Friday, August 03, 2007

A broken Dish

Boy, these Dish Network DVRs sure suck. I'm normally pretty happy with my Dish Network service, but twice now in two years, the hard disk on my DVR has crashed. And although I can still watch TV, I have to put up with the annoying grating noise that the DVR makes and recording is on the blink. Which makes the whole set up pretty useless to me since I only watch recorded TV.

And the process of getting it fixed annoys me no end. You have to call in the problem. Customer Support determines your hard disk has crashed (possibly because it says so right there on the TV screen) and then gives you an RA number. They mail in a "new" (most likely refurbished) DVR unit. You install it, use the RA number to mail your old one back.

This has worked really well in the past, but the problem is: I now can't record anything for about 5 days and I have fork out $15 for shipping. Which sounds unfair to me - if Dish Network's units keep breaking down so frequently, they should be obligated to replace them for me - and fast.

Now for $5.99 a month, I'm told, you can buy insurance on your equipment that would cover this. Hey, I understand the issues that compel this nickel and diming. But Dish, if you want to compete with cable and on-demand video, this sounds like a plan that should be jettisoned pretty quickly.

There seems to be no way around this. I can't drive to a location to pick it up. And I can't use another, newer, more reliable unit in its place. I can't seem to complain about it to anyone either - the customer support rep (they are always fabulous by the way) told me that all she could do was a put a note in my record that I was unhappy.

Huh? A service that doesn't have any process for consumers to give them feedback?


Anonymous said...

The fire alarm might go off Aspi. Does that post translate into : No more episode reviews for the next five days?

Unknown said...

Sob, yes. I'm out of town for the weekend and can't come back to watch anything recorded. I'm now at the hands of the online on-demand video community.

The SRGMP site uploads videos pretty quickly but II3 always drags its feet. We'll see - delayed posts for sure :(

Anonymous said...

Check out, the site has II3 episodes uploaded within a few hours after the episode broadcast in India.

Anonymous said...

I hate Dish Network when it comes to equipment. Write an email to their corporate department. It was the only way I could resolve a problem. Their customer service dept and the technician who came to my house didn't tell me I had to return the old broken receiver (he could have taken it himself when he was here) and then charged me for the old one and the new one...

Unknown said...

Anon #1, whoever you are, hazaar thanks for the link - fabulous!

Anon #2, I'm pissed enough to do just that.