Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scribbles and Sketches

I stumbled onto a rather addictive page from zefrank recently and spent quite a bit of time playing with his interactive web applications. If you are there, definitely try the scribbler, which takes any doodle you make and prorgressively stimulates a scribble based sketh based on your previous doodle. You can read more about how scribble works here.

Here is a simple one I made to show how scribbler works. My doodle is on the left. A typical run through of scribble is in the middle. You can also change colors midway, which is shown in the rightmost image.

Just about anything you do ends up looking good. Here are a couple of simple ones I did. Nice, eh? My original doodles looked like something my 5 year old would have done.

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