Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: The love fest

Boy, was this week's SRGMP enjoyable! Controversy, great singing, eye-popping outfits and Bappida in full flow unleashing that terrific girly-voice of his at anything that moved.

But first I'd like to say this: back when I was in school, there used to be one or two lukkhas who had zero chance of getting laid who would always tease others for trying to get somewhere with the girls. The harassment would commence by trying to out someone's affections in public, thus embarrassing them and killing any chances they had of scoring. Romance would be well served if these people were magically identified and banned. You know who I'm taking about, Himanshu. Lay off, will you - it ain't funny, unless you count your attempt to justify the forced outings.

So Sania finally got the jhagda she was trying to tell us about all these weeks. With all three Pakistanis ending up in the bottom three, Ismail Darbar decided to ask them if they had indeed refused to sing Indian deshbhakti songs. No, no all insisted, espousing their love for India and how much they had felt at home in India. Flashbacks of bhaichara shayari were spliced in by the producers of the show. All the contestants cried their hearts out.

"Who started these rumors!" demanded Darbar. "Those who don't want peace between India and Pakistan" offered Head, bobbing his head as usual. The audience weighed in. Later Head announced they wouldn't have an elimination this week. Now touching though all this may be, it all looked highly fake and staged. And I expect nothing less from SRGMP!

The stage, however, had been set early by Head and the rest singing that cabaret from Don "Aaj ki raat" and pointing to the missing potrait set up in the Lonely Tent to torture contestants. Tacky costumes! Backup dancers! Most excellent.

The "Dance" theme went quite well until Raja Hasan showed up. Now Mithun - as I like to call him - can sing the covers off the stage. But he chose to sing "Chinamma Chikamma" from Meenaxi, which I wouldn't call a dance song unless I was really bored shooing crows in a field. Dude, you need to get out more. Fortunately he belted out "Piya Haji Ali" from Fiza in the next round and redeemed himself. Later judge Vishal put some pressure on him by asking him to strive for more variety.

There were some truly good performances: Aneek sang as reliably as ever, Sumedha delivered another resurgent performance, Harpreet had me laughing and dancing with that terribly amusing song from Partner "Soni de nakhre", Mussarat milked the second round qawali opportunity and Amanat continue to tap into his geeky-mischievous side.

All eyes then were on the train called Mauli Dave: would it blow past the station or end up in a wreck. And Mauli blew hot and cold, lurching through "Aisa Jadoo" from Khakhee but doing a much better job with Shobha Mudgal's "Ali More Angna" - leaving the decision split again. Appropriate, given her journey so far.


Anonymous said...

GRRRRRR i am off for the weekend and the internet here is SLOOOOWWWWWWW.. i wonder if this reply goes thru

anyhoo reading srgmp update made megan ANGRYYYYYYYYYY... i feel like killing someone right nowwwwwww.....

Unknown said...

Mauli Mudgal's performance was refreshing. As refreshing as Kumble hitting a century.

*~mad munky~* said...

it's quite possibly my first smile of the weekend..thanks to this post :o)

have been feeling oh-so bitter and twisted about this show and other stuff....but this post made me laugh - thanks!!! ;o)

the qawaali special is on tonight here *waits impatiently*

harpreet seems to have somehow soaked up all of the energy that junaid once had (not accusing him of being a vampire or anything but but...he does wear those shades an awful lot)

Anonymous said...

Whats with the background music when the elimiation is being shown (its the background score of jhonka hawa ka). This is the most amusing moment for me...all the contestants crying into their tissues/hankies as if on a cue(?) and then the dramatic music to absorb us into the natakbaazi...and the judges look like zombies at tht expressions whtsoever.
U r right Aspi, Aditya's hairstyle looks funny...i seriously thought it was a wig! And his jacket..ok less said abt the 'costumes' , the better.
Do you really think its ok to ask Pakis to sing indian patriotic songs? I mean hello! why would they? Zee was asking for the whole controversy when it chose to make an I-day spl as their troupe had both indians and pakis. U have to lay down ur rules correctly...sing UR country's patriotic songs or dont have this theme. To even expect them to agree to sing our deshbakti songs is preposterous! - Ritha

Unknown said...

~mm~ its just as well Harpreet wears sunglasses. He has this constipated look on his face when he sings that makes me want to hit the loo otherwise.

Ritha, I'm with you. Why even the expectation that they'd be happy to sing?

Manish, this cricket analogy is pretty funny. I have a good visual now.

Sania said...

Harpreet also sings with his feet positioned about 4 feet apart, which makes me feel uncomfortable just looking at him. Not to mention the nostrils flared so large that a small dog could fall into them. He ain't a pretty sight when performing.

I told you this Hindustan/Pakistan theme was not going to work out so well! The first sign of this was when the judges had never heard those songs before - although tell me the industry has never tried to plagiarize them before, and I'll eat my hat.

The 'Aaj Ki Raat' performance was the height of cheeeeezee. In the yellow room? Eughh. And Adi's hair? Have we noticed that it's been changing color? It was dyed this awful shade of burnt sienna for the past few weeks while he was rocking the conjuntivitis specs. It seems they've decided to abruptly change it back - which makes it looks like a 12-year old who got into a box of Clairol. And please, please take the earring(s) off of that masoom baccha.

The qawwali ep was especially hilarious because you knew it was playing to Mussarat's strengths, and the judges ka granit can't say anything about versatility. Although, I wonder what happens next week when Junaid is bound to be out.. will we have the Pakistan controversy yet again? Or maybe his fangirly following will save him?

And how many more weeks can Mauli scream at the top her lungs before she's out? Someone is going to need to translate the Gujju for me this week again. This time it was Himesh and Ismail getting into it - surprised that Shekhar didn't jump in, or even Bappi Da! I guess Megan has got Shekhar good and scared from the last time he tried to play nice with Shakiraben :)

Anonymous said...

I second Sania's point...Megan is powerful...and Shekhar is reading this blog :D

Unknown said...

Here is the gujju translation, from what I can remember:

Himesh: May god keep you happy.
Maul: Tee hee hee hee hee....hee hee
Himesh: Sarawasti has blessed you a lot. You are the honor (nose) of all Gujaratis [Hilarious if you ask me]
Maul (crinkles nose)
Himesh: And you are doing very good work
Mauli: Himeshji, you spoke to me in Gujarati for the first time. I liked it a lot.
Himesh: A lot of people have told me that if I'm Gujarati I should talk sometimes in Gujarati and I'm happy that I'm talking in Gujarati and am talking in Gujarati. Thank you (to the audience).

And now after that Gujju overload, I'm hitting Patel Bros for some theplas.

Anonymous said...

First off---Aspi, you should have called it a "three HUNK special..." I was moved by the testimonials. It was as good as watching an evengelical show. No, seriously, the Pak-India bhai-bhai thing is great by me.

Second, Head's head reminded me of Wolverine. His "costume" of the day was wierd. It's like he ran into the studio of "Heyy Babyy", stole a baby blanket of ducky yellow color and had it made into a jacket. Except....if you look carefully, it has a Las Vegas showgirls pattern on the jacket. X-Men could'nt live up to that dress code!

Speaking of comic book characters, Vishal's looking like a Vulcan these days, though he's still cute. But the cuteness crown goes to Shekhar. Love his comments and his attitude.
However, one observation...Shekhar seems to chew something all the time...Hope it's not tobacco...could it be gum to fend off nicotine craving??

Unknown said...

Last week was sure entertaining. I liked the judgement though of not eliminating anyone. It really was expecting too much to ask pakistani singers to sing indian patriotic songs. Can;t wait to see Mauli leave the show. She has been given way too many chances. Himesh's gig with Aneek was never funny and is getting a little irritating now. We don;t care if there is a girl whom he likes a lot. We are happy with his singing and watch the show for the songs only.

Anonymous said...

this place is frequented by decent folks, but from what one can see on a couple of other sites, it is almost as if everytime a pakistani will get eliminated, whole of pakistan is going to erupt into "saale indian cheaters" chorus. hmm.. one would have thought that 5 videshis out of top 9 in a pan-indian competition is good enough ...

Anonymous said...

i am still pissed off...the whole rant about maiyya maiyya shakiraben is back comment!

since shekhar is always so harsh on poonam and was nitpicking her performance, you would of thought he'd do the same for Miss Nakhrewali's as well but nooo

BTW what is up with her twitching her nose.. does she think its "cute" WTF?

Anonymous said...

megan, any comments on her "spread legged" posture and propensity to make "bedroom noises" in every song? [i borrowed the "b.. n..." expression from somewhere :)]

shakiraben's continued success exemplifies the servile attitude of a nation ruled for more than a century by the firangs. since shakiraben has deigned to learn hindi and gujarati and is gracing this nation with her august presence, how can we let her return empty-handed?

how can we be surprised by a little desi ben making it big on tv when a firang bahu has made it much bigger in the political arena ... :(

give me ben over bahu anyday!! :):)

Anonymous said...

KITSCHFEST...BAWLFEST...last week's episodes were the hilarious. Harpreet was the highlight.

Call me obtuse but what is the whole "love triangle" business with Amanant, Aneek ? I don't get it... Who is supposedly in love with who ??

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, you like comix too? Who ARE you!

Yaar Megan, good point! This gurugraph is all relative isn't it? The whole competition is like the stock market and performances are relative. They should just call that thing the guruticker.

Anon, those copious shots of Sumedha during Himesh's questioning were supposed to be a clue as to who the third corner in the triangle is. Kind of like whenever Amitabh comes on stage and if Rekha is in the audience, the camera zooms to her.

Unknown said...

I think all this love triangle thing is a publicity stunt Himesh has used this before with vinit and he is doing the same with Aneek.

Anonymous said...

Vishal was supposed to be on CMT's "Trick My Truck" but ended up on SRGMP :P

Unknown said...

dev, you're right. He'd fit in perfectly with that bunch.

*~mad munky~* said...

ah, finally saw it last night! loved amanat's performance - he's got a heck of a lot of mischief tucked in under them there fancy jackets :oP

*getting woefully off-track* oh yeah..the singing..*cough* mussarat was fantastic and took bappi's kanjoos 9 with very good grace..

i had a horrible feeling raja might explode at one point (that throat was being strained to the max); but no danger of harpreet exploding - altho he tried his best with those facial expressions you pointed out!

*has a sudden fit of laughter at memory*

anyway...i'm amazed at sumedha - how can she sing so well without moving her mouth?!

mauli...umm...not quite sure how she got 3 10s and mussarat didn't. maybe he should've added in a few more 'ooh aah' noises...wear a nose-ring maybe...?


Unknown said...

Wow, Mussarat making orgasmic noises while singing would remind me of Ranjit and Bindu going at it. That would be gross, although this might please Bappi.

Anonymous said...

Its been decades since I was that age - but just maybe the love story angle grabs the interest of the preteen or teen. Who knows ? Juvenile - but I have ceased to expect any sense from Himesh.

Anonymous said...

wasn't it super annoying when the judges and aditya etc ignored Mussarat's birthday. Aneek was like its Mussy's birthday today.

Everyone else "meh whatever"

No one even wished him. Not even Vishal or Shekhar. That threw my mom over the edge.

If it was ShakiraBen then they would have made a big deal about it. Shekhar and Himesh would have sung her a song in Gujjurati. Vishal would have winked his eyes and jumped up and down. Ismail would have given her his shawl and kirta. I don't know what human Xmass Tree would have done.

Unknown said...

Dang it, I missed that. That must mean the show we get in the US is still edited compared to the Indian (and online) one.

Megan, you are so right!

Anonymous said...

i can't be bothered with ads so I download the episodes online (HQ). I can then use the clips from them to make my now famous (or rather infamous) fan videos of Shekhar the artist formerly known as sexy beast..

Anonymous said...

after aneek got introduced, Mussy is being treated as a freckled step child. No one gives him any love, he looks like he's craving for some love and some hug.

"Mommy daddy please love me. Mussarat been a good boy"