Saturday, July 21, 2007

Govinda aala re on Indian Idol 3

My image of Govinda has been that of an unrefined star. And as soon as he showed up on Indian Idol 3 this week that image seemed to be instantly validated.

His hair looked strange - dry on top and gelled on the sides - like someone was trying to hold his toupee in place with glue. His shirt was visibly struggling to keep things from popping. His sleeveless coat was several inches too short from behind and kept making involuntary trips up his back. And his pants would have shamed Rod Stewart - a doctor would undoubtedly have labeled them a circulatory hazard.

But then Govinda opened his mouth. And shame on me for stereotyping people by the kind of movies they act in. Our man turned out to be an abstract expressionist. He used abstract phrases to express his diplomacy, gently letting the contestants know that they had something special but were no great shakes. Which I think is a fair assessment of the contestants on Indian Idol 3 as far as pure vocal talent goes.

When he was asked by host Mini Mathur to plug his movie Partner, he waved it off and chose to focus on the good hearted-ness of Salman Khan instead. He jhadoed philosophy, showed a keen ear for singing, handed out rousing nuggets of advice and generally touched me with his generosity and willingness to play along.

But while I have a new-found appreciation of Chi Chi, does any of this make me want to go see his new flick any more than before? No. Now, can we stop with the relentless shilling?

The video for the episode can be viewed here.

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Anonymous said...

Saw the movie Partner. I have to say I came away with admiration for Govinda's comic timing and his chemistry with Salmaan Khan.