Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer is a beach

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the essence of summer. Maybe its when you are loading the cooler for the first time in the year that you become aware its upon you. Or perhaps the sweetness of a cool drink and the way it feels when it goes down your throat and flushes out the heat from your body.

For me, its always a beach. I've spent most of my vacations growing up on one fine beach off the Arabian Sea. Its in a small fishing town called Nargol and its so magnificent and sandy that I would come back every evening with enough of the stuff in my shorts to fill up a sandbox.

Now its Chicago and all we have is Lake Michigan. There are no shells on the beach, no skipping crabs to chase, no marooned jelly fish to poke at and no smooth pebbles to skip over the sea. But if you go to the right places, we do have cool water, gleaming white boats and lots of wet sand. And there is enough fun to be had.

Good enough.

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