Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Email solicitation spams - a satire

Ok, we've all gotten those ubiquitous emails from some far away African or East European country that promises to deposit large amounts of cash in our bank accounts in exchange for some personal financial information.

It was funny for a while - its now reached epidemic proportions (a couple even hoodwinked my spam filter last week).

A regular reader of Aspi's Drift wrote this email in an attempt to turn frustration into amusement.

Hon’able Sir,

Myself JJ Patel. You sir, my heaven-sent angle.

Recently, my uncle, wife, father, mother, sister, bother expire in Govt of India encounter killings. Before expiring they leave 10 crore US dollar (ten crore) in Bank of Baroda. If you confidentially send your bank number, your shoe size, and the name of your pets, I transfer it via havala system to US. I give you 40% (forty percent) of aforementioned sum as I am faithful. I also prove my sincerity by agreeing to marry your daughter.

Sir, I am pious young man with sincere intentions. From a well renowned Family. If you have no daughter but are lady yourself then I be willing to Mary you. But--------If you are gentlemen not lady then we be just good friends.

Please sir, you help a decent young fellow with high education and higher morals. Thanks you sir. I will knot disappoint you.

Your dutiful servant in gratitude (and MayBe your son-in-law also)

JJ Patel

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