Monday, September 29, 2008

Battles lines are drawn on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009

After a long time harnessing his somewhat quick temper, Himesh Reshammiya finally decided to unleash his inner Battle Droid - much as some of us had hoped for. He built some bridges, then burned them and then went ahead and half-heartedly tried to patch the charcoal. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In the last few weeks - and I confess I have missed several episodes - fellow judge Shankar Mahadevan had effectively put Himesh in his place. This he did by not mincing his words whenever his opinion differed from Himesh. At the same time he back-slapped the other two judges - Pritam and Aadesh Srivastava - and cajoled them into providing somewhat veiled support.

Himesh, not doing himself any favors, gradually realized he was being pushed into one corner. And Mr. Roji Roti became Goody Two Shoes and the SRGMP show sputtered on in aman and shanti. Yes, that was me you heard snoring.

Thankfully the knife's edge was been restored on the show thanks to some rather silly disagreements - the best kind when it comes to judge jhagdas.

This week Himesh decided to announce that the judges would not dismiss a good singer over one bad performance . It might have helped to consult his fellow judges because as soon as he said that both Shankar and Aadesh jumped in to undermine him. Himesh, looking visibly troubled, trotted up on stage - perhaps not realizing that this grandstanding would piss people off even more. Finally to salvage it all, Himesh declared that Shankar and Aadesh were in one corner and Pritam and he were in another. Poor Pritam look a little shell-shocked if you ask me at this impromptu recruitement.

Later, Himesh announced his support for the girls on the show by stating that a girl should and will win SRGMP this year. But the taalis he was looking for instead came as a gaali. Somewhat inexplicably Aadesh referred to Himesh uncharitably as Chanakya. "I don't have any girls in my gharaana" he sniffed, implying that Himesh was shutting down Aadesh's house by throwing his lot in with the girls. Sa Re Ga Ma Kindergarten Pa.

On the second of the two shows this weekend, Imraan Khan and Minissha Lamba showed up to promote their new movie . The SRGMP producers manufactured a promo subplot of tremendously infectious silliness. This required Head to pretend that he had been kidnapped. Head freed himself and took the entire show to realize that Imraan had done it.

This brilliant bit of comedy showed that not satisfied with spanking the TRP covers of Voice of India and Indian Idol, SRGMP now had the kiddie shows squarely in its sights.

I enjoyed the presence of Imraan and Minissha quite a bit. Imraan seems to be of a new breed of actors - those who consciously try to act un-starry and strip any semblance of adaas from their body language. And Minissha - because she spoke articulately and didn't once try to "charm" us via unnecessary giggling - got major points from me.

All wasn't done yet. At one point Tarun Sagar delivered a rather lukewarm rendition of Gadar's mega hit Mein Nikla Gaddi Leke. Himesh immediately jumped to his defence by informing everyone that Tarun's throat was not in good shape. Yes, nodded Tarun sadly. Pritam issued an eye roll and warned Himesh not to play the galleries for sympathy. Himesh waved his middle finger around - supposedly unintentionally.

Aadesh, by now stewing over Himesh for some reason I can't explain, asked Tarun to prove it by singing the same song. Tarun croaked something out. "Beta" Aadesh shook his head "acting mat karo!" Tarun tried again - this time it sounded better. He got a hammering from both Aadesh and Himesh, who looked a little embarrassed.

But enough about the judges. Next week, I'll have to force myself to talk about the singing on the show.



Anonymous said...

Bravo! Welcome back ,the most erudite of sameekshaks ! Lol ! Now this is the Aspispeak we all love & admire.
LOL! The TRP(?) of the Commentometer will be thru the roof this week.

Bella said...

No!!!! Aspi, forget about the singing, its the drama we like the write up on.

This had me laughing so hard in the office, getting all the wierd stares.

I quite enjoyed the show this weekend, it was fun.

Imraan is actually not as hot as i expected him to be, maybe he just looks good in the pics. But that tattoo (fake?) is very very sexy

dockaul said...
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dockaul said...

Aspi ! help needed from all... I wish to write a new SaraDrama scenario featuring the erudite judges -
Himass Besharmiyya
Wanker Mahademon
Preterm Copykarti

I am stuck at the name of the 4 judge.. writer's block or something .. do hope all oblige Thx ppl .

Anonymous said...

bella, the tattoo is real. In one of his interviews he said how he had a hard time hiding it in JTYJN.

Loved Imraan on the show. He has a great romantic voice.

There is something going on with Minisha. She does not look as cute or as pretty as Yahaan. Some plastic surgery perhaps. I could'nt put my fingers on.

I am enjoying Shankar, Aadesh and Pritam being on the show. They dont seem as intimidated with Himesh as Ismail was.

Anonymous said...

well now that himesh has one good female singer in his gharana (the zee marathi winner), no wonder he is advocating for a girl to win..
- bee

Anonymous said...

Finally I get my weekly dose of SRGMP comments, keep it coming Aspi.

The drama with the kidnap theme and the HEAD was so ridiculous, God forbid they re-enact Drona with HEAD taking on the starring role!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back Aspi! and you're back with a bang! Nice write-up. I missed the show (trying to enjoy last of the summer days in Chicago!) but i can't believe Hottie-Pottatie Imraan was on it! I'm going to have to catch it some other way now.

I do however love the jhagda on this show. AND i cannot believe Himesh was waving that middle finger around. I did catch that part of youtube. What a total a$$! But i've noticed a lot of uncles (especially in India) do that...they point with their middle-finger like its nothing.

Screw the singers, this show is more about the drama than anything else!!

Unknown said...

dockaul, aadesh srivastava = curly.

Pritam could be Pratham (love the last name)

Shankar's name is full of possibilities: sucker, stinker, etc. although none seem to apply well to the man.

Unknown said...

j, with minissha its hard to tell but I'd put down the change in her appearance just to losing a lot of weight. Its not hard at her age to lose it around the face, which is now better defined.

Or it could be the knife - who knows. But the essential structure seems more or less intact.

Still haven't seen Yahaan - although I've heard much good things about it.

Unknown said...

girlie girl, when are you gone to India? I need to do the chai interview with you if you are still up for it.

Anonymous said...

She looked very pretty in Yahaan. Kind of how Poonam Dhillon looked in Noorie or Preity looked in Dil Se. A fresh face who can also some what act. The movie was quite decent.

Maybe it was the hairstyle but I just was'nt feeling it.

On the singers - I am loving Pratibha, the girl from Reva.

For the ones who missed out on Head's reference to white tigers, Reva was one of the very few wild life sanctuaries that had white tigers until the 90s. They were moved to Nandan Kanan in the last ten years. Reva is also very close to Khajurao but I am sure head did'nt want to make that reference :)

I also like Kaushik. The guy is quite solid. Sorry to see Mitika go, I think she was a decent singer but could'nt sell herself. Shame, she had the complete package, just could'nt take advantage.

btw, the girl Naina Saxena also auditioned for Indian Idol and has been selected for the "coming to Bombay round". Would be interesting to see what happens to her in II4.

Unknown said...

Joules, you had asked about this earlier and I was finally able to find out for you.

The person who did Drona's Costume Design is Anaita Shroff Adajania. An old interview here. I'm going to try and see if I can reach her.

Anonymous said...

dockhaul - shanker aint a wanker.. don't be mean to the dude, he's okay..not like the other 3 monkeys on the judging panel..

Imran was sooo NOT hot on the show. His biceps were so tiny.. EW like a 15 year old school kid.. who wants to make out with a beanpole, not ME

he needs to start drinkin some of that protein supplements and start working out asap

srgmp has no hottie

Anonymous said...

I, being the sucker that I am, still watch for the singing cause I'm not fluent in Hindi. So I just watch Singing clips.

So Aspi, your posts on the SRGMP drama are greatly appreciated by me.

Is Asma still on the show?

I saw a clip of her singing Mehboob Mere and the judges praising her. I was like WTF? Barbie from Lil Champs sang it way better, and she was like 11 or something.

P.S. The whole Sara Raza thing was just a big ploy for ratings. Why would she just announce up there, "I am going to quit, rather than just going to the PTB."

SRGMP totally set that one up. Though I do believe that she probably does have a hard time because she is a female contestant from Pakistan, and she wasn't lying.

Also again. Did they just really want the viewership in the Gulf? Wouldn't the gulf desis watch it anyway? Why not get a better singer from the Gulf. Why freaking Asma?

Unknown said...

Asma is still on the show and IMO the show's one true enduring embarrassment. You could tell Himesh wasn't too happy to have her back and in his gharaana.

The only really entertaining thing is the way they cue up the laugh track as soon as she opens her mouth to talk.

Anonymous said...

Asma's Hindi isn't even that bad. She's faking the whole gender mix up. It doesn't sound natural. Her Hindi like a yoyo sometimes she speaks okay and then next time she does the whole speaking in wrong gender.

Heck i will probably have worse Hindi if i ever have a conversation in it.

I don't find the shtick funny at all.

Anonymous said...


I never got a chance to respond to you in the thread a long way back.

Sorry about Lakhwinder.
I like him as well and his singing. But like you preferred Lakhwinder to Ali Abbas, I preferred Ali Abbas.

And Ali Abbas didn't make it either obviously. Though it kind of sucked for him the way it was set up. He was the 2nd highest vote getter but didn't make it to the top three.

A shame.

Anonymous said...

Naina & Indian Idol
These were recored in May and she was just being proactive.

Also saw Krishma Kinni trying again in Indian Idol and Suneel from SRGMP is also in.

Bella said...

Thanks for the heads up on the tattoo J... ok, that makes him a little sexier now. Although I think that the scruffy look doesn't suit him at all.

I agree with you guys on Minisha, there was something totally odd about her, I was thinking Botox or something

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving for India on the 10th of October. Lets definitely do the interview...whenever you have time Aspi. I know you're so busy these days meeting your famous friends and whatnot! hehe...

Anonymous said...

yeah the scruffy look doesn't suit Imran at looks like it toom him a month and-a-half to grow that patch of hair on his face. But still, i like him for the dorky looking person that he is...

Anonymous said...

Nepali Head, agree with you on Naina. No problem there. I know most of these contestants try for multiple shows.

The format of the two shows is different. So I want to see how a good singer like her is treated on the II platform.

Unknown said...

This part of II is a little confounding. You'll hear Anu Malik often say that II is about singers who've never sung before. Which would explain the poor quality of singers.

But then people who sing playback or have been training for years show up and are accommodated as well. In which case abysmally shaky surs is no excuse.

Its got to be one or the other, IMO.

Anonymous said...

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