Monday, August 06, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Product Placement

Having taken a beating in recent episodes from judges (rather justifiably), Mauli Dave has been looking a little like a bheegi billi on SRGMP lately. But last week her fans punched those buttons on their mobiles in droves because she emerged with the most number of votes. This was announced by Head with some chuckle-worthy dhol-based theme playing the background. Mauli looked visibly jazzed. Head promptly anointed her Titan of the Week. Why? Product placement for Titan Watches of course.

Now this is all well and good if tacky. After all, why do you think I watch SRGMP?

But later in the show, SRGMP missed a terrific product placement opportunity. Turns out Harpreet Deol (get well soon, dude) was so sick he had to be helped out on stage by Raja Hasan. Head asked him if he could stand - which the Punjab da Puttar did (I believe he would have been refused entry into Punjab if he hadn't). Everyone talked about how brave he was.

Now if I was a SRGMP producer, I would have watched the tapes and promptly called Tylenol or some other pain reliever and quoted them a 20% premium for product placement right at the very moment when Harpreet was being propped up by Head. But this didn't happen.

There could be two reasons for this revenue miss: the producers of SRGMP are not as smart as I am or they are better people than me. Perhaps both.


ppl said...

I love SRGMP! Deliciously tacky yet so bang on with the contestants. Aspi you have to do a comparison piece soon. Maybe we could start with product placements. Idol's "trying to make it look like natural interaction with awkward undertones" vs 'SRGMP's "In your face, these people pay for the pleather tights and super dark shades" brand of product placement.

Unknown said...

Leera, your idea is a goldmine of posts. But once the contestants get down to 5 apiece in each show, we'll go through them together just for kicks. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a poll across both shows - only most polls allow 10 choices, so I need to wait.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, how abt. a poll on which is the best show.

Amul VOI

On second thoughts, maybe there is a slight overdose of polls. But hey, its your blog, so you decide.

Anonymous said...

About Amul Voice of India;

My folks back in India, only watch VOI. Thanks for the link, so I can atleast watch it online.

It is Challenge 2005, all over again. I am so hooked on it just by watching one episode. Jatin,Lalit, Aadesh, Abhishek and Shaan.

Didn't know the producer is Gajendra Singh. Is he still the producer for SRGMP???

Unknown said...

I must say I did try to watch VoI after a reader recommended it but its overwhelming. I don't think I can track three reality shows!

Maybe next year I'll see VoI in lieu of one of these two.

Anonymous said...

Gajendra Singh parted ways with Zee,so he's on vengeance to make VOI a better show than Sa re ga ma pa.You see same time slot same day.

He sure took lot of care about the quality of singers I must say.They r totally fab.

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree. The talenton VoI is amazing.

No wonder, ever since I started watching SRGMP I felt something was missing. did not get the same feel with Challenge 2005. But, I am probably one of those loyal viewers, so continued to watch it.

This year, even started liking II3. Never watched more than couple episodes of II2.

With VoI, I was instantly glued.

when did Gaj.ji and Zee part ways, after Ek Main Aur Ek Tu?

Anonymous said...

I guess so.But he still has his heart there I believe.Journos quoted that he was enquiring abt the quality of singers on Sa re ga ma pa.Its probably difficult to compete with his once brain child.

He took his fav anchors along with him...Shaan for VOI and Anu kapoor for Antakshari to Star.I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

Gajendra Singh made too many mistakes with VOI - and that's why it struggling with the TRPs. One, he wanted the show be exactly the same as Saregamapa. They were going to call it SaReGaMaPaDNiSa (Phew!), but copyright issues haunted them.

They started off the season too late. SRGMP and II3 were already in full flow by then. VOI lingered on with auditions for waaay too long. The other two didn't waste too much time on it.

Plus, Gajendra Singh has never moved out of his comfort zone. The show was too similar to previous Saregamapas. Same anchor, the judges who were least popular and the same format.

Who wants to watch a clone?

Anonymous said...

One of the weeks(I dont know exactly which) the show's TRP surpassed that of Sa re...It could b'coz of the tension bet the judges(esp Alka and Aadesh),buy hey we already established that Jhagdas rake in more TRPs.

Now with Alka bidding adieu to the show(for short period may be)and with public voting,now its fun to see great singing.No Gimmicks,Pure Music.

Unknown said...

Saritha, you know what you should do? You should write all your wonderful observations down and do a guest blog for us so we can cover VoI here.

Anonymous said...

I dont really know if I can do that Aspi.I was never good at preci writing even in school.And my observations r usually tanda without ur inputs.

But if U promise me to edit my stuff and spice it up,I can try.The reason why Iam glued to ur blog(u know Iam failry new here)is for all those chatpata posts.

Unknown said...

Saritha, you are very good at writing - if I just gather all your comments, I'd have a compelling post.

So please give it a shot - I promise to edit it and will even go do screen caps of VoI for your post.

Just send it to my email whenever inspiration strikes you and you are ready: ahavewala {at} gmail.

Anonymous said...

Are you always this nice,aspi?I guess you are.Thank You.

I'll try my best.Your comment was inspiring enough.

Anonymous said...

they could always add another product placement for VEET

whenever they show Himesh's exposed freshly waxed chest, they could add a caption "Himesh's shiny chest courtesy of VEET wax now in yummy citrus fragrance"

Unknown said...

Megan, that hilarious. Himesh's man cleavage is quite spectacular.

They should hire you on SRGMP.

Anonymous said...

dude all your sexy dreams are coming true. just when you thought Himesh can't be any hotter with his "mind blowing" smooth chest on display..he now wants to dance like Hrithik so expect some pelvic thrusts and booty shaking moves.

*~mad munky~* said...

what illness is this that forces you to wear dark shades? :oS

they're all at it!!

maybe have a big ray-ban advert appear underneath...

Unknown said...

Himesh dancing would be way too much for this planet to handle. We'll have to wait and see.

~mm~ very timely comment - wondering the same myself. In fact, I'm doing a post on this tonight or tomorrow.