Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lessons from a Shamrock

Its bad enough when it doesn't get warm quickly in April. But to have a rather nasty snow storm is the pits. A number of plants, slowly emerging from their winter stupor, have been frozen into oblivion.

Nothing, however, can seem to dampen the spirit of this maroon Shamrock I picked up two years ago. Like clockwork, it goes to bed at dusk, folding its angular petals quietly. And with the first rays of the sun, it unfurls and then stretches its leaves as much as it can. And little Shamrock sends out small, delicate flowers virtually all year long. More so when it gets cold.

Perhaps there is inspiration to be gained from this.


Anonymous said...

Give me snow storms any day. Its so hot in Bangalore that all my flowers and plants have wilted in the heat and not to mention the horrid water and electricity shortage we are suffering from.

I sure miss the cold winds of Milwaukee.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Lovely! And again I say, when will you come tend to my yard?

Unknown said...

Deepti, first I thought you were trying to torture me, but I can tell you are serious. In which case please stop by and say hello next time you are in Chicago. I'd like to meet the only person I've known who says she misses the cold winds of Milwaukee :)

Beth, I kill everything I plant outside. I need yard help.

Kalyan said...

Great..This is first news of spring snow that I heard didn't do any damages to a plant.. Yesterday I was driving Indian roads avoiding fallen trees in Chicago northwest suburbs forest preserve roads with snow weight causing the life less spring trees to break loose almost touching the roads ...

I don't miss India (Haa..quite opposite to what previous comment said)