Friday, August 10, 2007

Tacky Video Alert 1: DJ Aqeel's Vaada Karo

One of the supreme pleasures of a lazy Sunday afternoon is to discover a music video for a catchy song that features actors who think they are beyond sexy. This strutting is a prerequisite - you have to be good looking but you have to look comical when trying to look good.

DJ Aqeel's Vaada Karo - a retread of the Kishore Kumar classic from Aa Gale Lag Ja (which Mum cried through) - is a pretty cool remix, as far as remixes go. But the video induces both the head pump and hilarity!

Aashish Choudhary (Fight Club) starts off on the wrong foot when his girlfriend pulls him up for always being late. By SMS, of course. He arrives at the club to meet her with a ring - the engagement kind. But he looks so full of his own (projected) sexy self that a proposal to himself looks more likely to happen.

Strangely, he goes about showing his commitment to his girl by first dancing with miscellaneous chicks on the floor. Then he issues a move on the poor girl that can only be described as a head spin. She sees stars all right.

Watch it on YouTube for yourself if you don't believe me.

UPDATE: Amrita reminds us of another DJ Aqeel classic - Disco 82 - starring Amrita (the Arora kind) and Zayed Khan.


Anonymous said...

don't be a prude

Unknown said...

Anon, are you trying to imply that confounding use of English nouns is also entertainment?

Anonymous said...

of course not!

Don't hate them because they're sexy

Unknown said...

Ah, got it. Might want to brush up on the English a little. But point well made. Let's not hate people because they are sexy - but lets definitely have a laugh because they try so hard to be.

Anonymous said...

Ati Uttam post. Mind blowing. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Ashish Chaudhary! Thats his name! I thought I recognized that tool! Thanks Aspi.

And um, have you seen Aqeel's previous effort? The Zayed Khan, Amrita Arora thing? I can't remember the name of the song but it's mucho fun. Especially if you're all tripping like I believe Aqeel was :D

Unknown said...

Hey I didn't make the connection but thanks for pointing it out. Good enough to update the post.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Whoever he is, I think he wants to be be new Don, what with his velvet jacket and fleet of blond backup dancers. At least for once, the girl also has a fleet, though they have a lot more clothes on.