Monday, July 23, 2007

The Shirtless Wonder does Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007

It's likely that Salman Khan's boisterous appearance on SRGMP last week will polarize viewers. It certainly has me disagreeing with Mum who thinks he was weird (thankfully unlike most other women in our family, she doesn't label everything "stupit").

There is much to dislike about stars who think they are the cat's whiskers. And while Salman carries this attitude about him he has always managed to tweak himself to appear as a smart ass who knows what he's doing - which includes deliberately playing a smart ass (but with a heart of gold). And for this, I've found him to be immensely watchable in films or on TV.

On the show, first he threatened to kill anyone who sang any of Shah Rukh's songs - a game reference to the Aishwarya Rai-fuelled feud and subsequent patch-up between the two.

He mercilessly pulled the House of Reshammiya's leg around the whole nasal singing thing. Then he warmed up Mussarat's engine nicely.

Later, he confirmed that Aneek was about to sing "O Jaane Jaana" from "Pyar kiya to darna kya" and proceeded to walk up on stage and strip the poor boy down to this jeans (hmmm...I wonder what Sonu Nigam would have to say about something like that).

He praised Poonam, ribbed Shekhar, flirted with Mauli Dave and jumped on stage and did a groin rub with Harpreet's achkan.

All the judges and Lara Dutta - who was the co-guest- wisely did their best to stay out of harm's way. Himesh - who shares history with Salman - chatoed the man relentlessly. Salman lapped it all up.

The contest was a complete side show. I barely noticed that poor Apurva got the boot. Amanat Ali conjured up the versatility that Vishal was looking for (although not with the same elan as he sings raundu songs), Raja and Aneek continued to turn in strong performances and Mauli, Junaid, Sumedha and Harpreet all delivered resurgent vocals.

Poor Nirupama Dey was the only one who couldn't seem to get any unilateral praise from anyone on a day when perfect marks were handed out frivolously. But wait, I have a vision! I see a red light in her future. Very immediate future.

The video for this episode can be viewed here


Anonymous said...

didnt this happen some days ago??? is this shown after a gap in USA?

Unknown said...

It happened on Saturday - the episodes are broadcast the same day. But because the day in the US lags India by several hours there is a time lag when US audiences watch it.

There have been previews of Salman's appearance however. Which might create the impression that this happened a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

EEK! is right
that poor kid. hee hee

*~mad munky~* said...

lmao @ musky mard..... i doubt it'll be a best-seller :oP

i found it all quite entertaining...apart from bappi's downmarking of amanat *growls*

loved junaid's 'comeback' and raja was fantastic... the mass 'par-tay' at the end was fun too... :o)

Unknown said...

Interestingly enough, this article talks about a lot of things Salman said that weren't on the show. Hmmm.....I wonder how they found out?

Junaid is like Suhit Gosain. Only he can sing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy. I missed both the episodes of SRGMP and Indian Idol. Forgot to record on the DVR.

Is there someplace on youtube where I could watch it. Please, please, please. Help me.

Darn these training sessions and vacations.

Unknown said...

Rupal, as a matter of fact you can. The Govinda episode on II3 can be seen here and the SRGMP episode can be viewed here.

In fact, I'll update the posts themselves with this info.

Anonymous said...

We get the edited version in the US...I wish they had edited out the groin rub...I hope Harpreet threw the achkan away...

Unknown said...

I've heard they are going to start showing the unedited version now in the US as well. Hurray!