Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jahapannah Adnan

Adnan Sami - who is a Pakistani born Brit - always amuses me with his music videos - he's positively Himesh Reshammiya like in how he perceives himself. He is a prolific pop composer of some magnitude and has a great voice - unusual enough to stand out and trained enough to earn our attention.

But over and over again he casts himself as a cuddly, adorable guy opposite some Indian actress or model. It's good done once - needless to say Adnan Sami doesn't believe we've had enough.

And while he gamely pokes fun at himself in Teri Yaad, there is one image that made me chuckle with its implications. It's a very Akbar-like Sami with a very Hindu-attired woman at his side.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is a handsome guy hiding behind those chubby cheeks. Good music though;)