Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007: Why Vishal-Shekhar are such a mind rush

Mind Rush regularly reads this blog and illuminates it with insightful comments. Recently I asked Mind Rush to do a guest blog for all of us. Here it is, by email. Enjoy!

“Jodi salaamat rahe” is all I can think of when I watch the true stars of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Much has been said on Aspi’s Drift about the music, the format and even the results of this show. However, I am filled with wonder and admiration for the duo Vish-Shek—the true rock stars that balance talent, relatedness and business acumen.

Why do I adore them? Let me count the ways:

  • They love music. And I mean they loooove music. Of course they are successful composers. But you can see music in their smiles. You see it in their body movements when the music touches them. Compare this to King Midas, a la, Bappi Lahiri’s inscrutable face during most of the show’s air time.

  • They can pick the winners flawlessly. Every time Vish-Shek praised someone, that singer came back bigger and better. Even Asha Bhosle messed up on this front with Sarika.

  • They are master communicators. They can speak freely. They can speak diplomatically. They are not afraid to tell a singer, “It’s not happening…”, or to disagree with the mahagurus, be it Asha or Khayyam. But Vish-Shek also know when to smooth ruffled feathers, such as when a mahaguru’s ego needs a Band-Aid or when Darbar threatens to walk off in a huff. (Note to Ismail--- Please learn to disagree in a more mature way.)

  • They have the smarts. Vish-Shek have managed to promote their new label and their future “stars” in such a suave way. In contrast, Himesh Reshammiya acts like a self-absorbed narcissist who grabs the mike and thrusts himself on the stage whenever the spirit moves him.

  • They have a fantastic relationship. Vish-Shek’s partnership is their strength and also the reason I think the world of them. They are obviously great collaborators in their work. But what I am talking about is their ability to complement each other’s contributions on the show, share mike time, and display genuine camaraderie. I have not seen them being petty, or competitive with each other.

And I want to see them stay this way. “Chashme badoor!”


Anonymous said...

I do agree that this duo has good sense of music. The only decision I do not agree on is of selecting Sarika. I feel she has nasal touch to the voice which makes her voice not so pleasant to hear.I am surprised Vishal did not catch that.

Unknown said...

Anon, Sarika doesn't have a good pop voice for sure - I don't believe V-S have signed her on their label.

But she will probably do well in Bollywood where her tonal quality is still prized. I'm with you on the shrillness aspect but her command of melody is such that she is worth a shot on the show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sarika will not get public vote ...

I also do not understand why all the hype around Sarika "Sarika ke saath wrong judgmement huan hai".

If you watched Challenge 2005, it was the same story with Aishwarya who was from Reshammiya Gharana.

I think it is strategy to get the "Bhramastra" which Himesh got last year and this year it is V-S.

Talk about staging the sankats and maha sankats

Anonymous said...

I think you meant
"Sarika will not get many public votes to get back into the competition"

Unknown said...

While we are on the subject of staging and working out side deals, how wierd was Himesh asking Mauli to sing that same song again right after she bombed?!

Rupal said...

Now who says this guest blog tastes like Steamed Broccoli.

This tastes like "chatpatta Chaat"

Anonymous said...

I too love the "heat" that these discussions generate. Thanks, Rupalhs!

Anonymous said...

They ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shekhar is great, but what happened to Vishal? Why "mashaallah", "upperwala", "dua"?? Why not "bhaoot khoob", "aashirwaad" and "bhagwaan"? Is he shy to say it or following someone's instructions??