Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyone has Issues on Tere Mere Beach Mein

I know its in poor taste to say this - but Farah Khan's Tere Mere Beach Mein has been providing me with much cringe worthy entertainment.

Take last week for example. John Abraham showed up along with Yuvraj Singh - who physically resembled an untrimmed shrub growing wild in the backyard. Farah also invited an 'aam admi' - a guy who thought he was God's gift to women. (No really, that was why he was on the show)

At one point Aam Admi flicked his greasy curls and boasted about how the girls ogle at his hair flying in the wind when he's on his motorcycle. This had me chuckling. John spontaneously gifted Aam Admi with his motorcycle helmet. Then Farah started playing the theme from Main Hoon Na in the background. On the show, this music heralds an Oprah-like karun moment. Aam Admi got so caught up with this that he burst into tears and bawled - completely out of context - about how he never calls his mom on the phone. Call me an insensitive clod, but that was pretty darn funny!

This week Ritwick Roshan showed up. His entire interview touched me. No seriously. Primarily for two reasons.

First Ritwick talked about his stuttering problem, an incredibly hard thing to do in public. Then he made it a point to say he still suffers from this issue. That was honest and brave - unlike that previous guest who came on the show, said he was over the whole Salman jhagda and then spent the next 30 minutes talking about it.

Second, when offering advice to others instead of sounding like someone who had figured it all out, Ritwick kept it personal and sought inspiration from others.

Then Kangana Ranaut - who has to be one of my favorite guests on TV shows - came looking a bit like Yuvraj Singh. Her hair looked like someone decided to make custard and had forgotten to turn the gas off. She entertained me as expected.

"Love your ugly self!" she implored everyone helpfully, no doubt boosting the self-confidence of every ugly person.

She talked about her pahaadi-accented English and how people made fun of it. "Why should they?" Farah said, probably chuckling inwardly all the time.

Later Ritwick publicly crowned her Vernacular Queen, thus entertaining me even more.


Banno said...

Aargh! Am missing all these gems. Turns out I'm always doing something else at that time.

But reading about them here is good fun. Better, I suspect than watching the episodes.

Deep said...

Aspi, that caption is no good because Hrithik would NEVER give his comb to anyone!!

musical said...

Hmm, haven't caught up with the John-Yuvraj and Kangana-Hrithik episodes yet.

And desi media has a disgusting obsession with stars' accents. Either they comment on how "dehati" a certain actor/actress sounds or diss another star's "fake Amreekan accent". Ugh, so shallow and cringeworthy. These guys should STOP judging people by their accents!!

Unknown said...

That is why Himesh is so great. He does both - in the same song!

Pitu said...

Oh Gawd. LOL!

memsaab said...

I would SO WATCH this if I could only understand it! Love your writeups though :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how an obsession with accents is blamed on desi media when I've read several commentators on your blog make derogatory comments on Indian accents, esp. for Deepika Padukone, whose Kannada accent seems to rile a lot of North Indians & Amrikan Indians alike.

Unknown said...

Anon, quite true given that the new desi media is us.