Thursday, April 05, 2007

Freetown Aur Bollywood

So here I am in Dallas and decide to make myself some real tea (you know, not that lame Lipton brew but some Assam Black Tea which I always carry around with me). And so I walk around looking for anyone who can pour me hot water in a nursing community where I'm visiting someone.

I run into this lovely girl with big brown eyes and ask her if I can get the raw ingredients to build my tea. She smiles, hums a tune, swivels her hips and says: "I will if you promise to get me some Bollywood movies".

Turns out N (we'll keep her name out of it) is from Sierra Leone and got hooked on Bollywood movies 6 months ago in Maryland. Now she is in Dallas and missing those Bollywood jhatkas.

I asked her what she'd like and she said "anything romantic with dances". So I'm planning to send her something from Shahrukh's early days. Or perhaps I'll rely on better judgement and just send her something Beth might be raving about.

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ppl said...

Aww that's a really sweet post.

Might I recommend Asoka which seems to be very popular with my friends. I slept through the movie when I saw it in India. But when I moved to Austin, I discovered it in my roommate's dvd collection. (Apparently that's the only 'bollywood' movie Blockbuster video carries) Considering it had subtitles and srk, I showed it to a large number of pretty inebriated friends at a random party. Before long they were into it, lusting after Kareena and trying to copy the sword fight moves. Also the whole 'realization' angle launched many war debates, and made it a totally successful night. I still hate the movie, but my 'amreekan' friends beg to differ.