Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who should be the Indian Idol "Lucky 6"?

The Indian Idol 3 competition has two wild card slots. This is how it works: The judges - Alisha Chinai, Javed Akhtar, Anu Malek and Udit Narayan - finally get to pick - they'll pick 6 from the eliminated 18. And these 6 duke it out for two seats that will join the final 11.

June 15-23 are Indian Idol 3's wild card episodes. So who should these six be? Here are my picks.

  • Aisha Sayed (20, Mumbai): Her ouster was the biggest WTF moment of Idol 3 so really, she should be back.

  • Rashmi Vijayan (18, Dubai): Nothing wrong with her singing or her pleasant personality. She probably got canned because the competition hadn't warmed up yet.

  • Shifa Ansari (17, Mhow): Javed Akhtar probably won't like her bacchi-like voice, but she is such a lovely singer the gala round wouldn't be complete without her.

  • Bhavin Dhanak (24, Mumbai): Dude, tone down the "I am so good" arrogance and you are in with a much better chance this time. Also avoid that "I'm constipated" grimace when singing.

  • Shantanu Sudame (22, Gwalior): Terrific voice, problems with holding that sur. Deserves a second chance.

  • Amit Paul (24, Shillong): His ouster was surprising - probably something to do with vote-splitting within demographics. But he's pretty good if not exciting, which he needs to work hard to be.

Now chances are Alisha will have another mental episode and try to get Suhit Gosain in while Udit Narayan will likely vote for Ankita Mishra.

If Suhit gets picked - which means we have to endure more bleating in the name of "rock" - I'll personally TP my television set whenever Alisha comes on.

On the other hand, much as I adore Ankita's bubbly and infectious personality - Uditji, the girl can't sing. Lay off will you?

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