Friday, January 12, 2007

Khasta Jogi and Kaps

Dropping anyone from Baroda in the Indian squad is enough to make me glum. But perhaps the break for Ifran is deserved and will do him good. I'm not sure about his ODI replacement Joginder Sharma though. Sure he's young, had a terrific season and is a seam bowler who can throw his bat around a bit. And congratulations to him for getting this chance and good luck and all that.

But we've seen him before. In 3 ODIs against lowly ranked Bangladesh where he took 1 wicket for 99 runs and 4.71 an over. And what did we see? He bowled dibbly dobblys that reminded me of Ronnie Irani and kept the uh, struggling Bangladeshi batsmen at bay. Then we lost an ODI (Bangla's first win ever) and all hell broke lose. Khasta Jogi was back in the hut bowling his dobblys for Haryana for two more years.

And given all of that, and even before he's taken the field again, comparisons with Kapil Dev continue. How desperate are we for a hero?

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