Thursday, January 07, 2010

The music of Pyaar Impossible

Its official! Priyanka Chopra is the patron saint of female singers in Bollywood.

While women vocalists struggle to find more than one decent song to sing in most movies, Priyanka's movies (the ones we talked about not so long ago) offer opportunities galore.

Of the five cuts on the soundtrack (composed by Salim-Sulaiman) for the terrifically cheesy looking new release Pyaar Impossible, women feature on all of five and headline four. PI's music is pure pop (there is one exception - but more on that later) and its squarely in what could be perceived as teen pop territory (the non-angst kind). But phirangi teen pop has grown up and become more complex in the last few years and so PI ends up sounding more Disneyfied than it probably wants to.

This is not to say it's not fun to listen to. For one, I was thrilled to hear Anushka Manchanda's turn in Alisha. She's a great voice for Priyanka Chopra and she not only makes this song her own but shows flashes of why she is a standout talent on the Bollywood scene. Alisha is full of catchy programming like a slapped bass line, short guitar riffs and a clap percussion - and this is useful because its is one LONG song (5m) but doesn't feel like one.

The standout song for me - and the one that breaks with the pure pop theme - is Benny Dayal and Neha Bhasin's You and Me. Set to a funk rhythm and embellished with nifty horns and spanish guitar licks - You and Me is a song about one-way love and has some deft lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan (who also wrote all the other lyrics).

There are four more tracks on the CD - all programmed by Clinton Cerejo - and vocalized by talent you won't find on most other filmi CDs. Dominique Cerejo (a big favorite of mine) sings a sexy duet with Vishal Dadlani (Pyaar Impossible), Mahua Kamath collaborates with her ex-Viva bandmate Anushka and Naresh Kamath on the entirely too flouncy 10 on 10 and Rishika Sawant sings Ek Thi Ladki, which has the catchiest pre-chorus you can hope you to hear on a pop song.

Pyaar Impossible opens on January 8.
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You can listen to the music of Pyaar Impossible on Smashits
The official Pyaar Impossible website
The breakout success of Anushka Manchanda in 2009


Mind Rush said...

Wow! How do you have time to find out all this info, write about it intelligently, and still manage to entertain us? Meanwhile I barely have time to read your blog as fast as you wtite these posts!

Three cheers for the Hercules of Bollywood, aka--Drift saab!

musical said...

I am enjoying this CD too! Salim-Sulaiman have been coming up with lots of good work lately, and showcase new voices rather well. I have been meaning to say this for a while (and i think someone recently did comment about it), but how could you miss them on the 2009 music entertainers list :)>

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with mind rush, too much good music, how do you keep up with it!! did you quit the paying job??
Great write up, kudos to drift saab

Unknown said...

Rush and Anon, thanks! Listening and writing about it is achieved by multi-tasking. No car trip is wasted!

musical, you are the second person to complain about this. I loved their songs but didn't find them memorable. Be that as it may - most people would tend to agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, just a word of caution, accidents are achieved the same way, driving while drifting away....

meena said...

aspi, as always I wait for you to tell me whats out :)left to myself I would never catch new music as early as I do nowadays. Just started listening to these songs..I find I have to listen to any new song over several days before they hit I know I will be seeking out your review next week again to compare notes :)

on a side note, geek + love really? wasnt this a tushar-kareena movie long time ago? and uday? a buff brainless genius geek should be fun to see! PC better have been doing this as a favor to someone :)

Unknown said...

Anon, quite true - I find I forget useful stuff all the time :)

meena, do check out the video for 10 on 10. So cheesy it should be sponsored by Kraft.

Kartik said...

I'm not that into this CD but I'm a big Salim-Sulaiman fan. So its good to see their range on this. I don't think they've ever done anything like this before.