Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bollywood Dance Dhamaka: The forgotten classics

Songs are ubiquitous and special in Bollywood. Some people refer to Indian films mistakenly as musicals. That's only because a word hasn't been invented yet to do adequate justice to the unique Bollywood jonar.

Bollywood also has a tradition of songs that rise above being just music and words. Why Megan's link to Akki's delirious bath song from Suhaag is still used by me to motivate the kids when they complain that baths are boring. And who can forget Salman's gorgeous blouses in Aisa Pehli Baar from Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega that sparked a new fashion trend. And thanks to YouTube, these can be enjoyed endlessly.

Fortunately for us, Kanan has a terabyte memory and intense detective skills. She's dug up a treasure trove of lesser known funky dance delights for us.

Husn Ka Rang Lagaa (Johny Mera Naam, 1970)
A delicious looking Padma Khanna with tremendously ink-lined eyebrows tries to mock-seduce Premnath. Padma executes dizzying and loopy moves and at one point tries to mount a rifle. Premnath responds by starting a game of kho-kho. Will Premnath's precariously perched wig fall off before the song is over?

Jaan Pehechaan Lo (Gumnaam, 1965)
Who is that masked woman? Wait, its Laxmi Chhaya channeling zombies and elevating surf music to a completely different level. Great chance to observe Mohammad Rafi poised to become the second greatest singer of his generation.

Jogi O Jogi (Lakhon Mein Ek, 1971)
He's nimble, he's stylish, he's super romantic. He's Mehmood?

Dekho Ab To (Jaanwar, 1965)
Shankar-Jaikishen and Shammi Kapoor pay tribute to the Beatles in a very Bollywood like fashion - by entirely lifting I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Shammi in a wig and waiter's jacket channels Ringo Star. But stay to check out who's playing John Lennon among the four imposters.

Jawaane Jaane Man (Namak Halaal, 1982)
Shashi Kapoor receives a death threat and turns around to find Parveen Babi in a gold outfit dancing around a thorny rotating disco ball (clearly a brilliant cinematic metaphor). Bappi unleashes some major disco beats. Amitabh sensing something amiss stays close to Shashi (he's Namak Halaal, get it?) but clearly the only thing in danger here is Parveen's ass which comes dangerously close to that rotating ball.

Zindagi Mein Pyaar Karna (Phool Aur Patthar, 1966)
Shashikala in a blond wig and shimmery mauve dress sings a nonsense rhyme and tries to prove that someone trained in Hindustani nritya can dance anything. Madan Puri and Iftikhar - looking evil and dashing - judge from the sidelines. Does Asha succeed? I'll let you be the judge, but stay till the end to watch Garam Dharam show up and disguise himself by holding up his collar.

Note: Concept, links, everything except text is all Kanan's


Anonymous said...

jaan pehchaan ho
jeena aashan ho

love it love it love it

Bella said...

i need help

just started blogging and i want to use the google analytics tool, but i need to upload some html file, which is all fine, but how and where do i upload it to?

someone please help

sorry aspi, this is not related to ur post at all

Anonymous said...

hey megan, are ya mrs ackles on IF?
because your style of writing and hers seem so similar

Anonymous said...

Just saw the Padmini song "Udi baba Udi baba" on TV and the dance and her outfit are hillarious.

Jawaane Jane man came out when I was very impressionable. I had the LP of the album(now I am dating myself) and could endlessly dance to that song and Raat baki hai.

Anonymous said...

I can't access youtube at work...damn firewalls. I can't wait to go home and see these videos!

Anonymous said...

what the...I cant believe I had not seen Akshay's speedo bath dance before...awesome Aspi, you made my day... I am still reeling :)

Unknown said...

bella, welcome to the blog junta - I look forward to reading more from you.

To use Google Analytics you really just need to cut and paste some text into your HTML source. To access your HTML source, go to your Blogger dashboard, click Layout and then click HTML.

Then to find the body tag and insert the code Google gives you right before that.

Shoot me an email if you have any more questions.

Unknown said...

Kanan, thanks for doing this for us! I don't have your terrific knowledge of old songs and dance and they are just as much fun to watch as anything new.

meena, you'll feel fresh all day.

Kanan said...

Hahaha! Aspi, thank you so much for putting these up. :D I love these songs.

Btw, your text was like the icing on the cake.

This post just made my day!

Kanan said...

m, me too me too me too! It's an ATF.

j, I'll have to catch that udi baba song. Is that with Mithun C? Every time I watch raat baaki and jawaani jaaneman I wish I could dance like that. She looks... umm.. dynamite!

Aspi, my pleasure. :) thank you! Btw, that "terabyte" comment is going to make me go sit on some tree for a while. See ya!

Anonymous said...

kanan, if we are talking freaky dances here is what I caught recently on tv... Rishi with a lighted jacket and mind boggling dance...

watch about 3:15 mins into the video.

Anonymous said...

The movie was Vidhata and Padmini Kolhapuri is kind of in a playboy outfit with black tights. Her torso looks so short and she has some thunder thighs.

So I have not looked through all the videos but how come this list does not have any dances by Helen or Mithun C?

Anonymous said...

I meant a playboy bunny outfit :)

Pitu said...

HAHA awesome!! Kanan, tu to yaar encyclopedia hai!

The Shammi version of 'I want to hold your hand' had me reeling!
Aspi, I sent that link to Sagar bwahahaha!

Unknown said...

j, good point. But Kanan focussed on some bhula bisre gems. Helen and Mithun will get their own post someday.

Anonymous said...

Great song selection!
I really like Jaan Pehechaan Ho.
The song also featured in 2001 movie Ghost World by Terry Zwigoff

Anonymous said...

Once this weird looking bald man on a flight who I coudln't recognize kept making passes at me using really terrible lines like 'want to join the mile high club meri laila'.

The only reason I even kept going back to serve him was because that cutie Fardeen Khan was sitting next to him.

And that Fardeen - such a gallant boy. When the baldie grabbed my ass he immediately cut in and said "Daddy! Behave yourself!"

Thanks Fardeen. Mein tumhari abhaari hoon.

Anonymous said...

Once Bipasha and Kareena were both in my First Class. And they didn't talk to each other at all except when Bips looked at Kareena and said "Meow!"

But what they ordered was so interesting.

Kareena ordered coke, Bips ordered milk. Kareena asked for merlot, Bips asked for chardonnay. Kareena ate blackened catfish, Bips ate the alaskan white fish.

Both these girls are weird, I tell you.

Pitu said...

HAHAHHA! Ek Aur Attendant, you are ebil! *wipes tears*

Anonymous said...

On my flight Aish and Abhi were kootchie kooing on their way to their honeymoon.

I was a little annoyed with the passenger sitting behind them. Amar Singh kept ordering drinks and Jaya and Amitabh did'nt do anything to stop him.

Anonymous said...

Once Amitabh and Jaya were sitting together and they had a baby with a funny mouche on their lap. I stopped by to kitchie koo the baby and said "Who is this pubert?"

And boom! Just like that Amar Singh was all over me.

Anonymous said...

Drona Music is out by a new composer Dhruv Ganeshker that is worthy of your comment.

If you nee the music let me know.

Unknown said...

Thanks Junior! I'll get it and soon and give it a spin. There's a few waiting in queue but I'll prioritize this.

Anonymous said...

Surely check out U Me Aur Hum's music,I know it's a bit old but it's worth a listen=]

Anonymous said...

husn hai suhaana ishq hai deevaana
roop ka khazaana aaj hai lootaana
aake deevaane mujhe seene se laga
na na na goriya chura na mera jiya
goriya chura na mera jiya...

Kanan said...

meena, thanks for the link. :D Is that similar to AB's saara zamana? I'll check it out.

j, hahaha that sounds awful. I remember Padmini has had the most ridiculous scenes in Hindi films. But I adored her as a kid and then I liked her because our maid used to say I looked like her. :P haha! yea right. Also, for the songs, like Aspi said these are the not-so-famous ones. But I think we should have Best of Helen and Best of Mithun post for sure.

Pitu, thanks! still a lot more needs to be stored in this encyclopedia.

Vinayak, thank you. I didn't know about the song being featured in Ghost World.

the attendants, you guys are too funny! please keep coming back for more. Aah what a fun job, you get to spend hours at a stretch with celebrities and see them snore, dose off, drunk, stretching, tired, messy haired and what not and come back and laugh at them. hahaha!

Govinda fan, thanks for that song. That reminds me today is birthday of the only die-hard Govinda fan I know of and I need to wish her.

Anonymous said...

Dharamji, you never respond whenever I send The Email and you said you don't know any online shonline. So how are you here on the Drift?!?!

Has Aahana being teaching you how to be a natty boy again?

dockaul said...

@ kANAN - Immaculate collection.

Ladees & Gennnntle Men -
The MOTHER of all Cheesy songs..

Aspi dear , As this seems to be year of celebrating Mediocrity & asinine performances (SaraDrama)
I propose a list collected by all of the cheesiest songs ever filmed. I do hope my entry gets a mention in the top 3 at least :-)

Anonymous said...

dockaul, that video is really hillarious.

I wonder about the mindset of the people involved in making such a video. Are they making it toungue in cheek or think they are coming up with the next classic.

Unknown said...

dockaul thx for the vid. But I could barely see the dam referenced in the song. What's up with that?

Indian songs usually show every little word thats in the lyrics. (My favorite: dhak dhak kare mera jiya - followed by a breast heave)

Anonymous said...

Saaton janam tujhko paate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate
Saaton janam tujhko paate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate
Sapnon ki
Haan sapnon ki duniya basaate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate
Saaton janam tujhko paate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate

Jo tu hoti hema malini
Jo tu hoti
Jo tu hoti hema malini
Hum bhi to
Hum bhi to dharmendar hote gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate
Saaton janam tujhko paate gori tere nainon mein hum bas jaate

Anonymous said...

For Aspi Bhrata Ji !

Unknown said...

Arre, Govinda Moments - never heard of that song. Too bad I can't find it on YouTube.

Unknown said...

Thanks mere bhraata. I have the songs and will be giving them a listen. Just felt like listening to the Once soundtrack today so never got to it. But soon!

Anonymous said...

You are the Best - Mohit Chauhan is also waiting !!!!!

dockaul said...

In celebration of Aspi's favorite -

Anonymous said...

Hero No 1 songs including Saaton Janam Tujhko Paate...