Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: Who's next?

Reader Rupal suggested recently that we try and figure out who's next to get the boot on SRGMP and Indian Idol. Before we get into that, a reminder that you can vote online for your favorites. You get one vote per email you make up. Hey, don't look at me like that - I always only vote once like I'm supposed to. Last week I voted for Aneek because the poor kid got pasted - rather undeservedly - by Ismail Darbar.

In any case, here is what is left on SRGMP.

Mussarat Abbas
Nirupama Dey
Joy Chakroborthy
Aneek Dhar

Junaid Shaikh
Harpreet Deol
Raja Hasan

Mauli Dave
Sumedha Karmahe
Abhijit Kosambi

Amanat Ali
Rimi Dhar
Poonam Yadav

I thought this situation through. There is no way I'm touching Raja, Poonam, Amanat and Aneek. Mauli is way too popular with the masses. Harpreet has been recently resurgent. Mussarat, if you forgive his indifferent singing last week, is pretty good. I'd be too scared to vote out Abhijit - that man looks like he could kill someone. Junaid rocks. Apurva is such a hard worker and solid singer. And Sumedha has already been declared the "Bhritni Spheyar of India" by Bappi.

This leaves Nirupama, Joy and Rimi. And its a tough call - but I agree with Rupal because Rimi's spunky but terribly shaky and breathless rendition of Reshammiya's "Yeh tera mera milna" stood out enough that it will result in her exit.

What do you folks think?


Anonymous said...

Just a thought - amanat ali is being praised superlatively, always, but can one imagine[or remember] him singing racy & raunchy numbers ...

dont care who goes out this week [all but one will go out sometime or the other:)], but my list of top 5 - poonam, joy, raja, amanat & aneek. one can add mauli if the competition is to sing "maiya maiya" :)

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed, Mauli can only sing maiya maiya. People are just over rating her she cant sing apart from maiya maiya. She ll be good in bed, i want to enjoy her in bed................

Unknown said...

clix, good point about Amanat's range. Given his sad sack demeanor, I would be curious to see if he can bring energy to upbeat songs.

Indya said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the support Indya. I've added the blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the next one to be out will be Nirupama.She has a shaky voice that would suit a 90 year old. :)

Anonymous said...

I vote out either Rimi or Mauli.

BTW, Aspi, how about setting up a voting system on your blog to vote out the Worst Dressed?? And maybe, bonus points for the Best Dressed?

*~mad munky~* said...

i wish amanat would sing some faster songs...and he's so chirpy in the hungama programmes!! :oP

rimi out...yup...agree with that...i almost died of shock when she sang last week :oS

nirupama can go can mauli... :o)

am i the only one finding it hard to warm to aneek? :oS

Orchid Owl said...

I wish if I can share my Raja Hasan's Fan Blog with you.


Unknown said...

~mm~, what is it about Aneek? Its those caps, right? :)

Orchid Owl, wah, fan ho to aise. Mithun ki jai ho!

Anonymous said...

Question about Amanat Ali's song - who sang the original version of "saavan beeto jay piharva, mann mera ghabraay" ?

Unknown said...

I think it is by the Pak group Fuzon. Coincidently one of the band members' name is, guess it... (Shafqat) Amanat Ali, who also sang KANK's 'Mitwa'.

Unknown said...

S, you are a storehouse of good information. These connections are hard to keep track of so I'm glad there is someone to make them for us around here :)

*~mad munky~* said...

*ponders* i think it's the resurrection of the whole 'vinit-topi-love' saga thingy... aneek sings well, but i'm being put off by the antics of HR who finally seems to have come back to life these last few episodes *groan*

i felt a bit sorry for mauli in the last epi..all this time they've been telling her she was 'mindblowingsuperb' even when she wasn't, and now the tide has turned *muhahahaha* they're so evil :o)

Orchid Owl said...

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