Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Voice of India: Sangeen Shukravaar aur Pyaar bhara Shanivaar

Saritha is back with the latest on last week's Star VoI

Pritam's entry as the celebrity judge on Friday surprised me - what with Aadesh having previously accused him of plagiarism during the auditions (he pointed out that "Bheegi Bheegi Si" from Gangster was inspired from a Bengali song) and later Pritam saying in print "Thanks Aadesh, I know what I am doing".

But Pritam is the flavor of the season, having scored a sixer with Metro - but what's with the hair and style of walking, dude! Contestants across all the shows choose his songs often and love to seek his guidance.

So there he was, enjoying his own compositions on the show and glancing at the judges for their reactions (bhai! looking for someone's approval?). Incidentally Aadesh praised him for composing "Channa Vey" after it was sung by Arshpreet (whose mesmerizing voice is growing on me) and it was worth watching Pritam's expression 'Accha mere peeche meri burai aur mere samne meri taarif?'

The highlight of the show was of course, the much awaited return of judge Alka Yagnik. Either its the contract or like she says its the constant persuasion of the
contestants that brought her back - whatever. The good thing is she returned with grace and the happiest man seemed to be her co-judge Abhijeet. Later she provided good moral support for the female contestants.

The following day's theme - First Love - predictably went smoothly until the talented Abhilasha delivered a bad performance due to a dry throat and Abhijeet promptly played the now infamous Anu Malik role by reducing the poor girl to tears. Luckily Alka came to her rescue. A word to the Judges: worried about contestants losing focus - good, choosing to lecture them on the show - very bad!

On one hand, sab ki favorite Sumitra turned in an average performance with 'Vada raha sanam' from Khiladi. On the other hand Priyani, highly criticized by Alka, impressed with Alka's own number 'Jadoo hai tera hi jadoo' from Ghulam. The episode reminded me what wonderful composers Jatin-Lalit were. Like Aadesh said their songs sound simple but are difficult to render. Interesting tidbit: Shaan and Saagarika participated in a musical contest that was a part of the Khiladi movie promotion - Saagarika won the second place while Shaan lost in the first round.

Formal training or no training, in love or not, when the theme is 'Pehla Pyar' the one thing that matters the most is 'feel', which was sadly lacking a little this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

This blog is hilarious! Aspi u do a great job! Coz of ur entertaining posts, i am hooked onto SRGMP now...and *sigh* also Shekhar :D
So glad i found this blog thru indiauncut. Keep up the awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Ritha give us some credit too. I think the comments we post are as hilarious as Aspi's posts. Or am I sounding like Himesh, Malek and Abhijeet put together?

Unknown said...

Ritha, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw here.

And Manish is right - I certainly enjoy the comments as much as anything else. Now if only I could get more of our wonderful readers to write for all of us (like Saritha in this post)...it'd be even better.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the Bheegi Beegi (Gangster) plagiarism issue, here is an interesting fact. The song is "inspired" by a Bangla Band Mohiner Ghoraguli's song called "Prithibi". However, the album sleeve does have a credit note to Gautam Chatterjee, the lead singer of the Bangla band.

What the album sleeve does not mention is that three other songs from the same movie are direct lifts.

'Ya ali' is a direct lift from the Arabic band Guitara's 'Ya ghaly' (from their 2002 album, Qisati), Lamha lamha is lifted from Waris Baig's 1998 track, 'Kal shab dekha maine', while 'Tu hi meri shab hai' is a direct lift from 'Sacral Nirvana' by Oliver Shanti & Friends.

Wonder why Aadesh stuck to Bheegi Bheegi?

Unknown said...

Manish, kya exposé hai! Our Pritam is the next Bappi?

Saritha, enjoyed the post and Pritam's work on Raqeeb. Tell me that isn't lifted!

Anonymous said...

I think it was Bappida's quote: It is my privilege to create today's music twenty years ago.

As for Raqeeb:
'Jaane kaise' lifted directly off Amr Diab's 2003 track, 'Allem albi' from the album of the same name!

'Channa ve channa' is lifted from a similarly titled song by Pashto singer Rahim Shah that came out in 2003.

No, not my exposé. I am a regular at itwofs.com

Anonymous said...

Manish can shed some light on Raqeeb,if its 'inspired'(gosh!who coined this term.remember anu malik using it a lot of times)or not.

Welcome to the Aspi's blog ritha!If someone like me can write(my post tastes like a sada dosa as compared to aspi's masala dosa.....chk his earlier work too,you'd love it)then I think others like mindrush,~mm~,manish,megan,bhumi,leera and rupal will do a mindblowing,fantastic,superb,10 on 10,outstanding(can someone ban these words on musical shows)job....Did I miss anyone?oh yeah,clix.

Anonymous said...

Manish!dont break my heart and say that 'Metro' falls under inspired category.

Unknown said...

Megan's promised to do a post for us if Shekhar gets back in her good books.

Anonymous said...

Saritha, follow the above link and let me know if that breaks your heart.

BTW, "inspiration" isn't all that a bad thing.

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech still inspires me.

Aspi's posts keep inspiring our comments. And hopefully vice-versa.

Anonymous said...

My apologies to Manish, Saritha and others who frequent this blog. I shud've have said the whole "aspisdrift.com" experience is hilarious and infinitely entertaining, not merely the posts. But I have to mention that I have started reading the comments only of late (since I dont seem to be working much in the office :P). So it was solely the posts that cracked me up previously.Am reallly waiting for Megan's piece *GRIN*
PS: True Pritam is a regular feature on itwofs.com. :( Its very disheartening to see how many of our music directors are copycats.

Anonymous said...

I like collecting inspirational quotes too.But I hate it when bollywood uses 'inspired' and 'lifted' as synonyms.Meant that.

Anu malik lifted Los Del Rio's Macarena....Dont remember the hindi song.Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Anu Malek (formerly, Malik)lifted Macarena twice!! Both were 1997 releases.

1. Arre Baba from the film Auzaar
2. Dil De De Dena from the film Dhaal

Here's the complete list of Annu lifts.

Anonymous said...

ritha, feel free to use Shekhar's service for a day or two. I won't be hissin or scratching you with my talons.

Anonymous said...

OMG my favorite plagiarized bollywood number has to be that song in Disco dancer that copied Video Killed the Radio Star.

The dance moves were smooth

I bet this guy got all the ladies cuz of that handlebar moustache. If he still has it, i'll be shekhar free for a day or two.

Hey dude with the moves, if you're reading this drop me a line OR drop by sometime (even better)

Unknown said...

That's Karan Razdan - and his work on Disco Dancer still gives me nightmares. On the other hand, gotta love a guy who has the balls to show up in a gold headband.

Anonymous said...

This confuses me. The above song (Koi yahaan..Disco Dancer) credits Basavalingaiah Hiremath and Usha Uthup as singers. So who is this Mr.Hiremath? Apparently, it seems Bappi Lahiri is himself Basavalingaiah Hiremath. But then, Aspi did point out a few posts ago that Bappi Lahiri's real name was Alokesh Lahiri.

How many more names has this guy got?

The song also reminds me of Abhijeet's recent comments: If Bappi Lahiri and Usha Uthup sing duet song, Usha will sound like the male voice and Bappida will sound like the female voice.