Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Videonama 2: The inside story of Himesh Reshammiya's 'Mann Ka Radio'

A few days ago, the Drift did an incisive analysis of the video for Kurbaan Hua. The next day a B-list Bollywood insider sent me an email and said "You are possibly the dumbest blogger with a laptop on the planet!" This encouragement stirred me up - enough to do another Videonama - this time involving my favorite singer and gujju brother: Himesh Reshammiya.

In the opening shot of the Mann Ka Radio video, Himesh trudges in. He is followed by a profusely sweating black woman whose breasts are flouncing like crazy. Himesh, inexplicably un-sweaty and with a smug expression on his face, continues his waddle forward.

There are two ways to interpret this: (a) Himesh has just done his business with the woman and is walking off, leaving another satisfied lover behind OR (b) Himesh has just beaten a black woman in a 100m sprint.

Either way two things are clear: (a) Himesh leaves black women in his dust AND (b) our man doesn't have sweat glands

Himesh walks straight into a roomful of nubile, writhing women who love his song and throw him meaningful, come-hither glances. But what does our man do? HE IGNORES THEM! Instead, wearing an expression of poetic sadness, he transfixes his gaze on something far beyond what the eye can see. Thus, Himesh conveys to us that carnal desires and pencil-thin East European chicks mean nothing to him. It is TRUE LOVE he is seeking.

Wait, what's this? Passion has arisen in Himesh. He's grabbing the mike like there's no tomorrow. Could Himesh have finally found his TRUE LOVE? Could it be....his own voice?!

Himesh is shamelessly being romanced by the studio. At one point a video monitor in the studio shows Himesh flanked by Sonal Sehgal on either side, only to be replaced by Himesh flanked by himself. My interpretation was that the studio had become sentient and was loving Himesh right back. The video ends with Himesh cosily ensconced in some futuristic harness with a microphone and earphones. Our man has come home to his love.

The powerful underlying message in this video is that true love doesn't have to always involve men, women, farm animals or inflatable material. True love could be between a man and machinery that loves him unconditionally and thus brings out the best in him.

Radio opens Dec 3. Good luck to everyone associated with the film!


meena said...

Aspi, no matter what anyone says...Himesh undoubtedly brings out the best in I am going to sue you for breaking my leg when I fell off my chair laughing.
are you really getting hate mail from bolly insiders? you my friend have arrived :)

meena said...

...I should have known Himesh would never do something so pedestrian as being in love with fact its been his equipment all I cant stop punning..

Srini said...


Anonymous said...

himesh rocks. radio will be big hit. pl read this

Unknown said...

meena, himesh in love with his equipment...why didn't I think of that, that's hilarious.

Anon, good luck. I hope the movie is a hit. I love Sonal Sehgal.

Mind Rush said...

Three cheers to Aspi bahi! The next Nobel Prize in literature shall be awarded on the Drift saab.
My equipment and I (namely my laptop and I) shared some ceiling shattering laughter while reading this post.
One of the BEST Drift posts ever!

neha said...

I actually wondered why they had Himesh walking in with the black chick and not alone. now I know hahah

Its interesting though to see the different looks that Himesh has adopted over the years...but for some reason he always remains such a Himesh no?
I agree with Meena, your best posts have to do with Himesh
seems like he's your muse..

Meena said...

I am wondering abt the 'black' motif in bollywood. First it was PC in Fashion, akshay in KI, and now this. Aspi there is a post in this sometime. Only u can lighten situations where bolly doesnt shine:)

Anonymous said...

Good one Aspi, but I agree you are going to have a few Bollywood people trying to make 'Aspi chutney", so beware..

Unknown said...

Thankfully, I'm not remotely important enough for most people to bother remembering my name or this blog.

Anonymous said...

please write your take on Tiger Woods.

Mind Rush said...

I would suggest arranging for Tiger Woods and Himesh bahi to interview each other!