Monday, June 11, 2007

Girly Voice versus Third Class Person

Anyone reading this blog knows how much I enjoy the Indian music/reality/contest/show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. And like every true-blooded middle-class Indian, I enjoy jhagdas - especially those I'm not in.

So it tickles me to read this report from the about off-show verbal jousting between Abhijeet and Bappi Lahiri. The mother of all jhagdas - and its not even on the show!

The gist of it is this: Ismail Darbar states that singers shouldn't judge contestants.

Abhijeet, who judges Star TV's Voice of India with much exuberance and yelling, is asked about this by Star News. Abhijeet ignores Ismail and promptly rails Bappi Lahiri instead. Fans of logic are perplexed. Psychologists around the world nod their heads sagely - its all about internal issues isn't it?

Abhijeet calls Bappi a girl (well, at least his voice). Bappi responds by labelling Abhijeet a "thud class parsun". There's a lot more - watch it all on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Aspi---gem of a clip. LOL!

Abhijeet, I have three words for you...anger management classes.

Anonymous said...

that was the best yet! I want Himesh and Abhijeet to face off. And as a bonus I'd like to see Sonu Nigam's reaction to Himesh's movie. It's all about the Himesh!

Anonymous said...

thud class!!!!! that was funny!

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm on Bappi's side here - any man who took on Kishore who wouldn't sing for Mithun because Mithun was hanging with Kishore's ex-wife Yogita. Wait this is getting too complicated. Bring on Himesh versus Abhijeet!