Monday, April 30, 2007

The birth of a salesman

Pradeep works in a sabzi mandi in Vadodara. And he's learning how to be a salesman. I found him yelling catchy slogans at the top of his voice in the crowded market: "4 for 16!", "10 for 2!". As usual before buying Mum asked him if he was paying attention to his studies to which he smiled and nodded. He is in the 7th standard.

Pradeep still doesn't know how to upsell though. Under the watchful eyes of his fellow sellers, he's learning. "Don't ever take out vegetables to balance the scales" a burly fruit seller to the right tells him. "Instead always add weight and tell the customer about how they can get more for a few extra paise".

Pradeep is a fast learner. We ended up buying quite a bit from him.


Kalyan said...

Poor lad by the time he learns all these skills he will end up working in WalMart,India or Reliance Veg shop.Those guys are establishing their presence at fast rate that will kill all these brick & motor businesses of India.

Unknown said...

That's a hilarious comment and quite true.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this piece!