Friday, May 25, 2007

The great bhel salad

When it gets warm outside I usually need a daily salad fix. Over a period of time, I've developed my own salad with an Indian twist that I like to call a Bhel Salad.

The idea is - you're eating a salad, but you vaguely feel like you're sitting at Chowpatty eating Bhaiyaji's Bhel. But without the added pasina.

  • Start off with any good looking Spring Salad Mix. If you can get something with lettuce, red endives, rapini, arugula and beet leaves, you'll get a taste that you won't get bored of quickly. If you like a twinge of bitter like I do find something with dandelion leaves. Some pictures of the greens here to help you look for them.

  • If you eat chicken, chop in a few pieces of cooked Tyson's Buffalo Tenders.

  • Break and toss in a few Trader Joe's Thai Chili and Lime cashews.

  • Cut some grape tomatoes in half and add. If you can't find grape tomatoes, just pick any tight-skinned ones (like say Roma) that won't get mushed when tossing.
  • A pour of Maggi's Masala Chili Sauce for some heat. If you really love bhel you can substitute that with a mix of tamarind sauce (2 parts) and mint-coriander chutney (1 part) - which is a basic ingredient in bhel.

  • A small pour of Hidden Valley Cracked Peppercorn Ranch dressing for some creaminess.

  • Top it off with a small sprinkle of Haldiram's Alu Bhujia.

  • Some more nuts are a great addition depending on your diet - especially pecans or walnuts.

  • If you like a slightly sweet chewy twist, add in some raisins.

You can vary the quantities of each item depending on how you like your bhel. I stay away from adding onions - out of respect for everyone around me - but knock yourself out if you like them.

If you are very hungry, fill up a whole wheat pita with the salad.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Oooh that sounds yummy. I just read an article about bratwusrt-based haikus (yes) and now I really, really need to go to the store. I'm going to a potluck on Monday; maybe I'll make this! People will have to eat it - it's my birthday so they wouldn't dare refuse my contribution :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! that sounds good. I'm not much of a salad fan but this I'm temped to try.

Btw, you've been tagged! Indian writers/books you read or want to read.

Unknown said...

It's Monday - Happy birthday, Beth!