Sunday, July 01, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Who gets eliminated on August 11th?

Prashant not only survived our judgement but turned in a better performance than his usual shaky stuff. But we are 2-1!

Note, last week's danger zone had Puja, Emon and Ankita from the remaining contestants (hint, hint). But Puja and Emon turned in terrific performances leaving Ankita with the only exit-worthy turn.


Anonymous said...

Surprising how the polls are split exactly between two people.

I have a feeling though that Chang should have taken Puja's place. She has a terrific foundation of music - sur et. al and she deserves a place in top 5 along with Amit, Emon, Deepali and Prashanth. Ofcourse, Abhishek has given away his place to Prashanth by dancing Punjabi (no, he din't do much singing that day) in a bright blue dress.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Aspi!!! The blog missed you...

Ain't voing until Aug 10th. It was absolutely clear last week that Janta votes on the performance for that week and hamare Maaniye judges ke comments pe. Yes, Mali and Javed can make or break a contestant future.

Javed has realized it to a certain extent and hence the lies about Ankita and Amit Paul.

Alisha, for once you were absolutely right. Javed does speak using his mind rather than his heart.

Unknown said...

Rupal, interesting observations. I will have to monitor this!