Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa quiz uncovered!

Manish is back with the answers to his killer SRGMP quiz.

Sania wins for the most correct answers, Clix wins for the funniest. The I'm-gobsmacked-that-they-even-knew award goes to Anu G for getting #2 and Harsh & Raw for getting #10.

Rupal wants us to go easy with this next time. Thanks Manish for the quiz and thanks to everyone for playing.

  1. We all know Amanat Ali's father and uncle have been winners in past SRGMPs. What are their names?

    Father: Nazakat Ali. Uncle: Sharafat Ali. They were the winner and runner-up respectively in the music show Sa re ga ma (It was rechristened as Sa re ga ma pa later) during its international taping in New York, hosted by Sonu Nigam, with Hariharan and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan as judges.

  2. He is a noted Television actor and is now making his way into Bollywood films. A Tamilian who rocked the SRGMP stage by singing in Marathi. Who is this person?

    Sumeet Raghavan of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai fame. He was among the finalists in the Idea Saregamapa Celebrity Round aired on Zee Marathi.

  3. There was a moment in one of the episodes this season, when a man with a saxophone came on stage, playing a tune that Ismail Darbar's father had originally played in a recording. From which movie was the original song?

    Kashmir Ki Kali. A bit of a controversy here. Though SRGMP and Ismail Darbar have claimed that the saxophone bit was played by ID's father Hussain Sahib, there is a bit of a debate - a few people claim that it was Manohari Singh who played the saxophone for the song and not ID's father. In any case, the song in question is Hai Duniya usiki from Kashmir ki Kali.

  4. Vishal Dadlani had a short stint as a Channel [V] VJ. Name the show that he anchored.

    House of Noise. An half-an-hour show that was aired on Channel [V] till 1999. This was a tough one to answer. The trick to get the answer through google was to search for "VJ Vishal" as he was popularly known then. Another page that confirms the answer.

  5. What is Mauli Dave majoring in at her University?

    Graphic Communication. School of Art, University of Houston. It is something like a fine arts degree. Just in case Mauli bashers think she's bluffing, she's listed here.

  6. In which movie did Himesh Reshammiya first make an appearance as an actor?

    Tom Dick And Harry. Himesh played himself in the song Zara Jhoom Jhoom.

  7. In which 1974 movie did Bappi Lahiri make his acting debut?

    Badhti ka naam Dadhi. Directed by Kishore Kumar, Bappida's mooh-bola mama.

  8. Where in London did Head complete his diploma in English Contemporary Music?

    The Vocal Institute (part of Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London)

  9. What are the names of Himesh's wife and son?

    Wife: Komal. Son: Swayam. Interestingly, Himesh has been married for almost a decade now. The first time somebody mentioned it on the web was about a year ago, when a forum poster called asheffect spelled out the details. But nobody took it seriously. Himesh's first admission himself was in a Rediff chat a few months ago. And finally he came out with the names on Koffee with Karan.

  10. Shekhar was a participant in SRGMP way back in 1997. We did see those video clips. But who was the wise judge who kicked him out of the show?

    Talat Aziz. Check out Megan's Videos on YouTube and you can see the clipping.


Anonymous said...

Hey aspi...I clicked on the Mauli Dave link but I get some error message. Hmm. I think she's made her info private in case random fans want to call her for an equally random reason. Lol.


Unknown said...

Hmm, you're right. She has either "withdrawn" or requested her info not be public.

Wonder how many times Manish called her before she sent a note to the university :)

Anonymous said...

Strange. The link works on my browsers. Maybe it uses an algorithm that can differentiate between her fans and bashers. Try an alternative link.

Anonymous said...

Being a spirit has certain advantages; Like I can now watch TV together with dear Chang!. The latest is that he has shifted loyalty to our good old saredramapa. It was a relief to see him gather himself and refresh his dentistry when ever Mauli hits a high issues about it, but I swear I heard him say Tonsils and Uvula after counting her incisors, canine , premolar and you think its normal??....I am worried about my Chang guys...I hope he stays around the esophagus and venture no further...

Unknown said...

That link works better. I've updated the post.

Spirit of Chang/s A/C, can you perhaps whisper a suggestion that he update his blog?

Harsh & Raw said...

Dude! I can't believe I got four of them right!!! Thank you for the only award I have won in a few years now..*sigh*
Actually, of all the questions in the quiz I was most likely to get #10 right, considering that I've been into ghazals and classical music for a long time now. The rest is all stuff I'm a little embarrassed to know :-)

Anonymous said...

SuhitBen was a fine arts student too? EWWWWWWWW i bet she failed every single class

and wtf is my award? imma move you to the uncool list if you're not careful, aspi

Unknown said...

Meg, you are our only resident celebrity. No award is big enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Preferred term is star wife thank you

Sania said...

I won - woohoo! That is all. :)

Anonymous said...

I really do hope you like LOST on ABC. This will be the 4th season for the series. The series is just AWESOME.

If you haven't had a chance to watch it, you need to get the DVDs from the library. Hey, I'll even block the DVDs for you, from our local library.

The reason I am suggesting this as the music season is approaching its end. And, I am simply pissed with Mauli and Ankita still around. I need to move on ...

I change my mind, I am using that consolation prize that I won ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestion and I'll try - although I'm not much of TV watcher. Still not sure how I got hooked on SRGMP and II3. I don't think I've ever watched a show end to end until this season and with these two shows.
I need a much needed break after that :).

Consolation prize always stands for you. Shoot me an email when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the award!I am so excited I just dont know what to say.This is the first time I am receiving an award. I would like to thank the TV channels for telecasting such programmes which we spend hours watching so patiently, and then spend hours discussing it too.Manish for scouting around finding some very inane info about the participants and hosts. Aspi for actually putting up the quiz , and even announcing the winners......I dedicate this to Aspi.

Anonymous said...

My consolation prize would be that you write about LOST. I would not want you to be a couch potato and be glued to your TV set.

There are many blogs for LOST, but this site is a slightly "hatke" and there is a desi touch to it.

BTW, my husband feels the same way about TV, but he too is addicted to LOST.

Unknown said...

anu g, tremendous. But you should have worked "world peace" in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaaaaaaa yep i also admit that i am addicted to the show....i cant belive that ive officially lost my mind xD but u gotta admit srgmp does provide a lot a lot of *entnerainment* in terms of idiocy displayed by certain ppl and the idiotic use of the word 'mindblowing' the mentors have a one-word vocabulary? they seriously need english lessons.


Anonymous said...

World Peace? The way the programmes are heading, its World War....atleast amongst the judges......
and asking the Indian Idol contestants to publicly announce who they think should go out next, is certainly heading towards simmering tensions.
But of course its only here on this blog that we find peace, all of us 'bitching' about the programmes, agreeing totally with what the others say......and after all that, watching all the programmes week after week!!!
A better cheers would be to 'Global Warming'!

Anonymous said...

My sincere apologies for using a bad word in my earlier entry. I didnt realise I had written it. Sorry!

Unknown said...

anu g, hardly. Don't worry about it.

Unknown said...

Did you use the M-word? That's the only word banned here.