Friday, September 12, 2008

JMLR! Himesh Reshammiya vs Shekhar Suman

Well you'd think what could Shekhar Suman and Himesh Reshammiya have in common except a fine sense of what looks good on them? But thanks to Bee, we all see the possibilities.

So we decided to have Himesh and Shekhar go at it. Head to head. And here are the results.

Chick Magnetism
Often one has to wonder how anyone can resist these two. Shekhar's looks are only overshadowed by his dashing personality. Himesh's Five O' Clock Shadow can barely hide his dashing visage and looks.
Winner: Tie

Man Cleavage
Shekhar Suman's is bonier (think Keira Knightley). Himesh's is boobier (think Bindu).
Winner: Himesh because Shekhar's is probably a bitch to shave

Vocal Talent
Shekhar once cut a CD but his hopes for a hit were shattered by poor sales. Himesh's cutting whine adorns several hits and can shatter glass.
Winner: Himesh for rocking his jonar

Dance Ability
Himesh can do hand rolls and patty cakes. Shekhar once waved his hands and rolled with a bunch of cupcakes in a music video.
Winner: Shekhar in a photo finish

Shekhar's pursed lips produces a smile that looks like a grimace. His laugh feels forced and displayed. Himesh's chapped lips resemble a purse when smiling but his laugh has never been on display.
Winner: Himesh for providing more entertainment and suspense

Himesh waited for ages and ended up with a bird's nest that he passes off as a Japanese hairstyle. Shekhar's hair may not have style but at least his nest is real.
Winner: Shekhar because like Himanshu himself would say: he genuinely has hair

Dimaag Khau
This is a tough one. Shekhar's eponymous talk show was loved by many although his propensity to manufacture PJs is unparalleled.  Himesh showy propensity to talk in an eponymous way is unparalleled.
Winner: Himesh, unless you are a masochist

Both started their career with experimental cinema. Shekhar delivered buzz thanks to a sizzling scene with sex goddess Rekha. Himesh successfully hid his buzz under a cap and became a sex god for autowallahs.
Winner: Shekhar, until Himesh takes his clothes off

Shekhar's career looks tapped out - he's a successful permanent fixture on lowly rated reality shows. Himesh is a lowly rated fixture on a permanently successful reality show.
Winner: Himesh is India's new King Midas!

Google Hotness
Himesh's fans may not know how to spell cuss words properly, but they sure can spell his name - making this Google Trends race a no-contest.
Winner: Himesh, JMLR!

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Anonymous said...

and who would make a better vampire? Shekhar hands down! ..please, please, please tell me that outfit shekhar is wearing is one of his long tailored frock coats a la something out of anne rice :)

Anonymous said...

Bee, this comparison is a genius idea..Aspi, keira and bindu references ha.ha..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!! JMLR for sure!!! Such excellent analysis! OMG, people are looking at me cause i'm laughing so hard with tears rolling down my face!!

Kanan said...

Did you guys hear the saying? If you want to begin your Friday in best way, come to the drift first. :D

And now..

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kiera and Bindu? hahahahaha I saw Shekhar and Himesh dance/look like them. Imagine the heads of them and body of theirs. :P

Btw, that smile of Shekhar looks like a kid's who's doing the loTa thing in diaper. Have you seen a kid do that? Try to play with them at that time, they just stand there and they have tensed face muscles. Such a funny scene. lmao..

This post is just very entertaining.

JMLR! Long live the Drift.

Pitu said...

HAHAHAHA! Aspi, you are ebil! The dimag khau bit made me spill my chai!

Tania said...

That was superb!What a monster Shekhar has turned into.I used to love him in movers and shakers. Its like a middle age crisis gone severely wrong!

Anonymous said...

hehehe good one aspi..jmlr indeed..
btw not sure if true or not, i hear sekhar suman and his son will be playing brothers in an upcoming movie..anyone knows?
- bee

Anonymous said...

just read somewhere Adhyayan (yes thats his son) is going out with Kangana buzz yet on the movie

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I believe he is seeing Kangana and is a little possesive about her. Kangana has a way of attracting possesive men.

btw, they are acting together in Vikram Bhatt's Razz 2.

This comparison is so funny. I cant look at Himesh or Bindu the same way anymore.

Anonymous said...

Meri rai hai ke sab loug mere haseen man boobs se jalte hain.Dekhna, Adhyayan uske baap,dada aur pardada ki rivayat ko pura karne mein kaamyaab hoga.

Maine sunna hai ke acchar, man boobs ke growth ke liye bahut acha hota hai.Main ussey wohi khilaoonga.

Anonymous said...

^^^Uhhh...papa,wtf are you doing here?Aren't you supposed to be memorizing those urdu terms from that century old english-urdu dictionary you have?Hurry up,Comedy Circus's shooting is scheduled for tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Adhayan,now that you've finally let go of my hand and've allowed me to type,I have something to tell you.Look,I just can't live with your possessiveness.I've already tolerated enough of that old takla geizer,Aditya Pancholi........I don't need another one.

It's over.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone's still talli after last nights can't even spell your sir name right.

Adhayan,I'm telling you.........there are so many great rishtey's for you from very khaandani gharane's,forget this Kangana drunkard.

Anonymous said...

Dad,stop.You're making matter worst!!!

Kangana babes,I swear I can change.Please babe.....last chance,just one last chance.

Anonymous said...

Dang right you'll have to change!Especially that ugly lookin yellow shirt you've been wearing for the past 10 days.That's one of the other main problems.

Anonymous said...

I'll be taking my leave.Don't wanna be late for Comedy Circus shooting.Shukur hai mota haathi Satish Shah is gone.Ab main Archana pe easily line maar saktha hoon.I compliment her manly doley's and she just sits there blushing.Hehe...Parmeet doesn't know a thing about the romance stirring up between us two.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! - that post and Shekhar-Adhayayan-Kangana. Actually I liked the Adhyayan drama better. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Kangana aur Adhayan,saley kamino!Tum logon ne meri film ka sequel karne ki himmat bhi kaise ki?Mujhe toh waise bhi koi film nahi milthi,ab mera yeh chance bhi gawa diya.Vikram Bhatt ki toh aisi ki taisi.

Oh shit gotta go,me and Lara have a dinner date tonight at the newly opened restaurant just a few blocks away.Heard their makke di roti and sarson ka saag is scrumptious.My Punjabi kudi loves those.

Anonymous said...


The sarson ka saag tradition was once mine and Lara's.

Anonymous said...

*Rolls eyes*

Kelly darling,get a hold of yourselves and just move on...

Anonymous said...


But I thought I was your darling:(

Anonymous said...

No no no.

Youu areee heerrr cheeekin fryyy.
Youu areeee heerrr feesh fryyy
Kabhiiie naa kehna Lora ko boye boye boye.

Youuu areee herrr somosa…
Youuu areee herrr mosala dosaaa
Kabhiiie naa kehna Lora ko boye boye boye.
Oootherwisee she weel die die die.

Unknown said...

Ok, whoever is doing this: its frikkin hilarious! Why can't we all have entertainment like this on TV?

Anonymous said...

Shekhar,was that you who stalked me to the restroom last night during Comedy Circus shoot you dirty perv.Remember,my doley's aren't just there to be admired and complimented at,they come in handy you know.

Anonymous said...

For your kind information Archana,the Comedy Circus season is over.The new season is called Kaante Ki Takar.

Anonymous said...

Show ka naam tumhare gandey karamon ko to nahi badalte.Kyun ji?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Knew the blog was popular, but so many celebrities!!!??
Way to go Aspi :-)

Anonymous said...

aain...yeh blog toh mere blog se bhi achacha hai..kuch karna padega saala.

amaarcin jaao pehle us aspi ko pakad ke lao

Anonymous said...

Amitbhai, its too flooded in Chicago to look for Aspi. The waters are 2 feet deep already which means they are way over my head.

Ek poora din nikal gaya aur mein tumhe bahut miss kar raha hoon. Ghar wapis aa jaoon?

Anonymous said...

Amarji, Amitji se baat huee. He says make sure you spend three four days there looking at the sights in Chicago. Go up the Sears tower and spend a day or two there itself.

Anonymous said...

Arre Jaya hamari tumhare saath teen din mein baat hi nahi huee.

Anonymous said...

Chup kariye jee aur samajh liya keejiye.

Anonymous said...

Me and Archana were having such a wonderful discussion until the Bachchan family rudely interrupted us.

Bachchan parivaar,I request you to please get lost and blog where the Bachchan parivaar is supposed to blog.

Anonymous said...

You have insulted my parivaar so now I must defend it.

Dekh Shekhar agar tu chup nahi raha to teri suman drishti ko puran karne ke liye Amar ko bhejna padega.

(Hey, maybe I should write poetry too)

Anonymous said...

Amitji, I am a great subject for poetry. Mere liye kuchh likhon na!

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes*

Yeh dosti hum nahi todengay

Anonymous said...

You smell.

Anonymous said...

omg this is absolutely crazy and hilarious..please continue.bring in more characters..

- bee

Anonymous said...

ma, pa: amar singhji takleswar mujhe badi gandi nazar se dekhte hain.. kuch kijiye haaayein :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Bhagwaan, who wapis kabhi aa gaya? Chicago ki tour pe to tha!

Bahu, kaha tha na: rakshabandhan ke din ghar raha karo. Yeh problem solve ho jaata.

Anonymous said...

ma: wo semi-taklu mucchar mere saamne apne pyjaama ka naada dheela karke tight kar raha tha. uska naada khoulwake use bappi ke saamne nahi nachwaya to main gigglena band kar doongi.

pa: hey blogeswar.. kahaan hain aap.. haaayein?

Anonymous said...

The word is spelt "Genre" and not "jonar". Did you misread the dictionary or you are just plain dumb? The blog post is anyway dumb.

Anonymous said...

Anon, we make fun of how Himesh pronounces genre by spelling it as jonar.

Now see if you had been raised to be polite, you would have had a good laugh with us. But because you chose to be condescending, we can laugh at how dumb YOU really are.

Luckily you are smart enough to not use your name here. You should keep doing it in other places also so you don't embarrass yourself again.