Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where did the wind go in Metropolis?

I shouldn't obsess about small details so much but I can't help it. Anyone notice that scene in Superman Returns where Supes takes Lois for a ride across the skies of Metropolis? The one that is supposed to be oh-so-romantic? Instead of being captivated by the beauty of it all like Singer intended, all I could think of was "hey, how come there is no wind in Metropolis?". See for yourself and check if you believe that hovering or flying so high over a city will result in mere gentle puffs of air occasionally ruffling your hair and clothes.

Thanks to Krachael for the clip.

And it was just as distracting to watch the Son of Krypton lower himself unobtrusively from quite a height to eavesdrop on Lois Lane and her family while his cape stays perfectly vertical behind his back without catching as much as a puff of air!

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