Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hillary Clinton's new playlist

Hilary Clinton wants you to help her choose a campaign song. She has a playlist lined up - only one survives and she promises not to sing it unless she wins (ha, ha).

Dixie Chicks: Ready to Run
Jesus Jones: Right Here, Right Now
KT Tunstall: Suddenly I See
Shania Twain: Rock this Country
Smash Mouth: I'm a Believer
Staple Singers: I'll Take You There
The Temptations: Get Ready
U2: City of Blinding Lights
U2: Beautiful Day

You can vote here.

This post is no indicator of how I'll vote although I like the fact that Mrs. Clinton leverages Web 2.0 technologies on her campaign site including a blog and podcasts (which she calls Hillcasts).

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