Monday, July 27, 2009

Chick Flicks: Is this what it's all about?

These days I've been showing chick flicks to Motorsandal and Youngling. (This experiment has predictably gained enormous support from the Drift Memsaab.)

I rented Confessions of a Shopaholic - an adaptation of Sophie Kinsella's chick lit tome - which gave Isla Fisher her reward for a stellar presence in Wedding Crashers with a shot at genuine stardom.

The movie gathered a highly promising $15 million odd in its opening weekend, but surprisingly took a dive thereafter, clearing only $44 million (just over $100 million overseas).

Labor Pains - the title of which might well be about Lindsay Lohan's initiation into adult stardom - went straight to ABC Family.

While I'm happy to say that the boys seemed to like both movies, I couldn't help but feel that showing them just one would have done the trick. Why so? Here, take a look at a side by side comparison.

Confessions...Labor Pains
Isla Fisher (plays Rebecca Bloomwood) is a bit of an idiot who is addicted - to shopping Lindsay Lohan (plays Thea Clahill) is a bit of an idiot who is addicted - to tobacco
Despite being a layoff waiting to happen, Isla chances on a career opportunity in publishing which she proceeds to grab with chhal kapatt (she feigns qualifications)Lindsay sees a career opportunity materialize in publishing after almost getting fired, which she proceeds to grab with chhal kapatt (she feigns pregnancy)
Isla's boss (Hugh Dancy) happens to be a scruffy, British dreamboatLindsay's boss (Luke Kirby) is a foppish, American dreamboat
All it takes to unlock Isla's genius at writing user friendly financial articles is support and direction from her male bossAll it takes to unlock Lindsay's genius at being a super editor is support and direction from her male boss
Ironically Isla's shopping addiction helps her become a famous writerLindsay's fake pregnancy mysteriously makes her a guru at launching parenting books
Isla and boss fall for each other in a plot point that makes you question the boss' judgementLindsay and boss fall for each other in a plot point that makes you wonder if Lindsay has lost her marbles
Isla has a supportive, chirpy girlfriend (Krysten Ritter) who is beyond annoyingLindsay has a supportive, chirpy girlfriend (Cheryl Hines) who can be mildly annoying
Isla's deceit (she's in debt but doles out financial advice to others) is exposed on TV pissing off her new boss-boyfriend and placing her life in shambles Lindsay's deceit is exposed when a balloon utilized to fake her pregnancy pops - giving heart attacks to numerous pregnant women everywhere. This pisses her boss off and leaves the movie in shambles
Everyone deserves a second chance - especially well meaning women. Boss-boyfriend returns and forgives, career opportunity arises again!Yes, there are second chances in life. Lindsay wins her boss and boyfriend back! A new career is launched.
A green scarf plays a prominent role in the movieA blue balloon plays a prominent role in the movie
The movie has brief parades of great dressesLindsay parades herself in the shower briefly, undressed
Moral of the movie: a little lying can get you a lot, but you have to be sorry and look cute doing itMoral of the movie: a little lying can get you a lot, but you have to be sorry and look cute doing it


Banno said...

Pretty useful table, I say. Can do much life diagnosis from this. Since lots of life spent watching chick flicks.

Mind Rush said...

Too funny. However, these movies reveal a lot about the MALE mindset and not about female behavior. (WHo financed, and profited from these movies?)

Unknown said...

Interesting question.

Labor Pains was written and directed by women. Confessions... was primarily written by women (and I'm talking about just the screenplay) and directed by a man.

Either way, chick flicks have come a long way. I was just ragging on these two :)

Tanvi said...

These were just two BAD chick-flicks you picked Aspi 'G'. Confessions was such a disappointment and just spoilt the book for me completely!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, those weren't shining examples of chick flicks.

Whats a good recent one that's at least PG-13 or less. Any recommendations? Wish I could show them Sunshine Cleaning, but that dang thing is R.

Anonymous said...

Some of the good chick-flick:

28 Days; Center Stage; Riding in Cars with Boys; Sleepless in Seattle; Gone with the Wind; Pretty Woman; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; Catch & Release; Fever Pitch; Sixteen Candles; Rent; Notting Hill; Sweet Home Alabama; Sabrina (old or new version); Return to Me; Can't Buy Me Love; 10 Things I Hate About You; You've Got Mail; Hitch; The Devil Wears Prada; 13 Going on 30; Dirty Dancing; Breakfast at Tiffany's; The Break Up; Legally Blonde; Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood; Mona Lisa Smile; Save the Last Dance; A League of Their Own; Beaches; In Her Shoes; The Bachelor; The Truth About Cats and Dogs; Maid in Manhattan; Definately, Maybe

Anonymous said...

forgot one more; 27 dresses.

Unknown said...

Anon, thanks for the list! Brilliant.

Although I will do everything in my power to protect my kids from Meg Ryan.

Banno, I'm more than a little surprised! Which was the last one you watched?

meena said...

Aspi, you might as well have taken the hugh grant repertoire from imdb :)
anon you forgot music and lyrics and love, actually

Anonymous said...

Meena, you are right both of those are great...
Sandra B , the proposal is great too, but not really for kids.

Unknown said...

Hey I really liked Music & Lyrics.

In fact, I'm such a Drew Barrymore fan that I even saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I think her attempt to pass off as slinky-sexy-dangerous in the whole Charlie's Angels franchise is one of Hollywood's great performances.

Anonymous said...

love all 3 of her movies, and yes am a Drew Barrymore fan, 40 first dates remember, she is really talented !!

Tanvi said...

Anon has listed all of them. Can't think of any more. I saw Ugly Truth this weekend. He-la-rious! To say the least but not for kids, again!

Unknown said...

I was curious to see how that movie turned out.

On the other hand, I am more than curious to see Jennifer's Body.

Tanvi said...

You meant Katherine?

Unknown said...

No, Jennifer's Body

Tanvi said...

Haha! I did realise my boo-hoo when I went to see Love Aaj Kal on Friday and saw the poster of Jennifer's body! Haven't seen any trailers though.

Also saw Orphan! If you are into scary movies ... it's worth a watch :o)

Unknown said...

I've read about it - demon girl with Russian accent? I don't do scary movies too well unless I can hit the mute button :)

Pitu said...

Hhahaha. I abhor Lohan so wild horses couldn't make me see any movie starring her but I loved Confessions. Isla Fisher was adorable!