Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A walk in the clouds

There is this thing about SRGMP that endears itself to me. Its this reaching for the stars but ending up walking on clouds that I find very watchable. (And it helps that this is emblematic of my life if you consider the very low hanging clouds) And SRGMP started the weekend's episodes with a moment like that.

Aditya Narayan (or Head as I call him) came out snarling and sang a song called "Abhimanyu" that was part Bollywood, part battle-cry. It was supposed to be metaphoric of the Chakravuyah round that was about to begin. This called for the remaining elite singers to stand around Head, jut out their chest, pump the air, circle each other awkwardly and generally look war-like. It was clearly not some of the contestants' cup of tea - they squirmed during the song, like back in my puberty days when I was forced to go from class to class with the most chikna girl in school to deliver a public service message.

Mussarat from the Rock gharana - who is a dead ringer for Ranjeet - lurked in the background like he was plotting to kidnap someones behen. All of this to me was highly entertaining.

Then Anandji took the hot chair as mahaguru and immediately livened up the show compared to his coma-inducing predecessors - Roshan and Khayyam. He wore his judgement on his face, thus engaging us viewers, explained his choices and didn't take shit from anyone.

At one point he admonished Himesh Reshammiya. "Himanshu" he said "you sing in very high tones and you ask your singers to do the same". Himanshu swallowed hard and nodded. Somewhere in the show when Bappi Lahiri wagged a finger at him in that sweet, coy voice: "Yeh tumhora rong jajmet hey", Anandji didn't miss a beat.

I didn't even mind much when he sent Saberi and Raja packing. I have to confess I find Saberi to be dreadfully attractive, jiggly triceps and all. And because Raja reminds me of Mithun Chakraborthy, I would really have liked to see him around. In any case it tickled me that he made Head cry before he left.

But I did find Anandji choosing Mauli Dave over Shreshtha to be ridiculous. Not only did Shreshtha kick some major ass with both her songs but Mauli clearly struggled - and showed signs of becoming a one trick pony.

After the choice had been made Mauli tearfully acknowledged that she had been outdone by her fellow contestant. And Shreshta walked around looking pissed, refusing the bottle of water which every contestant in distress gets offered and demanding an explanation. Anandji initially refused to cough one up and finally said "It was the (comparative lack of) confidence, OK?".

Yaar, Anandji, not OK!


Anonymous said...

Point #1: First off, let me say that this past week I found SRGMP producers to be sporting a narrow vision. First we have these Pakistani singers who are winning accolades and "ashirwaards." That's "uttam." But then we subject them on stage to the Mahabharat mythology. There are too many ironies in this mix for me to enumerate. I say the war metaphors have run their course. Competition is fine. "Maha Yuddh" rhetoric needs to be turned down.

Point #2: Aspi, the subtext of your post this time is all about attractive girls/women. First we hear that Aspi was "forced" to go around school with a cute girl, then we hear that he finds Saberi to be "maha uttam". Finally, it is implied that assets other than Mauli's sheer force of talent led her to the judge's choice. Hmmm...need I say more.

Unknown said...

mind rush, let me rush to my own defense on point #2.

If anything my subtext is about boys who like girls who are not universally acknowledged as chikna. I also had to endure weeks of ribbing for that public service message.

Second, its not just me about Saberi. I saw a poster on SRGMP that said "Meethi Meethi S(tr)aberi". Her appeal is far reaching and slogan-inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Aspi, to paraphrase the bard: "You doth protest too much..." :-)

Just out of curiosity, I hope the "public service message" was not about family planning!