Sunday, July 01, 2007

The stale staging of sankats on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007

I confess, the Brahmastra deal on SRGMP threw me for a loop. I'm watching this show for the first time so these gulleys and nukkads are new to me. But we go through a whole charade of mahagurus throwing out people left and right, we get all worked up about it, and turns out all this time the gurus themselves have been working out deals on the side with the ousted singers.

In fact, this show is beginning to develop the stale smell of staged sankats. I get the feeling everyone except the viewers know what is about to happen. And no amount of slick producing or editing can cover that up. Regardless of the amount of camp that it drums up, SRGMP has to primarily respect its audience.

There did seem a genuine moment however when an enthusiastic fan offered a rather too bindaas proposal to Head and pawed him a bit. And although Head tried his best to be graceful, some terrific hazing ensued at the hands of Ismail Darbar.

Vishal and Shekhar picked six contestants from the fallen this week. SRGMP now enters the public voting round (SMS traffic tie-in alert!) And of all those who got a second chance to parade their wares, I enjoyed the singing of these four the most.

That Sarika made the cut shouldn't surprise anyone. Her flicking off at the hands of Asha Bhonsle created a mini-furore among the gurus. She came back and instantly delivered more of that flawless singing. I wish her voice was less high-pitched, but her talent is hard to deny.

Harpreet's selection was a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure why V-S left Sikander out. However Harpreet delivered a bravura rendition of Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. He has a good voice, sings well, looks dashing - yet there seems to be something missing. Perhaps not singing with that constipated face might start to change things a little.

This brings me to my two favorites. Let's start with Mithun Chakrabo...I mean Raja Hasan. How good is this guy? Always picking terrific songs and delivering heartfelt performances with a contagious smile. His sharing of his sorrow after some intrusive poking by the host (another staged moment if you ask me) was done respectfully and quietly. He should be in that competition - he makes me want to sing Gunmaster G-9 every time he pops up on stage.

And finally, someone vote for S(tr)aberi on my behalf. A zillion times. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she is full of piss and vinegar. Well, maybe just vinegar but it'll do just fine. Goodness knows SRGMP needs someone who can shake a leg and look like she's having fun.


*~mad munky~* said...

you have a point about harpreet...needs to change that facial expression...but he's good...altho i don't think he'll win...

i had high hopes for sunil :o( he seems to have lost his confidence big time... *sigh*

if i had my wicked way, raja and harpreet would go through :o)

the girls this year have been so weak in comparison to challenge2005..i don't see any of them winning it...if they do, i'll eat my hat :oP

*~mad munky~* said...

just re-watched it (yes, i really am that sad)....

*hugs sunil* poor thing :o( cool bhangra moves tho ;o)

what the heck was abijit dressed up as? :oS

Anonymous said...

I gasped when the female fan of Aditya "proposed him." First, her proposal was grammatically incorrect. Second, her follow thorugh was limp. When asked outright, she did not know what she was proposing!!

I guess this was also a wake up call for me. Times have changed. Teens don't write secret love notes any more. You shout your "propsal" in front of the TV audience. Some years ago such behavior would have led the parents to lock their daughter up in a windowless room, and scandalized aunties in the housing society would have "tsk-tsk-ed" for months.

I am all for women making the first move. But please know what you want. Poor kid! Her parents didn't tell her that you don't make a fool of yourelf in front of an international audience?

Anonymous said...

dammit - i dont watch this once and i miss the one epi i wanted to watch! not fair!

So you guys are saying she wasnt paid to do it? hmmm.....

Unknown said...

I'm sure someone put her up to it :). Much later, at Darbar's request, she was ready to tie a rakhi on Head's wrist. Such fun! But a thin thread between a biwi and a didi.