Monday, April 23, 2007

What is it about DDLJ?

What is it about this movie that when we recently recorded it from a run on Sony TV it had my sons transfixed?

They barely know a lick of Hindi and the print was without subtitles. Yet they watched in a delightful stupor, barely touching their snack bowls in front of them (which rarely ever happens).

I watched them out of the corner of my eyes. There was something about Shahrukh's playfulness in the movie that tickled them, something about his devotion to Kajol that touched them.

Bollywood is neat this way - one film can cover a lot of ground in terms of comedy, hope, love, desire, betrayal, loyalty and family. And that is usually in the first 20 minutes. DDLJ packages numerous codes of womanhood and masculinity in one seamless package.

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Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Lately it is as though you've been inside my head. I was just talking about DDLJ with Miss Bolly and Filmi Geek because both have just seen it for the first time. I neither fully get the movie nor its massive popularity. But even more strangely, just yesterday afternoon I was talking with a woman who was questioning how much Bollywood her two-year-old daughter should be exposed to because of how many things she can pick up on and/or mimic. Apparently she loves the songs most :)