Monday, November 03, 2008

The Drift Copyright Notice

I'm extremely supportive of people who work hard to maintain control over the publishing of their writing. In general, I support copyright.

But the rules are a bit different for this blog - most of how I think and write has been so influenced by friends, family, readers and all kinds of brilliant people that I don't have anything original worth protecting. I won't bore you with why I have a bohemian, free love writing philosophy. Instead let's get down to the custom Drift copyright.

I don't really mind it if you copy posts from this blog. In fact, I'd be downright flattered.

However, some guidelines exist which if followed, would put me in your debt should you find content here worth copying.

Best way to flick content from the Drift is to reproduce a portion of the post and link back to the original article for the rest. You'll find the permalink to the original article by clicking on its title and looking at your browser's address box. The best example I can give of this is the link to one of the Drift's posts by Steami. Another great example: Desipundit's link to the Drift Bollywood Power List. These are hugely cool ways to reuse my content.

If you must copy the entire post for any reason, I'd appreciate an acknowledgement of the original post on the Drift via a link at the top of your copy. If that doesn't sit well with you, a link at the bottom of the copy will work as well.'s reproduction of Vishal's interview from the Drift is a good example of this.

If you copy stuff from my blog without any credit - I'll be disappointed. I'll probably lose some respect for you. But life will go on. However if you copy my stuff and try to pass it off as your own, I might harass you. A bit - I don't have much spare time. But one email to Google can do wonders in this regard if you happen to know the right people.

There are some blanket exceptions to this policy:

When copying stuff, please include the content verbatim. Please don't make any changes, add or delete content. I'm just trying to protect myself here from potentially being named in a supari because you took my content and went crazy ass bananas embellishing it.

Often I'll include pictures that are from the private collection of the subject of an interview or their friends. You simply cannot copy that content. Feel free to take words I generate. But please leave other people's content on my blog alone. I'll call out this type of content in each applicable post to make sure you can identify it clearly and easily.

Don't just copy my content for keyword harvesting. In other words - don't be evil.

When in any doubt about copying my content, use your best judgment. To help you make an informed decision, I'll list out my priorities. But don't worry about screwing up - life's too short.

Way up there:
Regular readers who interact with everyone
Regular readers who leave comments occassionally
Regular readers
Occasional visitors
Anyone who has time to read my junk

Way down there:
Page hits through searches

If you can find it in your heart to make a decision that works well for me and you, I'll be grateful!


maxdavinci said...

I'm tempted to ask. What provoked you? c'mon share some choron ke links. We'd love to spam em...

Unknown said...

Off and on that happens but nothing I can disagree with. But I am about to carry content that belongs to other people so I wanted to make sure that was protected somehow.

Otherwise, whatever I said in the post: copyright is overrated.

Kanan said...

I vote Yes @ The Drift Copyright Notice.

On an aside, what's up with the yahoo accounts being hacked?

musical said...

Well said!

But sometimes copyright violations can turn serious. It has been going on in the food-blogging word forever! Sometimes it is fellow bloggers, but often times newspapers and web portals stealing the content.

Kanan, Yahoo accounts being hacked? wow! sounds scary!

Unknown said...

musical, yes. This type of copyright works for non-revenue generating people like me. (And I also tend to be very laissez-faire about ownership of all kinds in general).

But if you were stealing my lunch, I'd view it differently I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

Nice set of points :D

dockaul said...

Boss!! I am putting a link of your blog on my new blog Sur Sansar a collection of the best non mainstream music vdos. Impudently I take your consent for granted(Lazeez & Fair et al). I would be eternally gratified if you ever visit & post comments..

Anonymous said...

Apparently, even the Times of India too does similar things as Amit Varma points it out.

Unknown said...

manish, quite true. It happens all the time. But there are a couple of points worth noting - regardless of what Amit is referring to.

One, US copyright covers fair use of just about anything. Which means that if you are commenting on something, you can reproduce a portion of it without necessarily seeking permission. Not that that's happening with ToI but most people who scream 'copyright violation' don't really understand that.

Second, I'd love it if people who get all indignant about copyright on the internet have never flicked a picture off some other blog (or linked to it or just mentioned the source and assumed its not copyright violation) or reviewed a pirated CD or DVD.

Hopefully that also explains why I don't feel entitled to enforcing copyright for my material with much hulla gulla. Its a personal choice.

Anonymous said...

hehe why do desi men refer to themselves as "boss" LOL

Kanan said...

I think BOSS stands for "Brother of S____ Sister" and you can fill in the blank with all the fun adjectives starting with an S. :P

Anonymous said...

What would a Creative Commons license be? And would that work for this site?

Of course I have seen logos like Creative Commons and Copyscape at several places and still have seen the content getting ripped off.

Unknown said...

CC doesn't work for me because its too restrictive. I basically want my content to be up for copy willy nilly. Its not a problem.

Take the "No Commercial Work" clause for example. What if someone copies my stuff and then a year later enables Adsense on their site?

Plus I believe what makes blogging so powerful is its viral nature. And making copies comes with the territory. Anyone trying to duplicate the old school publishing model with its baggage of copyright restrictions on the Internet needs to consider that.

Unknown said...

Kanan, i had never heard of that before. Well, every day is an education!

Just for the record, I don't have a sister :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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