Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Off to Dallas

I'm off to Dallas for two days to visit my uncle. I wish it were under happier circumstances, but hopefully it soon will be.

But while I've been calling to prepare for the many details I have to chase down I have been enjoying that lovely drawl. In fact in my five years there I came to like it so much that I still practice it when no one is around to be offended. I often read to my sons in a drawl. In fact, when they were young they might have thought that it was a variation of the Indian accent.

People in Dallas take southern hospitality seriously. They ask you for your name, make sure they are pronouncing it correctly (always tricky with me) and give you information patiently.

But it always surprises me when the call is terminated. Because everyone I call in Dallas wraps things up in under 11 nanoseconds once the essentials are taken care of. Allright-uhhuh-buhbye[click].


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

As you have no doubt noticed upon moving to the midwest, many Americans think of Texas as an entirely separate country (as do many Texans, I'm told). Is that a sentiment you perceived when you moved there (or moved up this-a-way)?

Unknown said...

The impression I get from people in Texas is that they definitely think that they are unique within the US. Which they are. And almost everyone is in their own right so its a bit of a truism. But the unique aspects of Texans are easier to pick out than any other place in the US. They are just so much more visible.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Texas I loved the way people said "Ya'll."