Sunday, July 22, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Kiss offs and Kiss Curls

The smart folks who voted here for who will be eliminated on II3 this week got it dead right. A whopping 38.9% of the votes went to Charu Semwal - who promptly got the kiss of death on the show. Goodbye Charu, we'll miss that fine bone structure.

Meanwhile the whole girls versus boys fire was fanned by the hosts of the show early on, knowing no doubt that three of the bottom four would end up being girls.

Javed Akhtar - visibly pissed at the emerging gender bias - picked up the mike and called the voting junta bhala bura. He's right of course about voting patterns and gender affinity. But his argument of women not being able to help themselves when given the opportunity was both simplistic and disappointing.

Finally, Alisha Chinai needs to attend an urban dictionary course. In an attempt to be chakaas-cool, she kept misusing phrases to amusing effect. "You really blew it" she said when praising Meiyang Chang. She tried to rouse Charu by exclaiming "You really gave it to us!". Later she informed Ankita Mishra "Aag laga di tumne! You smoked it!" On top of all the trip ups, she also said mindblowing once - minus 10,000 points!

Also Alisha, congratulations on singing increasingly complex songs with panache - loved your work in Raqeeb. But can you go easy on the curling irons? Your bouncing curls are distracting and make you look like that most unstylish Parsi aunty from Vadodara who ran away with the guy from Goa. Any more curls and they might have to be given their own Republic.


Anonymous said...

hilarious man! really cool!

*~mad munky~* said...

ah i laughed at the 'you really blew it' comment :oD

Anonymous said...

charu - tch tch.. the poor girl didnt seem to have a wind that it was coming, while it was sooo apparent to so many! my theory -- in an overwhelmingly middle-class voting public, some of the qualities they vote for are humbleness & unprivileged background. same factors that resulted in a "sardar" frustratingly avoiding elimination round after round in idol-1 and amit vaidya getting eliminated in spite of probably being the best singer there.

this lady was radiating guile in all directions and was asking for it!! :) & she thought she was so good that she had a pathetic reaction to the results as if she was hit by a "stupefy spell".

charu, please watch an episode of saregamapa, it will probably make you realise what singing is about.

Anonymous said...

& one more theory - after javed akhtar's long bhashan about "janta" and "samajhdari in democracy", it may be a bit naive to say that, but what the heck, i will put my neck on the line anyway. many of these girls overact & overreact thinking public is made of idiots. they cry when a participant is eliminated, even when someone gets dressing down by the judges, try to look embarassed when they are "safe", try to be as unhappy as possible all the time etc etc... why so much matam & mourning every time results are announced? well, u are there to compete to win, dont insult people voting for you by pulling faces. & please dont expect people to believe that you are so so so attached to your bunch of fellow paticipants that you will actually cry with "mote mote aansoo" when they get eliminated. they are not dying, sweeties, just going home like all of you but one will, sooner or later! genuine participants, anyone?:)

Unknown said...

Clix, you are right about the singing. I think only Amit might be able to hold his own if you threw him in SRGMP. And of that I'm not too sure either because we've never seen him sing a full length song!

Good point about middle-class voting patterns and the attributes they tend to vote for.