Monday, June 18, 2007

Chalti ka naam gaadi

Although at times I find Javed Akhtar to be quite insufferable, his honesty is to be appreciated. In particular, we bond (well, he doesn't have a clue its happening but we do) over Suhit Gosain's bleating.

Recently Javedbhai used a dysfunctional car as an analogy for Suhit's er, singing.

Dekhiye [which is the kiss of death coming from Akhtar]. No matter how much style you stand with or sing in, your singing matters. No matter what you do, as long as your singing is problematic...everything else is (but) a fringe benefit.

A car might have great seats, air conditioning, dvd player, television. But if it doesn't run, its not a car, its something else! [Much applause from the audience]

At which point Alisha Chinai stepped in and asked Javedbhai to "Be cool!". (Me to Alisha: "Be sensible!")

Now this will likely get Suhit a lot of sympathy votes. In which case, I'll stop blaming Alisha and start blaming Javed Akhtar for keeping Suhit on Indian Idol.

Title taken from regular reader Mind Rush's comment here.


Unknown said...

Mind Rush: 'Chalti ka naam gaadi'/!bullock cart was good. I had a laugh.

Aspi: I frankly don't understand why Alisha is so deaf (and blind) when it comes to Sohit.
I liked the bit where Alisha (on Saturday) asked Javed if the Indian public is also wrong about Sohit when Javed started his ... you know what: Yes public can be wrong...You think they are God? ...they vote the wrong party to power...
In principle I agree with him.
I understand the insufferable part (lately he has toned down his over-analysis) but I have a newfound respect for him (as a judge) because he has been consistent(and mostly accurate) in his assessment(when compared to the rest of the judges).

About Udit Narayan: I like that guy, seems like a nice person but I am not sure about his performance as a judge.
Any comment that will help me out is appreciated :-)

Unknown said...

S, yes, Javed has become quite the voice of reason lately. Especially since Anu Malek arrived and started making questionable calls.

You know Udit - as far as I am concerned his job is to give off a warm, cuddly vibe. Kind of like his voice. I loved those tears in his eyes when Ankita bombed on her third performance. Priceless!

Unknown said...

Ankita incident: I agree it was touching. I hope Udit is really as nice as he appears to be (I think he is).
I see your point about Udit (warm, cuddly...), but isn't that one of the reasons why we have Mini and Husain? :-)

B said...

Javedji - I think is a sensible and assertive judge with great communication skill.

Uditji - I think is a sensible judge but not sure if he is assertive as he doesnt like debating (except the last episode where Anu and him had a bit of riff raff). I think he is a nice guy who perhaps doesnt want to upset anyone hence says "Good Luck" when someone hasnt performed their best. When they do perform well (Like Chang on "Mere sansoo...") he really gives good feedback. ;)

Alisha - I really liked her as a judge until her subjective judgement for Suhit creeped in. I can understand after being involved in the programme so intensively one can become emotional about certain participants but should not be at the cost of being sensible and honest.

Anu Malik - hmmm so what is the weather like today? ;)

I wonder if they are keeping Suhit in as his performance will keep stirring judges debates all the times and shoot up the viewing? or are we about to repeat "Sandeep Acharya" episode again? perhaps too early to say.....

*~mad munky~* said...

hehe @ 'dekhiye'...oh yeah - you know something's coming if he starts with that!

i actually like suhit *shock horror* and his 'singing' is fine up to a point but he shouldn't have made it thus far :oS not quite sure why alisha is so obsessed with the lad - she's starting to make herself look silly (and her outfits were helping with that quite nicely).. *miaow*

Unknown said...

Bhumi, right you are about Udit. The man cannot stand conflict. I still can't figure out why that Malek comment offended him so much.

~mm~, Wasn't Alisha wearing a dead bird on her shoulders a few days back? Heh.

Anonymous said...

dude... u r a other words u r retarded.

Unknown said...

Hey Suhit, how are you man?!