Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chatoo Nation on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009

Happily the fine singing in SRGMP is still overshadowed by the ego blinging. Its called the best of both worlds. So what happened last week that was worth noting? A couple of things.

First, remember Debojit and how SRGMP did the whole cringeworthy "Debo is adhura" bit? Well that took a turn for the worse on Saturday. Here is how it all went down.

Pritam, who houses Debojit in his Dhoom gharana, has been touting the guy as his winner. This apparently led to some envy mongering among the other participants.

Now contestant bhailog, I need to tell you this: it always sounds like a good idea to come clean in front of the camera on a Sunday or Monday - when the taping of the live part of the show is still a few days away. This is the time when the producers maro the chabee and tell you to "rock it" and "tell the world what you're thinking". And you go ahead and say a bunch of things like: "Pritam is playing favorites", "He shouldn't be doing this" and "He doesn't love us as much as Debojit".

But when that little clip gets played on the show in a bhari mehfil, you suddenly realize what a bad idea that was. Its called Being Had By Producerji. Not that I'm complaining - its a nifty trick that is the life blood of any reality show worth its name.

In any case, this happened right after Debojit had finished singing. Pritam picked up the mike and ordered Debojit off the stage - specifically out of earshot. He asked the plaintiffs to get on the stage. "Edit all this out later" he muttered.

Then he launched into the story of a young boy who used to stutter all his life and how he thought he was no good. He wouldn't respond to questions he knew the answers to. But through love and encouragement from his parents and teachers, the boy became a success later in life.

"That boy is me!" finished Pritam displaying a fine propensity for drama. The Tare Zameen Par theme started playing in the background. (Boy is this the most "special" soundtrack of all time or what?)

Now this bit of drama would normally sound really cheesy. And not that it didn't - but coming from a supremely mellow cuddlebunny like Pritam it was downright touching. His fellow judges did wah-wah. The plaintiffs must have felt like heels because they fell on their feet and begged for forgiveness. No, seriously!

At this point all hell broke loose. If I remember correctly, Himesh and Shankar Mahadevan (who Himesh hilariously refers to as "The Nose of India") announced an alliance. Aadesh countered with a one-sided alliance with Pritam. Everyone got on stage and Yashita Yashpal, terribly charming purveyor of fine performances and wacky outfits, was used as the rope in a tug of war to decide if she was a boy or a girl. Please, don't ask!

Second thing of note happened when Abhishek Bachchan showed up on Sunday to promote his much maligned dud Drona. Faster than you could say "Slurp", the judges rushed to heap praise on him.

Now this I don't mind. After all, praising someone isn't a bad thing - it brings good cheer and encouragement all around. But calling Abhishek the "best hip hop singer in the country" is about where I'd draw the line.

That announcement was made by Pritam and even he didn't look entirely convincing while saying it. Abhishek preened. But because Himesh is the best at this particular activity (chatoing) he said something entirely nutty and entertaining.

"You are NUMBER ONE in everything!" Himanshu declared. "First of all, you are the NUMBER ONE Amitabh Bachchan's son" At this point I thought, if he says 'and you are the NUMBER ONE Aishwarya's husband' I'll become Himesh's slave for life. Unfortunately this did not happen but Himesh's declaration that Drona was a super-duper hit was still a lot of fun to listen to.

Abhishek then responded by announcing that he and Goldie Behl had started a Himesh Fan Club during the making of Drona. "On the Internet" he added. "And you weren't allowed to step on the set unless you didn't join the fan club". Himesh shifted in his seat with nervous delight - he wasn't quite sure if he was being had.

Luckily he didn't pick up the double negative Freudian slip in Abhishek's statement. Abhishek probably didn't either.

Now that is not what I don't call good entertainment.


Bella said...

this show was highly entertaining, in a cheezy way. I got annoyed when Pritam told everyone to stop treating Debojit as though he is 'special' and the next thing you know, Himesh goes up on stage and says Debo is "Special"... like WTF dude??!?!?!

Shankar is probably the only sane on in the show at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Saredrama n Groana r the worst things that can happen to bwud fans n they happnd togetha last wk.

what a thakao show n cant stand dat babe who fakes she doesnt know hindi........

luvd Shankar's blk shirt wid floral prnts.......made in baroda...n sumone shld reeeely give our himanshu darling a chapstick....

yep Shankar is the only likeable guy there

Unknown said...

Hey I was watching this dance show with Aruna Irani as a judge and happened to channel switch during some tremendous jhagda. I was riveted. It was called saas bahu something or the other.

If anyone knows where I can find this online, I'd love to do some screen caps.

Anonymous said...

Try or

Anonymous said...

This was the lowest level SRGMP has gone. How insensitive. To first get every one on record speaking against the "special" kid and then showing that recording on national TV. I wonder if it was done for more votes for the girls. All these programs are getting desperate for a girl winner.

What was with the Velvet jackets on day 2? Abhi wore a black one while HEAD decided to go barney. Know purple is the color of the season but a purple velvet jacket, Really?

Himesh somehow does'nt seem like has his heart on the show these days. Probably worried about Karzzz. I would be too, if you have seen the promos.

Anonymous said...

J, it seems pretty low to me, too. How Rude!

P.S. I saw some earlier clips on youtube. Deepali is a b*tch to Sara Raza Khan.

Anonymous said...

Also is 'history' the next 'mindblowing?'

I shudder to think--even worse that it seems they will share the throne and stay side by side.

Unknown said...

History just doesn't quite have the same ring to it as M**db*****g. But stranger things have happened and it could well catch on.

Of note now is the fact that the industry has found a way to take their Himesh-chuckles out of the closet. They now make fun of him in gentle ways in the open - and Himesh seems to like it even.

Pitu said...

HAHAHHA Bechare zameen par! Had by producerji, dbl negatives, man you are EVIL! HAHAHHA. I desperately want to know what this tug of war regarding Yashita's gender was but I am afraid I will be scarred for life :-p JMLR!

Pitu said...

Aspi, do u mean Saas Bahu aur Sensex?

Unknown said...

Nahi this was a TV show. Dancing was involved and Aruna Irani was in full gun moll mode reaming everyone's asses.

Anonymous said...

I think it is called Saas vs. Bahu: Kaun kise nachayega. And if you go to india-forums you can download/watch episodes online. The quality is not that great.

Anonymous said...

So Pritam came with a new level today "Super Duper History" - lol.

Loved Urmila on the show. I cringed a little when everyone kept calling her Urmila Ji. Oh my, how the masoom girl has grown up.

Her chunni was beautiful but those earrings were a little distracting.

Anonymous said...

God.. Himesh dancing. I switched off the television at that point.