in India answering to what would you do if you became prez. their was stunned silence amongst the jury.

The truth be told when you have girls who all they care about is how they look, how they walk, wrap saran wrap on their thighs so it does'nt look too fat in a bikini, and get boob jobs to enhance their assets, there is no time left to develop intellectually. This also goes for movie stars and models.

Dont know why Ash has to giggle on a stage show though. Could'nt she just have rehearsed her lines. Its not like she was doing an impromptu interview.

svr said...

j, "wrap saran wrap on their thighs" -- really??

I mean, the only saran wrap I know is
the plastic wrap for food. That would look really strange! Are you talking about that or something else?

j said...

Yeah, its suppose to reduce cellulite. They do it before the show not during it :)

svr said...

j, I feel like I'm in a different world. What gives saran wrap its cellulite-reducing potential??

But at least they don't do it during the show. :) It'd be awfully funny if we could start seeing the contestants wrapped up in plastic. :D (Though, hmm, an idea strikes: the "plastic doll" image might be perfectly justified?! :)

Aspi said...

Who knew!? And I used to wonder why my sandwiches tasted so funny when I wrapped up them.

j said...

he he. Plastic doll.

Atleast you are eating cellulite free sandwiches.

I believe they apply some cream and then wrap for higher penetrating power. I should have mentioned the cream part :)

Mind Rush said...

Gotta make a grocery run...

Shopping List:
1) Saran Wrap
2) Big Saran Wrap
3) Extra Large Saran Wrap

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the cream, Mind rush.

-- Texan

Pitu said...

Yourdost, not only did she ramble on and on, even her dancing wasn't up to the mark. She was (surprisingly) very lackluster in Crazy Kiya Re. Although she was fab when she danced on Dholi Taro and Pardesiya. But Crazy Kiya Re was her first act and was promptly followed by her 5 minute, sleep-inducing speech so it set a bad tone. Preity spoke very well (but danced badly). So the best performers overall were Amitabh and Aby.