Thursday, May 31, 2007

Silver Surfing

When I went to watch the Pirates 3 movie recently, I saw this billboard for 20th Century Fox's upcoming summer flagpole: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.

I've seen pop out billboards before but not on this scale. There was no branding or letters anywhere - just the Surfer popping out of the board.

Which leads me to think - someone is going to walk home with that after the movie is done with. Much infighting is sure to ensue.


Anonymous said...

Very nice... my wife would be disgruntled if I brought this home as a "companion" for my life-size Darth Vader cut-out :-)

Unknown said...

Scott I'll call you if there is a grab for this. Four hands are better than two at elbowing and poking the competition. I can keep it - you come visit. Win, win for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Scott and Aspi, Here's a money making scheme. The 3 of us could commission replicas of this in plastic or metal and sell kids would be first in line at the store.

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, we'd have royalty issues. Unless we invent a similar character - like the "Metallic Skier" or something. How about "Shiny Surfboarder" - he could look similar but would have a goatee.