Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final Stretch on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009

Usually when SRGMP gets down the last stretch, a frenzied vote appeal gets launched, those that are beholden to sur suddenly become beholden to region - and I get the crap bored out of me. For some reason though SRGMP this year seems to have escaped that trap. And they have done it by piling on the cheese.

Let's start with Yashita's Vote Appeal Episode. Because she is up against SRGMP Maharashtra champ Vaishali, the poor girl was asked to refrain from campaigning in her hometown Mumbai and instead dismissed to her dad's jamnabhoomi Delhi to scrounge for votes. She showed up on the streets in an open jeep and I can guess what happened next.

Shopkeeper 1: Arre Bablu jara dekh. Someone important seems to be in a procession

Bablu (eating a mathri): Chomp! Wonderful, I'll tell all my friends. Who is this woman? Our chief minister?

Shopkeeper 2: No, no, she seems too stylish to be our CM. Must be an actress.

Passerby 1 (eating golgappa): Gulp, gulp! Those signs have her name on it. She's Saregamapa!

Passerby 1's wife: (eye roll) Kiss gadhe se paala pada hai!

Passerby 1's children: Daddy, daddy, let's join the procession, we are getting way too bored with petha shopping!

(Everyone heads on over to get a closer look of Yashita)

SRGMP Voiceover: The people of Delhi did a jamke swaagat of Yashita!!

All this amusement had barely died down when Yashita was ushered into - wait for it - Tihar Jail! What a khaufnak place to send a young girl. A cricket match was going on and none other than Virender Sehwag was watching it. Viru greeted Yashita with all the enthusiasm of a pet who's found out its about to be neutered. Then Viru went back to watching the convicts playing cricket and probably thinking: Aah, Australia ki yaadein.

In general, this vote visit made a lot of sense. We all know that our country is run from prisons by criminals with cell phones. And after they are done with their business and all bored, might as well SMS a few in for Yashita. Innovative? That's SRGMP for you.

Fortunately, I caught a glimpse of Himani Kapoor. People kind enough to read this blog know I'm a huge Himani ka chamchaa. So let's get this out of the way: Himani looked great and had a winning presence on stage during the show that followed. The uniqueness of her voice stands out enough that you want her to show up more on soundtracks. Himani, great boots but more of that trademark shaava, shaava move next time please.

All through the show Head looked spiffy - he wore an argyle sweater and a shiny jacket that the Drift Memsaab tells me, is very 'in' these days. Just one problem: that jacket was so spanking new that it refused to fall properly over Head's midriff. Thus it stuck out at both ends around the waist, making Head look somewhat like a mini pagoda.

What about Yashita on stage? She still sounded a bit shaky - but she's learning fast. And she has a natural way with people that doesn't seem forced. Other singers who accompanied her: Harpreet Deol from last season and this season's Salman Khan: Tarun Sagar.

Later the other title hopeful Soumen Nandi from Kolkatta had his own show. This was even more fun than the previous episode. A number of terrific reality singers showed up to support Soumen: Ujjaini, Debojit and Aneek among them. There were a couple of standout moments.

First, Mamata Bannerjee showed up on stage and said a few things. At one point everyone urged her to sing because apparently she used to sing before. Mamata dug her heels in and refused. Nope, she said: I don't sing anymore. It takes practice to sing on stage. I ain't doing it. Just as all the argees were dying down, she inexplicably trotted out and said "Well, now, if you insist!". Here she revealed herself to be a fine linguist. She broke out into French saying: "Oui lavaar kaantri" before belting out a desh bhakti ditty.

If that wasn't enough, the SRGMP producers had also invited Mithun Chakraborthy. Amidst some dhamaal - I might have seen bodies flying around at his arrival - Mithun showed up looking dapper and clearly enjoying all the attention. When Asma joined him on stage, he unleashed an accent that I think was meant to be Arabic. B movie acting ki jhalak. "I have four legal children and innumerable illegal ones!" he boasted while shilling for his new show Dance India Dance.

Later Head had Mithun dance to I am a Disco Dancer on stage. Mithun gamely bust into all his moves. This I liked tremendously. Not only because I am a huge Mithun fan. But also to move forward, one must never forget the sins of the past.

Yashita's episode Part 1
Soumen's episode Part 1


musical said...

"Because she is up against SRGMP Maharashtra champ Vaishali, the poor girl was asked to refrain from campaigning in her hometown Mumbai and instead dismissed to her dad's jamnabhoomi Delhi to scrounge for votes. "

Sigh! :(

Joules said...

So when is the finale? And any guesses on who would win?

Kanan said...

Not following the program this year but the images you've added in are hilarious, specially the jail and mithunda wala!!! :D

ps. Cool blog header!

Joules said...

Has Virendra Sehwag hit real hard times that he has to show up for a match at the Tihar Jail?. What is it that our desi celebs would not do for money?

Unknown said...

Who knows who'll win. In one of the episodes I saw, Vaishali was leading and then Yashita. So it might all be rigged like last year (no, I'm just joking)

Also, if you are a celebrity like Sehwag - you are free these days. Nothing to do. Let's assume Viru isn't an avid reader. Then how much TV can you watch? So at some point you have to get out of the house. And if someone invites you to be "chief guest", then why not?

Viru probably came for 30m or so. I didn't even see him around when the singers were performing.

maxdavinci said...

viru was the chief guest for the tihar ckt game, SRGMP just used it to cash in and landed there.

and abt prabhuji and the illegal bacche, let's not go there.

something tells me that we may see more of asma on Zee like Mauli.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Himani showing up with Yashita is like a bridesmaid wearing a way nicer dress than the bride....

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't see more of Asma...that girl is really uber annoying!! Mauli was annoying too but not this way...

I want Yashita to win but I think Vaishali is going to win. She has that safe-voice...where she can't do anything outside of her "jonar" but within her "jonar" she's quite decent!

Anonymous said...

What??? No Drift voting set up for our fave SRGMP participant?
Please do so, na....

Unknown said...

gg, I think you are right.

anon, I've been lazy this year. How about I make it up with II4?

Anonymous said...

Heard she is a kids favourite. My 8 yr old niece was very upset when she was voted out. So you can who they are trying to cater to, with the Asma act. I call it dumbing down of the next generation.

Anonymous said...
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