Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007: Bath(room) Humor

Some people might be looking forward to the multistarrer Masti meets Three men and a baby flick Heyy Babyy. Nott mee, especially after debut director Sajid Khan showed up on SRGMP and enthusiastically unleashed one PJ after another. But thanks are in order to Sajid who pulled up contestant after contestant for displaying poor dress sense. That and poor Vidya Balan - she of the creamy skin, lovely hairline and blank stares - having to smile through all the weak humor was entertaining to watch.

At least Sajid came looking spiffy. Which is not what one could say about the previous director who visited the show - Anubhav Sinha. Which leads me to this rant: can people please at least try to look nice when they come on TV? Jeans and a T-shirt are fine. But would it kill them to take a bath and stick a comb in their hair?

But the show's award for best phatebaaz went to Raja Hasan, whose diplomacy and chatoing skills left even Himesh speechless. "You are the most hyped singer on this show!" Himesh announced when Raja walked on stage. "Sir" said Raja "being number one is nothing. But maintaining it like you do is a big deal.". After the song Ismail Darbar sought to tease him a bit "How many people in this audience are from your family?" Raja countered "This entire nation is my family." Someone make this guy our ambassador to Pakistan!

Lest all this entertain us to distraction, SRGMP continues to deliver terrific singing. Last week's magical performance was Mussarat's uttam rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Saware from Bandit Queen (watch it here on YouTube). Aneek Dhar, who I can't stop liking, cranked out a solid version of Sonu Nigam's "Iss pyaar ko mein" which was superior to Emon Chatterjee's version on Indian Idol the same week. This overlap of songs between the shows has happened before and it constantly shows the Indian Idol 3 singers in poor light compared to their more vocally sophisticated SRGMP cousins.


Sania said...

Really? I actually found Emon more compelling in this one rare instance. I like Aneek, I just feel like he didn't pull it off in that song.

J said...

emon's was more of an improvisation.. esp his aalaap. Aneek has a great tonal quality and is in general a better singer than emon, imo, but in this particular song he tried to replicate sonu's song rather than treating as his own.

and i agree, mussarat's was one magical performance. best ever this season, and dare i say i liked it better than the original with all due respect to the legendary nusrat saab.

Anonymous said...

Sajid Khan has strongly denied that Heyy Babyy (I hope I got the spelling right) is a remake of Three Men and a Baby. We should be giving him the benefit of doubt. It actually is a remake of the original french comedy "Trois Hommes et un Couffin".

After Bheja Fry's frame-to-frame lift of the French comedy, Dinner Game, someone had to follow suit.

Congratulations Sajid, on your original PJs and adapted screenplays.

Unknown said...

Manish, heh. If some of your humor rubbed off on Sajid, he might have delivered some better jokes on SRGMP.

Anonymous said...

Come on now both Emon and Aneek sung the song outstandingly fantastic, but Emon should be given due credit for his flawless act and the fact that Aneek did make some mistakes in the middle which went unnoticed. Are you anyway prejudiced towards Saregamapa that you can't see the failings manytimes?

Unknown said...

Anon, Emon made mistakes too - although no one pointed them out. But I thought he was very good. Just not as good as Aneek.

In general, I think the singers on SRGMP can outsing anyone on Indian Idol but to answer your question somewhat: I am definitely biased towards Aneek.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aspi. Aneek is an excellent singer. Cannot be compared to Emon. Emon too is a good singer but it would take some years of experience for him to be compared to Aneek. Aneek has a very good voice and sings effortlessly.