Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: Cashing In

A lot of people like batsmen who step out to the bowlers and hit huge sixes. I, for one, am highly entertained by batsmen who do the same but get caught in the deep. I love robust creative ambition constrained by mediocrity of execution - its my type of entertainment. And SRGMP delivers this in spades.

Take for instance the Gurumeter - each guru rates the contestants from the other gharanas out of 10. Great concept! But in practice - this thing sucks! First off you can see the guru often adjusting their grades after some other guru starts off (Bappi, you know who I'm talking about) and each grade is given without much explaining.

Another example is the red-yellow-green light kiss-off given to each contestant. Huge improvement over those ridiculous colored table tennis bats that Khayyam had to hold up. But how bad is it to watch! And the arrangement makes it highly predictable.

Finally there is all that shameless cross-promotion (Mind Rush will have something to say about this soon).

Contrary to what you might think, this makes me happy because no show does camp better than SRGMP.

So the shilling this week saw two amazingly well-coiffed actors - Shamita Shetty and Diya Mirza - with all the mutual chemistry of rice and burgers, urging people to go see their movie Cash. Shekhar shamelessly joined in. I hope all of them have at least seen the flick.

Normally this would be annoying but Diya Mirza was downright magnificent. Why? Because while Shamita Shetty was busy protecting her hair from those humongous microphones and stiffly handing out opinions in angrezi, Diya excelled.

She seemed to be enjoying the music, wore those headphones on her head like one is supposed to, spoke crisply in Hindi, accepted Aneek's outburst of love with grace, never once said "Mindblowing" and above all, on one occasion said "Umda!"

Clearly, she reads this blog. Thanks, Miss.


Anonymous said...

whats with bollywood actresses and their pathetic communication skills? most cant speak even 2 lines in hindi [considering that they have made acting in hindi movies their profession, this is either a complete lack of professionalism or reflects somewhat on their mental faculties]. interestingly, i noticed this too during the show [shamita and her comments i mean :)]. even when these worthies speak english [aishwarya rai in "lo reaal" ;)], one has to strain the ears to catch anything meaningful. how about a talk show which expressly forbids "you know", "mindblowing", "oh my god" and "like". that will be some challenge!

Unknown said...

clix, heh. I think they take this "brand" BS very seriously and appear to be coached somewhat by media heads. They talk in sound bites.

Anonymous said...

Sure thing, she is a regular visitor at this blog.

Yeh saare Anon comments Diya ne to bheje hain.

Abhi identity bhi dislose nahin karni chahiye.

BTW, what is the meaning of "Umda"

Unknown said...

Umda means excellent. Now hopefully someone will say "Ati Umda" on one of the shows.

Anonymous said...

What's with Shamita? Hindi film mein kaam karke show par angrezi jhardti hein?? Akhir kyon? Blew my mind! (Saab-note kiya jaye---I did not say "Mindblowing".)

Diya was so genuine. Loved her smile and her kind comments.

Incidentally, Raja's singing was outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Talking about the MB word.I think it is spreading across the network too. I heard Archana Puran Singh say MB to somebody's performance in comdey circus(on Sony). She also needs to read this blog. Right Aspi?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the MB update anon. Of all the people who I think would end up going over the dark side with the MB word, it would be Archana Puran Singh.