Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stan "The Man" on Heroes

Anyone who has read comic books, even the young whippersnappers these days, has heard of Stan Lee. Most famouse for creating Spider-Man (and getting embroiled in a highly public hassle with another illuminating talent Jack Kirby), Stan Lee has had his fingers in numerous Marvel creations.

And he tends to make a
cameo in all Marvel productions.

Of his cameos that delighted me the most: in the Ben Affleck clunker
Daredevil, he is saved by a young Matt Murdoch coming to terms with his power. Our man is reading a newspaper and is about to step off the curb oblivious to the oncoming bus. Young Matt stops him with his blind stick. Then in the choppy Brett Ratner helmed X-Men: The Last Stand, he is a gardener befuddled that the water from his hose is travelling upwards (Jean Grey is causing this by having a fit although our man never finds out).

Last night he showed up on Heroes. Lookie, here is Hiro boarding a bus to Las Vegas.

Here is Ando, pleading with Hiro to let him come with. (Hey is that a subtle Vulcan salute there?)

And here is Stan "The Man" Lee, a bus driver. He even gets a line: "Hey young fella, all by yourself?"

You can watch the show on NBC here. Stan shows up in part six.

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