Thursday, July 05, 2007

Body blow for Bangla Test Cricket

While no one should be calling for Bangla to be pulled from Test cricket, this horrific lashing at the hands of Sri Lanka calls for a deep self-examination for sure. No sooner had coach Dave Whatmore left, proclaiming undying love for India (he was left at the alter by the bride who was then promptly left at the same alter by her preferred suitor - make that suitors) that the team just fell apart.

The very same team that thrilled us during the World Cup - albeit in a different format - suddenly became pushovers.

The story of the recently concluded Sri Lanka versus Bangladesh series in Bangladesh is articulated by some key statistics.

Bangladesh scored 704 runs in the series for the loss of 40 wickets - an average of 17.6 runs per wicket. In contrast, Sri Lanka scored 1028 runs in the two tests losing only 12 wickets. That's 85.67 runs per wicket.

Bangladesh's highest wickettaker? Shahadat Hossain with 4 wickets at 45.75 apiece from 39 overs. Sri Lanka's topper in this department was Muralidharan with 14 wickets at 14.28 per wicket from 77 overs. Ouch!

All of this on the back of a series against India where they hardly looked a threat. This is unfortunate because Bangladesh can be an exciting team. And they have a few world beaters like Mohammad Ashraful and Mashrafe Mortaza who would do awfully well if they were backed up more by their teammates.


Anonymous said...

there was a sri lanka- bangladesh match? wasnt there an india-pakistan match? did i dream this all up?

kamrul hasan said...

very very very very nice article. I haven't ever seen before. I think you should carry on and give us many news.

Unknown said...

Kamrul, thanks. Stop by when I have some more cricket and let me know what you think.

Amrita, isn't it insane how much cricket is played these days? I can't keep track myself. Thankfully I have two insane cricket fans who keep me constantly updated. Thanks, mom and dad!

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman said...

There is a gross mistake in the article. Bangladesh lost 40 wickets in two Tests not 80 wickets. I agree that does not make the scenario any better but 17.6 runs per wicket sounds definitely better than 8.8 runs per wicket.

Unknown said...

khondaker, thanks for the correction.