Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another day, another jhagda

What happens when Khayyam finally wakes up on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? He kicks Ismail Darbar's ass thats what. And this jhagda was highly entertaining.

A few shows had gone by with Khayyam as a mahaguru along with Rajesh Roshan. If he wasn't doing kushti-kabaddi with his earphones, it seemed he was fast asleep. Occasionally he would break out some fancy urdu words (muktabal, anyone?). But that was about it.

But last week, Rajesh played traunt forcing Khayyam to be the sole judge. He promptly kicked out Jyoti Mishra - a scared looking girl with a decent voice - from the Yalgar gharana. Ismail Darbar grabbed the mike. "Wrong Judgement!" he thundered. The producers of SRGMP promptly added in a bunch of sound effects like "Shummm" and "Shuunnkk!" The color drained from the image (SRGMP's way of showing a brewing sankat).

At this point Khayyam coolly picked up his mike and shook his head gravely. "This suspicion you are casting on me" he said in a voice that reminded me of some old Raj Kumar Kohli horror film "is not to my liking at all".

"Well someone from among us had to say it!" Darbar spluttered, looking around frantically for support and avoiding eye contact with Khayyam. The rest of his fellow judges refused to join in - wise people all.

Darbar walked off. Vishal and Shekhar jumped up to manao Khayyam. The program resumed, Aditya Narayan issued a graceful apology and later Darbar returned and had to kiss the Khayyam ring. Khayyam preened like Alexander after the battle of Granicus.


Anonymous said...

Damn you Aspi, for getting me hooked :D

Unknown said...

This year I feel Indian Idol is better than SRGMP (Last year, I felt the other way, though I watched only a few episodes the whole season).
I have to agree with Amrita.
If I had not read your jhagda summaries, I would have probably stopped watching SRGMP.
I think right now I watch SRGMP just to see what you will write the following week and of course to 'enjoy' the jhagdas :-) Nice work.

With due respect to the contestants and judges, the jhagdas (and maybe the BW freeze with music) might end up being the 'saving grace' of SRGMP :-(

I don't agree with the way Ismail asked the guy from Pakistan to not sing because he is not well. There I agree with Vishal and Bappi. This is a contest: same rules apply to all.
Change the rule of the contest if needed, like: field a subsitute if you wish to save your sick favorite.

I had seen some good performances, but I hope we see some brilliant performances in the weeks to come.

Anonymous said...

The faux sociologist in me cannot help but notice how desi culture permeates all of SRGMP. Contestants become family members and loyal gurus go to war for them as any family patriarch would. Difference of opinion among judges is not tolerated as mere professional disagreement between colleagues. No, it becomes an issue of hierarchy, honor and rank! Newbies like Vish-Shek want to follow the rules (gasp!) and the traditionalists believe in bending the rules to give "thoda consideration" to their special "bechara contestant."
Maha drama.
No wonder we are all hooked...and I squarely blame Aspi :-)

Unknown said...

Well said.

Unknown said...

You are all too kind. Before this season I'd only really seen 2 episodes of Idol so this is my first exposure to both shows. I'm sure with time I might change my preferences.

*~mad munky~* said...

i love the 'thunder' sound effects... a loud crack, and that freeze-framing of the action in black and white...

it's just like one big saas/bahu/maa/baap/behen/bhai drama serial :oP