Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salman and Katrina on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009

There are two types of Salman you always get to hear about in the film industry.

One is Salman, the creative, loving, dildaar superstar. And the other is the paaji, shaitan Salman, prone to mischief and fiery bursts of temper. His repution is such that the worst is said about him in his relationships, yet there is no denying the fact that Salman also lands cosily in the laps of primo babes.

And much to my entertainment, both Salmans were on display during his appearance to shill for the upcoming Yuvraaj.

First let me congratulate the producers of SRGMP. Why? Well, Salman - clearly trying to outdo the recent hair missteps of Shahrukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan, but in one fell swoop - showed up looking tame and strutted on stage casually. No sooner had he settled down in his seat that SRGMP regaled him with a montage of his cavalier and sharaarati behavior during previous appearances.

In essence, SRGMP was priming the pump. And with his engine warmed up thus, Salman went hammer and tongs at everything thrown at him with much gusto.

What I absolutely love about Salman is the way he talks when he's in the mood (catch a couple of episodes of Dus Ka Dum when you get a chance). Salman's speech is like a train wobbling on a narrow guage - he demonstrates scant respect for Hindi as it was meant to be spoken. He breaks his sentences in all the wrong places - prompting me to start quick family room pools as to whether he will finish the sentence at all. He's positively Christopher Walken-like in this regard. (For the record, I love both Salman and Walken.)

So it was that Salman provided bharpoor entertainment by engaging with the contestants. And here is where that other Salman showed up in flashes.

One of the first things he did when the show started was ask about how the contestants from previous years were doing. SRGMP minimized it by playing a laugh track over it, but I can't remember someone returning to the show who stopped preening enough to ask about some acquantainces from years past.When told that everyone seemed to be doing well, Salman happily settled back in his seat.

And it was in the way he played along with the singers that gave you glimpses as to why he is such a people's superstar (certainly the press and parts of the industry would have liked him to have gone under long ago). Nothing was off limits with him. He regaled Pratibha, dispensed relationship advice to Soumen (Chowmein, if you know whats good for you, avoid!), sparred verbally with Asma and in general did things that many would consider below their celebrity.

When his costar from Yuvraaj, Katrina Kaif showed up - looking simple and whip smart - things got a bit more interesting. She showed little patience for Salman's gallivanting. Eye rolls ensued. At one point she slapped Salman's hand. Yet again she picked up the mike and asked Salman and Asma to zip it. When she is genuinely tickled a vein pops on her forehead - its a bit endearing. She told Head that Udit Narayan was her favorite singer and had him sing a song for her.

No Salman appearance would be complete on SRGMP without a pangaa with Himesh, of late dumped by the shirtless one in favor of Sajid-Wajid.

When Asma finished essaying an arabic song, Salman told her she had made a huge mistake because Himesh would now copy that song. Himesh muskuraya and said "When have I ever copied a song?" Some sparring ensued with Salman. Inexplicably Himesh blurted out: "I copied only that one song when you insisted! That Santana song - for which I had to take so much shit from everyone!"

Hilarity! Now, what would Salman go after Pritam too? Sadly Salman only braises the ones he loves (kind of like the Drift) and so Pritam escaped with a minor reprimand: "your singing is all wrong!"


maxdavinci said...

I've tried looking a lot for the real reason for the salman-himes spat. Drifters, any help?

I found that santana song though, its oh priya oh priya from a super dud kahin pyaar na ho jaye(2000)

Anonymous said...

That show was so awesome - there is nobody else like Salman! Glad you appreciate him too.

Anonymous said...

I believe the spat was because Salman roped Himesh in Tere Naam which is a movie that made Himesh big and Himesh did not give Salman enough credit for his success.

As much as I loved seeing Himesh squirm I thought Salman was a little out of line and would have loved to see Pritam's face during the exchange. I am sure Pritam was thinking he is next.

Liked it how Katrina roled her eyes and at one point tried to stop Salman from making a fool out of himself. He has found a good partner in Katrina. I hope he keeps her.

Unknown said...

Katrina seemed to treat Salman exactly as I would have expected. Like an errant little mischievous boy. But in general Salman could have had anyone else by his side - no special treatment. Huh.

In any case, its a show - not a documentary so not much chance of analysis.

Where is Mind Rush anyway?

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush has been busy....But not too busy to pop a quick head in the door.

Salmaan is the textbook narcissist. He is charming in a boyish, pankster way, and acts as if the world revolves around him. This endears him to people but can hurt them when he goes too far. As the classic narcissist he is unable to look beyond his own perspective and it's easy for such folks to be involved in dramatic (or violent) relationships. Beware of Salmaan when he discovers that the world does not revolve around him! Conversely, to get in his good books is easy...just praise him like you mean it.

Unknown said...

The Drift thanks Mind Rush!

Should we expect worlds to collide then as Katrina continues her ascendancy to the No 1 position in Bollywood?

Anonymous said...

How old is Katrina? She looks young for Salman.

Anonymous said...

Katrina only acts like she is in control in the media. Apparently, Sallu cheats on her repeatedly and doesn't treat her all that well but she still latches on to him to stay in the biz.

Anonymous said...

No one crosses the Kat otherwise you get scratched. Sallu knows this and pretends he is cheating to maintain his image. But come Friday, he's learning how to make chapaatis for me.

Hmm-mmm! I love whole wheat rotis!

Besides you'd have to be out of your mind to dig that slob. I mean did anyone see his hair on the show? My mascara brush looks better!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the thick belans are better or the thin ones?

You know, just asking.

So I might want to beat up someone with it, that's all.

Wud appreshiat answer.

Anonymous said...

Sallubhai, thanks for bringing that dabba with ghar ka khaana on the sets last week.

Great rotis, boss!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Katrina, Katrina
Tere bin mushkil hai jeena!
Sallu ko bhulo
Mere sang jhulo

Anonymous said...

Asif Z, send me a picture of yours with the shirt off.

Please keep the rest of your clothes on. I don't want another Saawan Kumar situation on my hands.

Anonymous said...

Nawaz, can you balance the budget again so we can buy a camera?

Anonymous said...

Asifbhai, will a point and shoot work?

Anonymous said...

What? I already told the Army that last week.

Anonymous said...

Asifbhai please, I'm talking the camera

Anonymous said...

Salman stop behaving like a spoiled brat Teen - for god's sake you are almost middle aged !!

Treat Kat well or she will be History for you !!

Anonymous said...

hey mindrush - what? You mean there are narcissists...in the Indian film industry???? Wow - who would have thunk it?

That Salman gets so many people's goat means that he must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Katrinaji, Asifbhai will be indisposed for a few days. Make that weeks. Your boyfriend paid him a visit.

Mashallah kya body banayi hai!

Anonymous said...

Kiski side pe hai be tu Nawaz!!

Unknown said...

j, I heard Himesh tell everyone on SRGMP last year that Salman was the man who made him. Sallu needs to get over it! I don't hear Sajid-Wajid going around telling everyone they owe everything to Salman either.

I noticed that when Salman went past Himesh on the show there was an awkward nod exchange - like "man we had too much to drink last night and lets pretend it never happened' type of moment.

And I loved how Salman went after Tandoori Nights - priceless.

NatC said...

Salman is one of those whom u can hate and love.......he is on the news for doing something stupid...like the time with ash..and then he does wonderful stuff for ppl who need help...but guess that is what makes him human.. I love Salman and Kat togehter.... I wish this one is to stay

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering what exactly happened between Salman and Himesh. Himesh is also like Salman on SRGMP. He tries to bully other judges, but still you cant imagine SRGMP without him. They both are like 2 Salmans or 2 Himeshs. Like poles repel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have heard Himesh say it again and again also. But Himesh does not come across as a sincere person. He does it from the point of chatao-ing his guest. Remember on how Tushar Kapoor was the biggest star to ever grace bollywood.

One thing that annoys me with our bolly stars is they cant seem to ever make up. Except for Kareena-Kunal that Kareena, god bless her soul tried really hard to fix. There is SRK-Ash, Vivek-Salman, SRK-Salman, Amir-SRK, Ash-Rani and endless other rivalries that have been going on for almost a decade.
Its time for people to bury the hatchet.

Now Himesh also takes any publicity towards him as good publicity. So I wont be surprised if this whole act was devised by the producers with full consent from both parties.

Anonymous said...

I meant Kareena-Karan J

Unknown said...

j, adults can get past fights. So its not wrong to expect that. But I get the feeling that in Bollywood a hazaar chamchaas are involved that carry news back and forth. And stuff gets lost in translation in between or stuff gets added in by vested interest and all of a sudden things keep going on and on.

For e.g. how many times do SRK and the Bachchan family actually interact on a personal level? And how many times are they bickering about each other? So in between news gets passed on from one party to another and that keeps things going between both.

Anonymous said...

Found this article on the web. Not sure how true it is but explains the reason for the rift


Unknown said...

Sheesh! Never thought I'd hear a story where Himesh would come across as the mature one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aspi,

This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I always like to read your reviews of these television shows because I don't understand Hindi very well so you always clear some things up for me. Plus I like your irreverent (but never nasty) perspective.

lol about Salman's hair! I don't know why, but I like the guy. There is something genuine and direct about him, even if he probably is a narcissist (like 99.9% of everybody else in the industry). And it's all about entertainment anyways - if they were all nice-nice to each other, it would be very boring.

Unknown said...

Meena, welcome! We have another meena but since you capitalize your name, its all good :)

I agree - we don't everyone to turn into a Suresh Wadkar now do we?

Anonymous said...

Aspi, I have a question that's been perplexing me for some time.

Why is it called Challenge 2009? Is it going to have the finale and declare the winner in early 09?

And even if they do, the last season was called 2007, right? That was towards the end of the year, too. Though maybe a month or twp ahead than this year.

Still, it's really weird for it to be called 2009 when most of it will be 08.

Also, when I looked for the latest srgmp on youtube, apparently there is a strike? So maybe it will be a lot in 09, anyway. But still it's stupid.

Also, what happened to the driftworthy section, or am I just bleary eyed today.

Unknown said...

Lin, I'm with you on the forced leap year. I can't figure it out either except that someone really sucks at planning on the SRGMP team.

What is the deal with the strike. I couldn't find much real news of it when I looked yesterday, but everyone seems to be buzzing about it.

The Driftworthy section will be back - I just need a little time to put a few things up.

Anonymous said...

The older segment of population in india must be really upset with the strike. No new episodes of Kyunki.

Aparently the daily's are the ones affected till now until this weekend so I am hoping for a new show today.

Unknown said...

I haven't followed the strike so don't know about the days. But the weekend shows get filmed early in the week. So if the strike was on then - no new episodes :(

On the other hand, a break might be good for our sanity :)

Anonymous said...

hey all...

On two points.

salman was about to talk about his mom watching the marathi srgmp episodes when katrina kaif so rudely interrupted him to request head to sing his father's song. that was a bit much, you're living with the man and utilising him to gain a foothold in the industry - at least show a modicum of respect.

next point.

pritam copies more music than anyone, anyone can ever possibly imagine. just go to youtube and type "pritam copied music" and you'll come up with heaps of videos showing that pritam is a plagiarist rather than pop artist. he steals from indonesian, french, korean and 50's english songs... the evidence is on youtube. I used to love his music, but now, I have no respect for the guy.

at the end of the day, your mind just goes "jhan-jhan-jhan" with all the bollywood crap and you begin to wish that imran hashmi films weren't so B grade, because they do seem to have a story under the rubble of sensualism.